Besides, she remembered that Ji Jifen disliked Jijiacun as a rural place, and she didn’t attend the family meeting.

Mrs. Ji just heard that this matter must be signed by Ji Shu before it can be done. I know that I can’t force a plan to put away my anger and say slowly, "It’s okay. Anyway, Yong Yong is still young. Why don’t you wait?"
Ji Yaomei can nod her head when she sees that mom has stopped.
When the night spreads and the autumn wind cools, Ji Shu slips into the kitchen.
Liu Caijuan is still washing and brushing in the kitchen. It will take a long time for this big family to just clean up after eating.
Besides, she is going to make some sugar rice cakes for Ji Shutian to eat early.
"Your second uncle slept with his cousin?"
Liu Caijuan saw that Ji Shu’s eyebrows were on display
"I don’t know how to talk in grandma’s room."
Ji Shu shrugged his shoulders and his eyes were full of disdain.
"Mom, you didn’t eat anything at the table just now. You are just too tired and don’t pay attention to eating on time."
It was also later that Ji Shu learned from the internet that the stomach is an emotional organ. Mother’s stomach is bad, and she is tired and anxious for a long time, and she doesn’t eat on time.
Every time she is the last table, she is often afraid of eating leftovers. If she can’t eat two bites, she has to greet the elderly and children. Can this stomach be good?
"You didn’t eat two bites of fish just now. Shall I fry an egg for you?" Jishu pulled out an egg from his trouser pocket "just pulled it out of the henhouse"
The hen is as old as her generation, and she likes to pick out her eggs in the haystack on the windowsill.
Unexpectedly, Liu Caijuan also pulled out an egg from the corner behind the stove. "Mom is going to fry an egg for you."
Both mother and daughter laughed.
Ji Shu suddenly caught a glimpse of a large jar of rice wine in the corner. "Why don’t we make eggnog?"
Jishu took two porcelain bowls with blue flowers and prepared two spoonfuls of rice wine. Specially, he sank the spoonfuls and scooped up more. White glutinous rice was boiled with sugar and boiled. Two earth eggs were beaten in. The smell was really … The children next door were crying.
Ji Shu gave Liu Caijuan a big bowl and poured it for himself.
Cai-juan liu looked at the eggnog "do you want to give it to your brother-"
Ji Shu smiled and pressed his mother in the old chair. "Mom, my brother has grandma’s pain. No one bullied him in this family, but what about you?" Who loves you? Drink it! "
Smelling the fragrance of rice wine in my hometown through the fog in the bowl, Ji Shu made up her mind that she would take her mother to Wushi to live a good life. This generation will definitely let her live a long life!
Early the next morning, Mrs. Ji wore a straw hat, stood on a pair of little feet and held a basket of eggs. She usually saved eggs and walked towards Fengjiawan next door.
Passing by her own field, Liu Caijuan is lying in the field cutting rice. There are not many fields at home, but women are planting them.
Jijia village is close to Wushi, and now the economy is getting more and more active. Men are going to the town and Wushi to find jobs and fight, which is better than farming. Women are more tired than men when they take their children to farm.
Mrs. Ji looked at Liu Caijuan’s back and smiled coldly. Then she went to her neighbor, Mrs. Wang, and said hello, "Where is Mrs. Ji going?"
Dozens of elderly neighbors, Mrs. Ji, piled up a smile. "You know my granddaughter’s marriage in Fengjiawan next door …"
There is no secret in the countryside. Mrs. Wang is envious and jealous of this marriage of Mrs. Ji. She can’t ask for it.
"That Feng Jiaer heard that after graduating from technical secondary school, she was assigned to Wushi Iron and Steel Plant. What a good job! Your granddaughter has been blessed!"
"Hum" Ji old lady face wrinkles a tight "this girl idea big good things want to take up! Yesterday, I just didn’t want to give up the national cotton worker to our family Yong Yong. You said she could go to Wushi after she got married. Why didn’t you help a family? Baiwenhang! "
Mrs. Wang knows as much about Ji Jia’s family as Cai-Juan Liu answers, "Then why are you rushing to marry your granddaughter when you go to Feng’s house?" Isn’t that giving away the iron rice bowl? "
"You don’t understand this. My old sister, the Feng family, is a widow with a son and a daughter. There are fewer women in the family. The main problem is that my granddaughter refuses to let me."
Mrs. Ji laughed more exaggerated.
"I want Ji Shu to get married quickly, and the pregnant baby will come out immediately. I’m sure I can make her give up her position. Now I think so much that I can’t even think about it when I’m pregnant!"
Mrs. Wang stared at her eyes and secretly admired, "It’s still Mrs. Ji, you are white!"
"The dead girl’s wings are harder after work, and no matter what I’m going to Feng Jiama, I’ll get engaged and let her go to Feng’s house at the end of the year to have that brave work in spring!"
Mrs. Ji gloated and didn’t find hiding at the bottom of the ridge to eavesdrop on Ji Shu
I have already accompanied my mother out to cut rice. She was resting at the bottom of the ridge and happened to listen to it.
"Don’t tell you don’t go to catch the bus! Just this National Day holiday, Feng Jiaer is also here. I’m going to let them come to kiss tomorrow! "
Mrs. Ji’s footsteps are gone, and Ji Shu is busy patting herself on the grass.
This autumn, the sky is dry, the sky is blue and the clouds are thin, and the field is golden. This beautiful scenery has not been seen for many years, and the young mother is undulating in the field, and the red scarf is looming.
Ji Shu was wearing a light pink cotton shirt with a round neckline and a circle of lace. The shirt was made by herself, making her waist slim and as light as a pencil sketch.
"It seems that we can’t wait," she whispered, and then ran towards her mother. She smiled at Liu Caijuan. "Mom, I’ll go back and do something!"
Jishu went home and simply washed his face and carried a canvas bag, so he was about to go out.
The bus to Wangjiawan should have missed Ji Shu’s push of the "permanent brand" bicycle at home.
At the end of the 1980s, bicycles were owned by every family in such a wealthy village as Jijiacun.
"Ji Shu, where are you going?"
Cousin JiFen suddenly appeared a pull JiShu.
"It won’t … is to go to the feng family to want to break off an engagement?"
Ji Shu’s back is cool. "What did you say?"
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Chapter 4. Chapter 4
Jifen has a shallow mole on her mouth since she was a child.
Xia Qin just gave birth to a child at that time and went back to his hometown with Jifen.
When an old man in the village saw such a beautiful doll, he first praised it and waited to see a mole on her mouth, but then sighed.
"There is a greedy mole at the end of my life. This child is afraid to be planted in greedy words!"
Xia Qin cried with anger and had a big fight with Ji Guimin. Later, she was even more reluctant to come to Jijia Village.
Ji Shu suddenly heard her cousin say what she was thinking, and her breathing was almost up. She stared at her cousin’s mouth mole and she was in a trance.
"Sister Jifen, I’m just going to find my junior high school classmates to play."