"You can do whatever you want."

Although it didn’t reach the middle stage of Daoji, it was enough to prove that the other side didn’t have the talent for waves, but it was an alarmist.
"Lord Xie Dong" Zhou Yi’s wrist trembled and struggled to suppress the body’s qi and blood restlessness and hand way
"I want to go out of the mountain."
Purple is true.
"It’s good to meet an old friend. We should leave soon."
Chapter 139 Changhua
Through the black wind mountain array, you can’ see’ most black wind tunnel people who emerge from time to time outside the mountain.
This is normal.
A new hole appears in the black wind tunnel. Will other forces ignore it?
However, it can be seen from such daring snooping that the novice Zizi really lacks deterrence, and others are not very interested.
"Well …"
"Maybe it’s intentional to lead Zizhen out of black wind mountain. If you can kill the black wind tunnel, it will become the main place."
"There will be many natural benefits at that time."
"But even no one would have guessed that it was only a few years ago that Zi Zhen was already a monk in the middle of Daoji, and his strength was already extraordinary."
Zhou Yi’s face showed thoughtfully, and at the same time, he converged and jumped into the forest.
The breath-gathering technique has achieved the state of refining gas, which can be hidden from Brother Daoji. Now, the advanced Daoji will not be discovered.
Posture display he is like a clever white ape forest shuttling straight to Xiaoheishan Fangshi.
Soon after
Ling Yunfeng and Xuan Shang came hand in hand, and their expressions were full of wonder, envy and a little jealousy.
The two of them have been working hard for decades, and the foundation is still far away.
And Zhou yi
When we met, we couldn’t see how deep it was, but suddenly we achieved the goal of extending Doggi’s life by 200, and the two of them pulled the distance completely.
One’s own generation may be advanced, and it’s hard to be jealous even if it’s good.
Ling Yunfeng is a sigh.
"Brother Zhou is really gifted, and at a young age, he can prove that we are waiting for you … Pei!"
"Lucky" Zhou Yi smiled and handed over.
"Lai Dong’s help, otherwise Zhou will be difficult to achieve."
He knew Daoji’s knowledge off the shelf, and when he swept away, he could see that the two people in front of him were mixed with each other, and even they had secretly become Taoist couples.
It’s normal for two people to trudge from Wan Li to do errands that they may lose their heads at any time and comfort each other.
Being able to see loneliness and torture is different.
Sit for three.
I can see that Ling Yunfeng and Xuan Shang are a little stiff, and even if they don’t get into each other’s eyes, they are very different now.
"Ha ha …"
Zhou Yi chuckled and wanted to think.
"Speaking of Zhou’s advanced Daoji process, it is quite dangerous. If you are not careful, you may die and die. Now I think about it, I still have doubts."
"hmm!" Two people spirit a shock XuanShang is urgent way
"I was just about to ask Zhou … senior"
"Don’t!" Zhou yi waved his hand
"Two seniors who are several years older than me say that they can’t call each other by their first names."
"Not" XuanShang a face of primly shook his head.
"Those who practice the Tao are one step closer than our predecessors, and the response should be addressed as predecessors."
"I’d appreciate it if you could give me some advice."
"Yes" Ling Yunfeng nodded and agreed.
"Zhou’s predecessors didn’t know the advanced Daoji process, such as the two of us. Although there is little hope, we are willing to give it a try if there is a chance."
"It’s nothing." Zhou Yi saw that two people were so determined that they no longer advised squinting slowly.
"As the two men said, the foundation of the Tao needs the essence and spirit to meet …"
He has a golden finger and a purple heart, smoothing his breath, pushing the boat forward and turning dangerous into a clearer process.
Changes such as convergence are all perceived one by one.
These experiences are very important for the two of them, and they can’t help but listen to God without knowing that someone else has entered the house.
Zhou Yi’s mouth tells about looking at two people at the same time.
It seems to him
Xuan Shang’s foundation is unstable and the possibility of advanced Daoji is slim, but Ling Yunfeng’s foundation is solid and there is still a little chance.
Not much chance.
"Pa … pa …"
At this time, the ringing of the palm of your hand also made the two people during the event.
A gray cassock, white beard and white hair old man don’t know when sitting opposite is tapping his hands with admiration.
"Taoist friends can tell the process of building the foundation of Taoism so clearly, which shows that the advanced process is a piece of cake!"