"Haha, I don’t know if this conclusion of the bodhi old zu is obtained or calculated by the mirror?"

Xing Xuanyiran is not afraid to laugh at the sky and said that Yang Jian’s three-pointed double-edged knife has already flown out of the roaring dog and quietly sacrificed to the virtual. No one has really seen the bodhi old zu on Sunday. I don’t know how powerful he is if he is thunderstruck. "Ha, ha, ha ……" The bodhi old zu on Sunday kept a close eye on Xing Xuan for a long time and suddenly burst into laughter. "Gouchen Emperor proved to be a good courage, Zhou Tianpei!"
"I hope that when the bodhi old zu will admire me more!"
Xing Xuan laughed and flew back into the position of the Five Old Emperors. The Yellow Emperor couldn’t help secretly surprised and whispered, "Xing Xuan, you are also very familiar with the law!"
"I dare not be taught by Nu Wa Niangniang!"
Xing Xuan ha ha a smile "Sunday bodhi old zu question seems to be finished, now it should be my turn!" "
At this time, the Indra God said slowly that the bodhi old zu on that Sunday watched the black gas mountain of the Indra God suddenly rise with a sense of fighting. "Since it is going to be held before that meeting, should the bodhi old zu express his sincerity to release the Ten Temples of Hades to my heaven and the Buddhist world for an explanation!"
Indra, as if unaware, said slowly, "The Ten Temples, the King of Hades, is so heinous that he can never be released!"
On Sunday, the bodhi old zu didn’t speak. Behind him, the dove-plate girl suddenly burst into tears and said, "Everything has been hidden from the king …" When this statement came out, not only was the Indra Heavenly Lord even startled by the Tathagata, but all the buddhas in the main hall were clapping their hands and chanting the curse of life. "This is the ghost virgin dove-plate!"
The Tathagata smiled at the owl and said, "It is the younger generation!"
The dove-dish girl bowed to the Tathagata Yingying. "Tell me about the ten temples where the king of hell killed the king of earth treasure. Don’t be afraid to tell the truth, we will definitely make your decision!"
Tathagata kindly said to Hatoyama’s wife that everyone couldn’t help secretly picking the big finger. Tathagata deserves to be a master strain newsletter. It depends on Hatoyama’s wife’s explanation. If she points to Sunday’s bodhi old zu as a frame-up for the real culprits of the Tibetan king, can she take the initiative to talk about it this time on Sunday? "Buddha atones! This is a dirty trick. Hattori vowed to take revenge on my father. I will never fake my hand. I hope the Buddha will forgive Hattori for not telling the story! "
I don’t know that the dove-dish girl didn’t say that she turned around and returned to her place after she finished speaking. "Hehe, the dove-dish girl turned out to be a martyr!"
Tathagata’s face was prickly in the suppressed words, but it didn’t change at all. It seemed that the root didn’t recognize the obvious irony in Tathagata’s words. At this time, Xing Xuan couldn’t help secretly suspecting that when the Tathagata saw that the earth treasure was not in hell, she rushed to the crown with hundreds of ghost soldiers desperately trying to find Sunday bodhi old zu. How can it change so fast now and become Sunday bodhi old zu’s right-hand brother? Thinking about Xing Xuan’s eyes, Jin Mang Dasheng looked at the dove-dish female body, looking at Jin Jing’s fire-eye achievement method running wildly, and seeing the dove-dish female whole body was cleared, but she didn’t see any abnormality, which made Xing Xuan even more puzzled. "Is it strange that the bodhi old zu on Sunday still has more secret achievement methods, or is this dove-dish female really don’t want to avenge her father?"
"Haha, since everyone’s questions have been asked at today’s meeting!"
Sunday, the bodhi old zu’s scarlet robe flew back to his seat and laughed and said, "This is very good." Sunday, although the Earth King is not here, the Ghost Saint is here to replace the Earth King’s speech meeting. "
Tathagata ha ha smiled and said to the bodhi old zu on Sunday that everyone was laughing internally. I didn’t expect the Tathagata Buddha to arrive at the key moment in peace and weakness at ordinary times, and his words were so sharp. It really deserves to be that the immortal who has been practicing for 100 thousand years also has a sly flash formed by long-term struggle. "Dove Pan is young and doesn’t understand politics and underworld affairs. Dove Pan has entrusted a teacher to Sunday!"
