"Being original? Being original is happy to see success. "

This tall and strong Taoist priest is Lingqing, and that thing is that he will be happy when he goes out.
Now it took him three or five days to decorate the abode of fairies and immortals.
And Guo Ning and others led people to get this symbol, which naturally led more people to it.
He doesn’t have to be mysterious, and now he has less than five months left to stay.
I really want him to give the symbol to others, and others don’t have to.
Even if you want it, you may not take it seriously.
So you can make everyone like Anguo and Wei Mo.
Think of this thing as the treasure of Mr. Tong Xuan’s donkey.
In order to make others pay more attention.
In this way, it will bring him more gains when he is diligent in offering sacrifices and refining leftovers.
He doesn’t know if he can return to this vice again.
Can complete a big deal as soon as possible, and then make a long-term plan.
Therefore, even if there is no duel today, he intends to direct a drama by himself to lead people there.
"Don’t little Taoist priests want Mr. Tong Xuan?"
Sophisticated is obviously his attitude.
"You know, it’s very difficult to achieve people nowadays.
And this Mr. Tong Xuan is said to make people immortal and immortal.
You don’t want to try if you have a good qualification? "
"It is said that Mr. Tong Xuan only became immortal after eating two thousand-year-old ginseng."
Lingqing looked at the old road in the dust of cutting and said
"What should the Taoist master Tong Xuan bear?"
"This …"
Road out oily hand stroked his beard just a hesitation way
"Mr. Xiang has written a lot of Dan’s secret recipes, so I can’t think about it."
"That Dan secret recipe may be a piece about how to eat ginseng.
Ha ha ha ~ "
Lingqing got up with a smile and walked to the floor.
"How did the little Taoist get away?"
Road stretched out his hand to the remaining chicken rack chuai arms after LingQing asked.
"Being original naturally went to find Mr. Prescription."