Yuan Heng waved a whole yuan in the virtual depth and was completely immersed in his own feelings.
Know that one day
Yuan Heng’s blade splits out a virtual smash, and all things stagnate, even if he is in a distant place, Nu Wa is affected, and then he withdraws from a distance after he condenses his mind.
Rest is like Pangu’s creation from chaos, but everything is quiet.
"Yuan Zheng Di!"
In Yuan Hengyi’s roaring emptiness, it seems that one party is completely in charge of its own will. When the whole world is chaotic, the pattern and destiny block HarmonyOS’s 3,000 roads, and there is not one in it!
It’s really scary
"What a terrible blow! I’m afraid the charm contained in this blow is close to the original magical power. Although it’s still inferior to a realm, it’s scary enough. Except for Brother Yuan Heng’s own avenue, it actually excludes everything and will be completely killed by the enemies involved!"
Nu Wa looked at the knockout and took a deep breath. This type of avatar is a first-class killer even for their top fiend!
"Brother Yuan Heng, have you succeeded?"
Seeing that Yuan Heng finally woke up from the feeling, Nu Wa came to him with a smile and wanted to listen to Yuan Heng’s feeling, and she could make a good deduction and create herself in the future.
There is no doubt that this is the right way!
"Alas …"
Yuan Heng nodded and shook his head. "Although this train of thought is indeed correct, it is still inferior to the artistic conception of our magical power." To be continued.
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Chapter one hundred and ninety-nine HarmonyOS law
Everything is difficult.
With a direction, things will get easier.
Everything in the world has its roots.
And if a creature never lacks such a thing as a root, but when it comes to being truly powerful, it depends on whether the root traced by yourself is strong or not.
The same is true of Yuanheng. When it comes to its own most powerful roots, it is not just a few.
With the inspiration, Yuan Heng will return to the depths of the temples directly, and it is bound to dig out his bottomless huge power.
Time goes by little by little.
Yuan Heng sits in the temples, and the temples assist in spiritual practice. Yuan Heng’s strength is increasing day by day …
Although Yuan Heng didn’t deliberately fight for the end of a mass robbery, it really laid the foundation for the victory or defeat of the mass robbery. The absolute protagonist performed the glorious main duties, maintained the operation of heaven and earth, ended the mass robbery, and the benefits gained by Yuan Heng were enormous and incredible!
Plus, it’s terrible. At this time, when you enter the depths of practice, it suddenly becomes out of control, and madness erupts. This effect is not inferior to that of madness and epiphany and meditation. What’s even more frightening is …
He has been practicing in this state for tens of thousands of years!
For monks, mana, realm, state of mind, will, etc. are all cornerstones of their own roads, which is a long time ago, but …
Until now, Yuan Heng didn’t really understand the magical power, and this road is inseparable and more important than one of them!
For a long time, Xiu Yuanheng has always neglected his own magical power, even the most handy shining hand. In fact, this trick is nothing more than an ordinary trick. At most, it is only relying on Yuan Heng’s own strength that it looks so mysterious.
Therefore, Yuan Heng-shen’s real strength is nothing more than the great martial arts brought by the semi-treasure Genesis, even if it is the magical power of life, the enlightenment significance of this move is greater than the actual combat significance.
Until now, Yuan Heng really understood and crossed the laws, rules and even avenues, which limited the avatar’s further advancement direction-the root was one of the most important cornerstones of Yuan Heng’s own root road-and the root was truly incorporated into Yuan Heng’s own practice.
With Yuan Heng exploring his own roots bit by bit, he has become more and more clear about his own grasp and his own path, constantly exploring and understanding, and constantly creating several magical powers according to his own roots.
Even the weakest form contains incredible mystery. For example, Yuan Heng once created a magical power according to his own light source-a sun star and a lunar star suddenly appeared when the light was praised!