At this time, it is the female export of the dove plate and said, "Teacher? Haha, I don’t know the so-called title! "
Chi Di laughed again at this time "ha ha old emperor laughed! On Sunday, I suddenly had a question about practicing. I want to ask the old emperor if he doesn’t know if he is afraid of threats after practicing immortality. What is the source of the original boundary? "
Sunday bodhi old zu smiled coldly and looked at Chi Di, saying that Chi Di smiled, but the Tathagata looked somberly and said, "Sunday Tianshi doesn’t know what you feel. Can you tell me frankly here?"
"Ha ha, it’s just a casual talk about the Buddha on Sunday. You can’t really believe that the Buddha and the five old emperors are practicing immortality, and it’s far away. What threat is the most, that is, they can beat you to smile, even if they are close at hand, I believe that you are all Hongfu Qitian people who can save the day. This illusory thing is still not good enough to make you laugh on Sunday!"
There was a thorn in Sunday’s speech, but it didn’t tell the whole story. "Sunday, what’s the matter if you don’t want to insult others and sneak into the original world to stab people in the back?"
Yang Jian at this time can no longer endure the three-pointed double-edged knife metamorphoses into a sharp mans to split the bodhi old zu on Sunday. After the bodhi old zu doesn’t move or leave on Sunday, the sea demon hey hey smiled and opened his mouth to spit out a mouthful of true yuan. When he arrived, he immediately formed a dark cloud, holding the Yang Jian thunder and hitting a knife. "Erlang God has obviously felt the threat from the original boundary source, right? I was so excited that I forgot my own strength! "
Sunday bodhi old zu hey a sneer at Yang Jian flushed to withdraw the three-pointed double-edged knife hate watching Sunday bodhi old zu and sea monster face flushed with suppress.
Chapter three hundred and seventy-one OTC
"What do you want on Sunday?"
At this time, the Chinese Emperor couldn’t help shouting at Sunday, "Ha ha road! It is said that the Emperor Ziwei is an exquisite man, and it happened at first sight today. We are all immortals who have come all the way to practice and arrived at the present. What are the goods that have been repaired for millions of years? Everyone knows well and needs to engage in those hypocritical things. The mortal war is a benefit, and the immortal war is a benefit. I will say it today! "
That Sunday, the bodhi old zu crossed his legs and talked about Kan Kan like a new villain. "We don’t ask too much. In the future, heaven and the western Buddhist community should not intervene in my nether world. Second, The six great divisions in the wheel of karma Pool belongs to me. The nether world is managed by ghosts and immortals. The six great divisions in the wheel of karma and the metempsychosis rivers and rivers are two provinces. Many people go against nature and change karma because of their strong antecedents! Three equal parties from all walks of life are not allowed to do things that cross the border. If the Buddha calls the Fahua Conference, please don’t broadcast the Buddha to other circles. We are impatient to listen to Indra, and please don’t put your eyes in other circles to set up your official position, otherwise the conflict will be two major events! "
With Sunday’s bodhi old zu’s discourse theory, whether the Buddha is present or the celestial immortals are uncomfortable, everyone is indeed present with the help of the power of The six great divisions in the wheel of karma Pool, especially the celestial immortals, who rely on the Indra Heaven Lord and the western Buddhist world to change the karma in The six great divisions in the wheel of karma at will. This is the most harmful means, but the Tathagata remains unchanged. Hehe, he smiled and said, "Sunday’s bodhi old zu is right, but it is unfair to practice, but I can’t wait for you to ensure that The six great divisions in the wheel of karma Pool will govern your nether world, and you will not use it."
"Ha ha, how can Buddha Cong I be confused? For a while, all my ghosts and immortals have no bodies. Ghosts are reincarnated and reborn, and they will not be able to change their karma. Of course, we won’t do this thing that changes their karma!"
Sunday’s bodhi old zu laughed, Tathagata smiled again and said, "That’s right, but you will be reborn in the future. After all, you will be in the nether world. In the future, the easy door will still disturb the cultivation order. Is this good?"
When Tathagata said this, all celestial immortals came back and said, "Yes, yes, Sunday, how can you ensure that you are not selfish?"
