"You are no exception."

Han Xuanxuan finished and pulled the trigger.
After a shot, Han Xuanxuan was angry and looked at his face and suddenly appeared in front of him with Du Chunnan at gunpoint.
"Song Ge, what do you want?"
Han Xuanxuan previously came to kill Du Haitao directly, but was stopped by * * * *. Just now, the gun was also moving towards the sky.
"Master, there are too many people around to kill him."
* * * * with a frown dissuade Han Xuanxuan way
Han Xuanxuan white * * * meaning but his brain is full of just want to stop the stick scene muzzle propped up at * * * * forehead fingers slowly press the trigger, if this * * * does not hide from him, he will definitely not survive for three seconds, if * * * hides behind Du Haitao, it is certain that Fa Sheng will survive for a while and the atmosphere will become better than Ling rhinoceros.
Chapter three hundred and twenty-one Let’s abandon it
"Master, I’m sorry. I want you to be in charge of the Korean family."
* * * * There is nothing to avoid. After saying this sentence, I slowly closed my eyes.
At this time, Han Xuanxuan held the gunman and trembled violently. At present, * * * Han’s family has been staying for more than 20 years, and has always been diligent. Han’s family has paid silently. Even if Han Xuanxuan is angry at this time, he has no way to kill * * *.
After taking a deep breath, the pistol finger in his hand turned into a trap. Han Xuanxuan inserted the gun into the waist of * * *.
"Get me a car. I’m going to the hospital to see how Fangxiang is doing."
"By the way, I don’t want to see these people again."
Previously, I saw Han Xuanxuan bring people to save themselves. Du Haitao and others were relieved, but when they heard Han Xuanxuan’s call, several people struggled again. They knew that Han Xuanxuan had not been allowed to kill them by * * * *, not because they were afraid, but because people here were talkative. If * * * really took them away, then …
Thought of here, Du Haitao and others were soaked in sweat.
"You, you can’t do this. Although we hit you, you also hit us, and now our friend is still in the hospital, and all the eggs are kicked to pieces by you. How can you say that you earned it?"
Aside, Show Lo saw that Du Haitao was completely dull. He knew that he could no longer rely on Du Haitao, so he tentatively shouted.
And hear Show Lo Han Xuanxuan doesn’t even have a pause to continue to move forward.
Show Lo was ready to speak when he was dumped by a slap in the face.
"Be quiet"
This slap directly knocked Show Lo out, and he took a deep breath and dared not speak again.
Aside Jay Chou also nasty he is wrinkly to knit the brows. Suddenly, there seems to be a flash in his head. Before they just went to the theme kV of the Fantasy Westward Journey, they were introduced by the audience. This kV base is more passionate about the Fantasy Westward Journey. He used his quick wits to shout at Han Xuanxuan.
"The elder brothers this time we recognize planted but everyone is already an adult, don’t easily killing? You can come to this kV, which proves that you love me more than you do about Fantasy Journey to the West. How about this? Let’s play a game in the game. If you win, what do you say? "
Hear Jay Chou say that finish this sentence aside Show Lo and Du Haitao eyes appeared some extraordinary splendour! They may not be sure about others, but they are more confident about the fantasy westward journey! Because each of their accounts are hundreds of thousands of big optical accounts!
And say that finish this sentence after Jay Chou has been paying attention to the Han Xuanxuan reaction he now Han Xuanxuan step stopped looking back in the heart suddenly poured out a burst of ecstasy!
But he didn’t see that Han Xuanxuan’s eyes were a joke
Han Xuanxuan really turned back and walked to several people.
"Do you play with dreams? How many levels? "
Jay Chou spoke first when he heard Han Xuanxuan.
"level 69"
Han Xuanxuan should be a turn round and then walk.
"Ga?" It’s Jay Chou’s turn to be depressed. What does this Han Xuanxuan mean? At that time, Jay Chou could not help but shout.
"Are you afraid?"
"Are you afraid to fight?"
Han Xuanxuan has been ready to leave and turned around again when he heard Jay Chou’s words.
"Level 69, you have no chance."
"If you are level 19, there may be a little chance."
Say that finish this sentence Han Xuanxuan again ready to leave but Jay Chou which Ken he listened to Han Xuanxuan hurriedly asked.
"Are you level 19?"