However, for Yuan Heng, these are just minor details. The most important thing is Yuan Heng’s final result. He understands all his own roots and gains everything. Twelve magical powers are created and perfected according to Yuan Heng’s understanding …
"Heaven and earth are connected with me, and the root cause is that in my opinion, everything can be classified into thirteen forms of melting and forging."
"This set of magical powers created by Yuan Heng is the general name-"Eternal magical powers ".In the future, I will try my best to improve my thirteen magical powers."
At this time, Yuan Heng created this self-supporting magical power, and he had the vision of Beye-he wanted this thirteen-type magical power base to promote his own terrible magical power in the century-HarmonyOS method.
In fact, in the final analysis, the great law is contained in Genesis, which is better than the HarmonyOS chaos bead Zhuling certificate!
At that time, the sacred object of Yuanheng HarmonyOS, HarmonyOS chaos bead Zhuling, didn’t even get a sacred object source except one thing that wasn’t even a treasure in Genesis. It’s not without reason that it is the greatest gain to have a set of great laws.
The highest method of this set of high sacred objects is the creation of the gods’ axe, the creation of the violet, and the HarmonyOS method of the same level. How can it be simple?
In the final analysis, this set of great laws and regulations is actually the third year of high school-the initial form of HarmonyOS law. It depends on Yuan Heng himself whether it can discover how great it is.
And Yuan Heng is trying to create his own great laws, his own HarmonyOS law!
"I don’t know your fate, but it doesn’t matter. You are still my brother after all …"
Yuan Heng looked at the power of the river of life and quickly supplemented the fate of the master. His eyes were soft and deep, and his body was filled with a mysterious atmosphere. At this time, even the Ganges water became more tame and docile at his feet. "Put this secret method into practice, which will temporarily block you from the river of life."
At this time, Yuan Heng’s strength is not only reflected in his strength, but also in his knowledge and wisdom. He took out a powerful secret method with a turn of his mind-"Only Knowing Three Secrets", a spiritual secret method from "Yuan Ming Xin Mantra", which is just very suitable for fate.
"When my brother will crush and reshape the river of life, you will really sit back in the position of destiny and take charge of all the jurisprudence of the river of life."
At this time, Yuan Heng finally understood that this destiny master in front of him seemed to be born of the spirit fetus bred by the essence of the whole life river, but in fact, this new destiny master fought against his destiny by the law. The Ganges River has accumulated eternal years, and Weili can follow the root of the life river.
"Brother, what are you doing?"
Fate master saw Yuan Heng, and there was a little uneasy feeling in his heart. He failed to perceive him because of the Ganges force of fate, but fate was even closer to his brother than people thought, almost no less than that of Sanqing brothers, Pangu and Three Gods!
"Let’s explode and come back!"
At this time, Yuan Heng’s breath rose step by step and became strong.
"What am I going to do?"
Yuan Heng smiled more brightly than "Hehe, although I have no ability to operate the HarmonyOS method for the time being, I am able to move my avatar at present-"Eternal Mixing Degree "is about to see if the power is worth my expectation …"
"Hurry up and use the secret method to cut off the river. I won’t stop."
At this time, the terrible calm in Yuan Heng’s eyes made fate dominate the heart and stopped beating for a moment. The terrible breath slowly brewed in Yuan Heng’s body.
"Alas … be careful yourself."
White things have reversed the fate and dominated the mind, and they will take back their ten incarnations of fate, numerology and so on.
When I turned my mind, I browsed Yuan Heng’s secret method again. It’s worthy that Tongyuanheng owns this secret method. If others are afraid that it will take hundreds of years to achieve a small success, but fate will only make great achievements in practice with a little understanding, as if this secret method was originally created by themselves.
"Dong …"
The disappearance of fate has had an extraordinary impact. Even the life river shook, and it was already choppy. The life river suddenly became furious!
Exhaustion of Ganges water, crazy explosion, burning, drowning and swallowing
Life River’s nine-fold gods burst into a brilliant mountain, trying to suppress it again, but …
Theoretically speaking, if things are owned, fate will dissipate, die and destroy, but it will still be intercepted a little because of the Ganges River.