This group of western buddhas and celestial immortals seized the The six great divisions in the wheel of karma Pool and entangled with the bodhi old zu on Sunday. They all know that in this case, the nether world is full of potential and the first demon soldiers in the six realms support Heaven. Even if they join hands with the Buddhist world, it is impossible to get a bargain from them. The first condition and the third condition have the strength to make a basic argument, and there is also this second The six great divisions in the wheel of karma Pool thing. Everyone seized the fairness of this heaven and entangled with the bodhi old zu on Sunday to force the bodhi old zu to make concessions, and everyone quarreled. Noisy, there is no immortal, Buddha demeanor, watching the five old emperors shake their heads and slowly doze off to Xing Xuan, but they have never spoken. In the third condition of Sunday, the bodhi old zu, if heaven and the western Buddhist world are honored, it will be beneficial and harmful to themselves. If heaven is not in the celestial world, the town of Yuan Daxian will be in charge behind closed doors, and the celestial world will be in the future, which is equivalent to the new world. The Lord can be on an equal footing with other leaders without Xing Xuan. At this time, there is no need to be with heaven. The Buddha’s United front, where all the fiends in the magic world didn’t speak, had some absences, sitting there staring blankly at the dome-shaped roof of screamo Temple and those who wandered in the hall like liquid. Jin Mang didn’t know what was going on. When her eyes fell on her mask of ten thousand-year-old cold beasts, the mask was like mercury, and the light quickly flowed up to form a vortex, which made the ground of Mao Xiaoyu hazy. Mao Xiaoyu suddenly felt something towards the star Xuan."I didn’t expect that one day I had built a good bridge with Xingtian’s big fiend, and she actually took the initiative to destroy this friendship and pushed us into opposing camps!"
At this time, Xing Xuan suddenly felt that the world is really very common. Even if he has achieved the fairy body with hundreds of fairy soldiers now, he can control the world. Suddenly, the jade jade jade rings softly and the golden light in the hall suddenly blooms. On that Sunday, the bodhi old zu’s face suddenly swells up to invade the whole body and suppress the golden light. At this time, the ancient Buddha lit the lamp from the Lotus Tower and smiled and said, "It’s getting late today. Why don’t we discuss it here?"
Sunday’s bodhi old zu laughed and flew up, leaving with the dove-dish girl, The Hunger’s bodhi old zu, Haimo and others. "You big immortals leave!"
Then Mao Xiaoyou also flew out of the Leiyin Temple with all the fiends, leaving a group of western Buddhas, celestial immortals, Xing Xuan and others behind. "Isn’t it that the bodhi old zu on Sunday really mastered the power of the original world?"
A long time ago, the Chinese Emperor said with great anxiety, "It’s impossible. If he could really master that power, he still needs to sit here and negotiate with us. We have already cleaned up the five celestial realms. A year ago, we will not be led by Mao Xiaoyu to fight back to Styx. Mao Xiaoyu’s repair and skill are generally big magic gods!"
The burning lamp shook his head at this time and did not agree with Emperor Ziwei’s statement, "Could he be procrastinating?"
At this time, the Yellow Emperor suddenly opened his fluffy eyes and said, "What?"
One Indra, the Lord of Heaven, the Tathagata and others all jumped up. "It’s just speculation, not foresight!"
The Yellow Emperor hurriedly waved his hand and said, "This possibility cannot be ruled out!"
Indra God is really anxious at this time. If someone finds his source in the original world, it will definitely be a great threat to him. Don’t say that the position of Indra God and Jade Emperor is not guaranteed. I’m afraid even my life will have to be explained after millions of years of penance. It’s too arrogant to regroup my five elements’ forces and disperse them to the bodies of unknown people.
The Tathagata suddenly said, "It will be a great help if we can win over the demon gods!"
Burning the lamp, he turned his eyes to Xing Xuan. "What do you think I do, old Buddha?"
Xing Xuan laughed. "I heard that Mao Xiaoyu, who is now in charge of the demon world, once had a fate with Emperor Gou Chen in the human world. If Emperor Gou Chen came forward to pull General Mao into our camp, the bodhi old zu would be defeated that week. It is not difficult for us to break into his nether world. I wonder if Emperor Gou Chen has this assurance!"
Burning the lamp, a pair of eyes looked at Xing Xuan and said, "It would be a good thing if we could unite the demon gods with us, but I don’t know how I used to tell them how much benefits Indra and Tathagata should promise them?"
Xing Xuan smiled and asked directly, "Heaven and the demon world will rest forever. Three thousand weak waters and three Wan Li nebulae belong to the demon world!"
Indra God immediately said, "Allow the demon gods to send troops into the The six great divisions in the wheel of karma Pool to jointly manage The six great divisions in the wheel of karma!"
The Tathagata followed and said, "If Xingtian doesn’t return, we can support Mao Xiaoyu as the leader of the demon world!"
