In the past, the flying terran monks have been thundered into fly ash.

Floating for half a glance, thousands of miles of land are full of broken bricks and tiles. In the dark night, the site of Pangda Silver City seems to be a ferocious beast lying on the ground.
It has been a long time since the immortal silver city has become history. It is said that many races have lost the immortal silver city and that period of destruction was a shocking world war I.
Left here is a mysterious ancient building site full of trees.
The name of this site has gradually changed in the historical evolution.
When the immortal silver city just fell, it was hard for monks of all nationalities to get close to it and gradually became a paradise for wild animals. As time went by, monks gradually discovered the site and found some residual opportunities from it.
At that time, everyone still vaguely remembered that this was the immortal silver city, the holy land of flying terrans
Later, history changed, and it was named by many ethnic monks, which means the ruins of the flying man.
But it has evolved to the site of Shangshan now, and it has no connection with the beginning.
Sun Haopiao found the peak that was the highest in the golden chamber and stone room imaging after half a careful observation and half a ring.
Gently down the mountain peak, suddenly a huge and powerful silver mountain tiger rushed over.
Sun Hao pressed this huge yellow tiger against the tiger’s forehead with a single palm, carefully observed the shape and trend of the mountain, and kept watching the last graphic of the Golden Chamber in his mind.
Could the Golden Chamber tell yourself that there are some secret opportunities hidden in this mountain, such as the secrets of flying terrans’ practice?
If that’s the case, after thousands of years, it may not be able to keep it.
But it doesn’t look like it from the last imaging area.
Sun Hao’s mountain tiger’s forehead and eyes looked at the gods in all directions and kept looking at them. At the same time, in his mind, he also compared himself with the rubbings from the golden chamber and the final mirror image.
I can’t see anything unusual in my eyes
I didn’t feel anything when God explored the place.
However, compared with the graphics in my mind, I feel the luminous areas carefully, and Sun Hao is still very keenly aware that these areas are indeed different from each other.
Very obscure, mysterious power contains deep mysterious power, as if this area with an area of more than a hundred miles flows slowly along a certain law.
If you don’t observe carefully, if you don’t wake up in the golden chamber, even Sun Haoxiu can hardly find the subtle differences instantly.
That is to say, the immortal silver city pointed out by the golden chamber and stone chamber is not the wind from the cave.
There really is something strange here, so what does such a large area of graphics represent?
Sun Hao carefully examined the center of the earth and carefully observed the figure of the golden chamber in his mind, hoping to find the right answer from it.
Sun Hao didn’t find much after half a ring.
After thinking about it, I realized that the Starshine Ice Butterfly in the sea changed from high to low Sun Hao’s subjective consciousness to Starshine Ice Butterfly, and realized the mirror image modeling of the Golden Chamber.
Stellar butterflies can improve their intelligence, and maybe they can find the golden chamber and give the answer.
Sun Hao, the star in the sky, looked at the golden chamber, and the graphic composition remained unchanged. There was nothing unusual, but this time Sun Hao saw the composition and had a new feeling
I didn’t pay attention to the imaging a few times ago, but this time Sun Hao suddenly found that the golden chamber and the stone room finally outlined a silver figure just like a towering tree
Chapter DiYiSiYi Wild silver fern
read; A towering tree?
Sun Hao’s earnest and sure enough, it’s not that he’s dazzled. The silvery figure happens to be the shape of a big tree. ┡ M
The thick trunk is lush, and the leaves are shining with silver light, covering the northern part of the country.
Of course, the display of the golden chamber and stone chamber is a mirror image of the immortal silver city when it was not sunk.
Now the immortal silver city has become an ancient site, and there is no silver flashing.
Sun Hao’s gods perceive the past along the graph, but they can also perceive different energy movements.
Since it is a big tree, let’s try the true element of wood attributes.
Sun Hao’s heart moves to drive his own wood attribute truth element to penetrate into the perceptual energy circle.
Wood attribute really yuan gushed out and just came into contact with the trunk of the big branch, and suddenly there was a slight induction. Sun Hao, together with his body, shook slightly, as if it were a mountain tiger struggling.
A feeling of joy and joy passed away from my heart. Sun Hao entered the wood attribute and disappeared into the tree.
In the keen perception, Sun Hao’s construction of wood gently shook the property of a wood, and the true yuan flow accelerated many times as if he were very interested now.
There are trees.
It is good that Sun Hao’s spirit is alive and kicking.
Self-built wood is the first tree in the world, and it is born with the ability to rob its spiritual roots. If you need to drive the wood to build it, you can forcibly absorb the nutrients from this tree source to build your own wood.
Sun Hao was waiting to be driven to build wood, and his eyes suddenly lit up. Sun Hao stopped building wood and began to observe the silver tree carefully.
There are various kinds of spiritual trees in the practice of pulse network branches. There are also many spiritual plants in the classics of Sun Haonan’s witch clan. If Sun Hao didn’t guess wrong, this silver tree in front of him should be a heterogeneous spiritual tree.
The alien spirit tree of the wild and the wild is a relatively big door class in the spirit tree of heaven and earth, and it also has dudu1 from human level to sky level;
It will be listed in a single category because there are not many different species that can flow to the wild and the distribution in each level of the wild and the wild tree is very characteristic
In each of the three levels of heaven, earth and man, there are different spiritual trees in the wild and the wild.
The particularity lies in the extreme nature of the wild and the wild. The so-called extreme nature means that all the wild and the wild are the strongest and highest species at every level.
That is to say, although there are three levels of alien spirit trees in the universe, there are three categories, that is, "human level, prefecture level and sky level"
If you are human, you often have powerful special functions.
Terran classics call the three-level heterogeneous spiritual trees "human-barren trees, land-barren trees and heaven-barren trees"