"Wu ran away from his brother after Suo Laoer was dried up." Brother Xiao also said in a serious tone. "I’m sending someone to Chongdu to prepare to meet him!"

"Did his brother see Angkor run away or did they run away without waiting for Angkor? !” Qin Yu got up and HeWen.
"It’s running away!" Brother Owl frowned and said, "Wu ground has been mixed for so long. If the scene can get rid of difficulties, it should be no big deal."
"Hurry and find something that can’t happen!"
"Well, I’ll send someone over!" Brother Xiao nodded
"Call me if you have news!"
A car is driving at a high speed in Zhongdu Street.
Qiu Wu was handcuffed by two strange men in the back seat and couldn’t move.
In the process of escape, Qiu Wuyuan had got rid of chasing others, but he was just about to join his brother. Suddenly, a FAW car came over and three men held him hostage with guns.
Che Qiuwu’s wound was still bleeding, but he didn’t get excited and asked with his head down, "Where are you guys from?" Give me a quasi-word and I will be dead. "
"His mama if we cable family also tied your car? You’ll be finished if you shoot yourself dead directly, "said the co-pilot middle-aged words flatly.
"Which way is this taking me?" Qiuwu asked again
"Stop fucking asking and shut up!" The co-pilot shouted at 1.
Qiu Wu also felt that the other party should not be the Suo family, otherwise he wouldn’t be so polite to himself, but he couldn’t figure out what these people were doing, so he became quiet and his attitude was very cooperative with each other.
At five o’clock in the morning, at least 20 or 30 core members of Suojia were surrounded at the entrance of the emergency room of Chongdu Regional Hospital.
Corridor ladder door open cable ye Yin face with seven people quickly walked to come over "? How’s dad? ?”
"… the old man doesn’t have a big deal" Mr Ye little sister eyes crying to red and swollen "eldest brother built was killed phillips A Le old four was blown into a serious injury! They protected dad. "
When Mr. Sawyer heard this, the veins stood out on his forehead and his fists clenched.
"This dog day Qin Yu is too dirty. If you can’t be positive, you can play with Yin his mother! Brother, let’s go to the distant mountains and the heavy people and directly hit him into a mixed journey! " A young man said with a ferocious face
"No," said another middle-aged man with a frown. "If you take the initiative to send troops to attack force District 9, they will definitely send troops. If they have concerns, we can’t do everything with our brains."
Suo Jia’s position: They think Qin Yugan is not authentic and dirty.
But Qin Yu’s position is that everyone in Suo’s family is an insider. For example, Li Yuan’s big gray rope is the second child, which has been bullying the Sichuan government for many years. If you don’t move him, they will definitely have to move what you are doing.
Do you think it’s not sinister to plan roads and set up posts to stop our cars from passing by with the support of the people?
Isn’t it sinister that you attacked my soldiers and took advantage of the fifth district?
Everyone in your family business is in charge of their own business, and the Chuanfu area is firmly in control of the ground business. Which one is koo?
There is no reason for this accumulation of hatred, just different positions.