Emperor Ziwei also said, "Hehe, is that all?"
Xing Xuan smiled and looked at these people who were usually high above the emperor. The Buddha asked a few people who were stunned and lit the lamp and asked, "What conditions will Gouchen Emperor recognize Mao Xiaoyu?"
"Who knows? Mao Xiaoyu is the most difficult person to speculate, and even it is difficult to see her future actions in the mirror. I am afraid that she may not be able to impress her star Xuan. I dare to ask the Buddha and Indra God to let me represent heaven and the western paradise this time. If you have some concerns about me, please invite someone else! "
Xing Xuan said openly, "Haha, it’s heaven that the Emperor Chen came, and the interests of heaven are yours. Of course, it can represent heaven!"
Indra God did not stutter, and immediately promised the Tathagata to look at the ancient Buddha burning the lamp. The ancient Buddha nodded slightly and said, "I came to Buddhism to pay attention to the dust on the four great bodhisattvas. I have nothing to worry about. Just say it!"
"good! Then my star Xuan will go! "
Xing Xuan nodded and flew out of the hall. When Xing Xuan left, the ancient Buddha’s face changed and he said to the five old emperors, Nezha, Yang Jian and others, "We will try our best to kill that fellow when the bodhi old zu comes back on Sunday. What do you think?"
"Is it a bit risky to do this before we know whether the ancestor Zhou Tian has mastered the power of the original world?"
Yang Jian said with some concern, "Hum, the power of the original world is so easy to master. Even though the three venerable men of the celestial world have practiced for thousands of years, they have never heard that they have mastered the power of the original world. I don’t believe that he really has such a thing. Even if he has the method of mastering the power of the original world by chance, he must be very unfamiliar. We just take this opportunity to eliminate him and eliminate future troubles!"
Indra God glared at Yang Jian and said that Yang Jian was afraid to speak at once. "Hehe, even if he has that power, it’s not too late for us to negotiate again!"
Emperor Ziwei ha ha smiled. "Papman doesn’t know if heaven will come to this devil. Since I came to my western paradise, I haven’t seen any forces, and I don’t know where to hide!"
Tathagata frowned and said, "I waited for Wan Li Voice today to tell Sunday’s conference to call at Leiyin Temple to discuss where he should also hear our voice, but he didn’t appear in Lingshan today, which is really a variable!"
Empress Di Di also frowned and said that just now, people like Ziwei and Indra suddenly froze on the spot like a pot of cold water was poured. The Indra God just said, "Let’s find the trace of Papman first, and then Nezha, you should go back and order King Tota to let him try to find the trace of Papman. If you find it, ask his opinion. If he hesitates, let the King send troops to trap him!"
Nezha should fly out of the hall of screamo temple and fly to the front of Sakura Mountain. The Yellow Emperor and others didn’t express their objections. At this time, they reached an agreement. They said that Xing Xuanxing Xuan flew out of Lingshan’s eyes and emitted thousands of golden lights. But I saw the dark clouds rolling outside Wan Li in the distance. Mao Xiaoyu led hundreds of fiend soldiers to rush ahead. Xing Xuan made a flicker and chased them to the virtual. Suddenly, a miserable green net came face to face with Xing Xuankou! The sky is green, and the thick gamey smell is pouring out from all directions. Everything with spirituality is polluted for thousands of miles in Fiona Fang. Everything with vitality is instantly taken away. Several green lights pour from the net like a storm and come to the star Xuan body. A golden light suddenly wraps the star Xuan, and then the star Xuan center explodes in all directions to golden light. The crazy explosion of green awns scattered all over the place suddenly cleared up the hundred miles of Fiona Fang around Xing Xuan. At this time, Xing Xuan has shown his six dharma bodies. On the tenth day, Wu flew out from Xing Xuan’s robes and encouraged his wings to form circles of fire ripples. The ripples rippled out and formed a burning fire. All the flames in the sky burned in the bright high school. "I came to chase who was the original Gouchen Emperor, but I was really at leisure. I was not in the screamo Temple. What did my master run out to do? Was it a lover?"
A negative sound measurement comes in vain, and then the green mountain suddenly disappears in the sky. Five hundred miles in front of the star Xuan, there are two people, a red golden eye and a red green crystal. It is Sunday’s sixth brother Lu Ya and tenth brother Falala who are heading for the star Xuan. It is Falala.
Chapter three hundred and seventy-two Conversation