"I have done something about the personal situation of these two people. They were in a coma because their seven spirits were stolen. Two three souls were scattered in an old road. I helped them install the remaining souls so that they wouldn’t drift out."

"However, it doesn’t seem to be a big deal for us immortals to say a few fairy incantations to reunite one soul with another, but I’m to blame for not knowing the reason for this loss of soul."
"It’s up to you whether you can wake them up or not. If you have no choice, I have no choice."
Ji Xiang nodded and looked at the two men. Feng Xiucai is a body. Every fetus can’t stand it. Then pick the fox.
Put the palm of your hand on the fox and pat him three times.
The three corpse worms immediately metaplasia and Ji Xiang controls and occupies the fox’s body, forcibly manipulating his ignorance and attacking himself!
See the little fox jump up like a zombie and then close his eyes and grin and rush forward!
Jingshen brand is displayed by hostile stimulation.
【 The curse of heaven and earth (soul sloughing) Chaos Fairy Method I can recombine the soul of the charmer through the curse method to "transform" the soul will level. At this time, the human soul is like a butterfly to feather 】
The magic spirit suddenly felt, and Ji Xiang took a closer look.
[Zhao Zongjing Tiancao does not accept the land, regardless of the membership, but the refined person relies on the soul of the stranger to metamorphose into something! 】
【 Alert this change has been qualitative common sense! Someone tampered with Vientiane! 】
JiXiang without thinking.
The true meaning of the three religions has been put into operation!
Chapter two hundred and ninety-seven Hand rub fairy sutra
I photographed the little fox and couldn’t get up, and then the little fox’s three bodies were immobilized by Ji Xiang.
Followed by too much treasure light, it’s like a dry Kun in the sleeve, spewing out a lot of books
One, two, three, four … Ji Xiang quickly watched the classics of White Lotus Sect, and the sudden appearance of Taixu Baoguang made Zhang Sanfeng very wary.
Looking at a large number of books falling from that one-inch nine-color brilliance, Zhang Sanfeng picked them up and looked at them. Suddenly he wondered, "Isn’t this all White Lotus Sect? Which county is the leader of White Lotus?"
Ji Xiang "Isn’t that Ying Tian, isn’t it the general altar of Bailian Sect? I ransacked it."
Zhang Sanfeng look different strange unceasingly threw the classic in his hand back to the pile "that you want so many white lotus teach to do? These illogical scriptures are all copied by the owner and copied by the westerners … Look at this core, which is the Buddhist scriptures! Isn’t this the sutra of Zhancha’s Good and Evil Karma by the Tibetan Bodhisattva? Why did you write it? "
Ji Xiang took the "Yes, yes, yes, this is the most" when her eyes lit up.
"Do you want to practice Buddhism?"
"That’s not to replace these things."
Zhang Sanfeng watched curiously as Ji Xiang gathered those who had been selected.
The Three Classics of the Earth Treasure King, Three Diamond Classics, One Manjusri Bodhisattva Scripture, One Guanyin Bodhisattva Scripture and Five Classics.
Guide the King and Bodhisattva Scriptures, Three Dirty King Kong Scriptures, One Tailaojunxu Natural Sutra, One Taiping Sutra, Three.
These Buddhist and Taoist classics, the White Lotus Church, are imbued with a large number of prayers all the year round, and they are all annotated by themselves, which is unique and very "sacrificial"
There are 30 volumes of scriptures originally published by Bailian Sect, such as Maitreya Sutra, Lotus Sutra, Birth Sutra of Big and Small Kings, Sanyang Bible, etc.
Then reach out and wipe it.
Ji Xiangkou "Tian Er Dao"
"saints don’t have two hearts"
Hoo hoo! A large number of ancient books and texts quickly disappeared! Ji Xiang took the text of the Tibetan Bodhisattva and saw that the text was distorted, changed and disappeared, and then came out by metaplasia. Finally, a large number of white chapters were left, and the first ten pages condensed into strange words, which gradually distorted and stereotyped.
Bang! At this time, he was sacrificed, and all the classics of the White Lotus Sect have become swaying yellow paper. Without a word on the surface, all the ink has disappeared, and even the magic power contained in it has disappeared.
Ji Xiang’s eyes have seen the new scripture, which is a new spell to restrain this kind of soul transformation.
The change of classic characters is finally finalized, and as soon as it appears, it immediately sends out a burst of fairy light, and the whole tile house shines like happy ever after!
"What the Great Spirit Knows the Classics" "
"Six Equivalence of Fairy Classics"
Ji Xiang carefully examined and confirmed the hierarchy of this thing. This time, dozens of white lotus classics were sacrificed, and this treasure was obtained. As soon as it was born, it was filled with fairy light. If it was not for the suppression of two immortals in the tile house, Guanghua would attract many people to peep.
Although it’s a sixth-class immortal sutra, it’s a terrible vision. It’s estimated that it’s because this time it’s a complete immortal sutra, not those semi-immortal sutras it got.
At the same time, a great world of mortals suddenly appeared, and biochemistry seemed to suddenly appear without giving people a reaction gap. In a moment, it was already wrapped around her elephant head, and it was ominous. Even Zhang Sanfeng, an outsider, looked up and could see at a glance the bright red color that was about to drop blood, as if the ghost blood splashed his head and knew at a glance that it was not a good thing.
"Three corpse gods come out"
As soon as Ji Xiang’s eyebrows moved, she returned to her body to make up for it, and the three mindless guys jumped out and killed the hall without hesitation!
Miss Shen was startled. Zhang Sanfeng was also stupid, but then she saw the dead three corpse gods get up again, and Ji Xiang looked at the three corpse gods and looked up at the blood-red omen, so she took the three corpse gods back into her body.
The amazing changes in this scene made Zhang Sanfeng call it miraculous!
"What on earth do you do?"
Zhang Sanfeng was more curious than what Ji Xiang had done, which seemed beyond his understanding. Although he had some guesses, he was not sure. Did he break up the classics of Bailian Sect and reassemble them into a new spell?
"You won’t be …"
Listening to Zhang Sanfeng’s guess, Ji Xiang gave a positive answer. With a wave of his finger, those collapsed characters were automatically rolled up by the wind and flew to one side to pile up.
"Almost, but not breaking up those words, but’ sacrificing’ these classics with scriptures."
Zhang Sanfeng’s bridled eyebrows wrinkled and twisted to offer sacrifices, which is not a good word.
Sounds like crooked ways … Oh, people are monty in front of them. Then it’s okay. Absolutely the right method.
"hey! This sacrifice is not another sacrifice. What I sacrifice is scripture doctrine, or rather melting. The object of sacrifice is my own unification of all methods and then I can derive new ones from it. These classics are just the’ materials’ I need to derive new spells. "
"The more powerful the spell is, the higher the level of derived materials is. At the same time, of course, this derivation is not without cost."