In the first-line canyon, the team didn’t stop and went straight to a certain direction. There were naturally many mobs in the leveling area along the way, but for these big guild elites, mobs really couldn’t be considered as obstacles to entering the depths of the canyon. Only then did a group of people meet a group of players in Chenmeng. Obviously, this is a joint action.

At this time, Cheyenne didn’t know what the domineering pair had just said to snatch the thin silk! In the first-line canyon, however, there are not Morning League and Domineering Legion, and there are two other guild forces, namely, the eternal imperial troops of Liuzhou.
Dragon City, Dragon City, Flying Dragon City, Eternal Empire, Eternal Celebrities are standing at the forefront of the team at this time with the Chenmeng team. At this time, the domineering duo and Chen Young were present, and the players of Chenmeng naturally made a way. The domineering duo and Chen Young also started to stare at each other before a big guild giant, and then everyone’s eyes were on another guy who suddenly appeared.
God-class master knelt down and licked me. How shiny a name is. At this time, it was so careless to come to domineering double and Chen Young. Four guild giants confronted each other but were accidentally broken by a guy.
In order to highlight the position of each leader, others naturally took a backward position and let their leaders have a leading position. It happened that there was a person here who was short-sighted and domineering, and Chen Young went hand in hand with such a coquettish name …
God-class master knelt down and licked me, and succeeded in attracting everyone’s attention, showing his ability to pull hatred in his face.
All the silence in the canyon was shocked by this man’s ignorance, and some people gloated over the goods.
"Who is this stupid fork?" Domineering Legion and Morning League people put up with the two guild players over there, and they have been impolitely mocking for a long time, which means to listen to it here on purpose.
God-class master knelt down and licked me, but I was poised to look at all the filth and ridicule and go straight to the topic "where is the thin silk?" Why don’t you fight? "
Dragon flying generals and eternal celebrities are no strangers to this famous name, and eternal celebrities have seen this person’s super strength with their own eyes. It is also a strange taste to see this person appear in my heart again this time.
"Where is the bss? Get started quickly. Don’t brush the bss for a while. Can you kill it?" God-class master knelt down and urged me impatiently, which also hit the nail on the head. This is an embarrassing problem for major guilds. Sometimes one bss is not seen for a day or two, and sometimes several families are eager to grab all bss into their arms. It is most annoying to refresh like this. It is too greedy to catch one. Focus on one who is super unwilling
What happened to the bss refresh during this period? Naturally, these big guilds are keeping a close eye on it. At present, they haven’t made it clear. It is indeed possible to catch up with another one. This is true, but the question is, how did such an insightful line get robbed by such a puzzling coquettish passerby?
Just when Cheyenne asked about the location of the thin silk, he noticed that some people consciously looked in one direction, but he didn’t see it because of the angle of view. At this time, those people reacted and guessed that the thin silk should be there, so he trotted out and ran in the direction of the thin silk.
No one moved in the field, and the master knelt down and licked me, which immediately aroused everyone’s vigilance.
"What do you want?" Many people realize that someone is going to intercept the master of God and kneel down and lick me.
At this time, it is still in the stalemate stage. bss is going to grab it, but before grabbing it according to the rules, everyone should talk nonsense and explain some scenes for a while. The president of the domineering legion has just arrived when the three parties are talking nonsense. If the attention has been affected by this god-level expert kneeling on my knees, I haven’t said nonsense yet. This person is actually going to move. What is this? Is the first move strong?
The hatred of grabbing bss first plays a decisive role in grabbing the final ownership of bss. It is really alarming that the master of God kneels and licks me or can pull the profession of hate guardian knight the most.
"What are you excited about? I just want to see the thin silk."
"See what?" Someone casually connect a way
"I just want to see what the thin silk looks like. I couldn’t see it just now. You reacted so violently that it was like I was going to peek at your daughter-in-law taking a shower!" God-class expert knelt down and licked my words, which made a group of people glare.
This product is a great threat to the flying commander of Longcheng and the eternal famous officials. In the team, I secretly ordered that this product should never be allowed near BoSi for a while. Once I found out that he had that attempt, everyone should take the lead in firing him!
As a result, a group of people from one or two guilds firmly refused to kneel in front of me, and when the powder keg was on the verge of exploding, the master knelt down and I stopped, saying in an incredible tone, "Can’t you even look?"
"See what you want to see?" Stop the player from saying
God-class master knelt down and licked me, but I didn’t answer, but suddenly I flashed, turned and rolled to the side, and suddenly I saw a series of skills shining in his original place. The two guilds actually wanted to rule out this biggest hidden danger without saying a word, but I didn’t expect this person to be so alert. Both of them were hiding in the crowd and secretly attacked by him.
After all, I am from the domineering legion and the Morning League. At this time, he was attacked. Naturally, they could not sit back and watch, so the scuffle began. At first, some people were deliberately searching for the figure of the master, but when the battle was triggered, those people no longer took care of me, and they also lost sight of the goods.
Chenmeng is the only force in the guild present. This time, the domineering legion has a team of the most elite players with the least number. Liuzhou, over there, has a lot of players since it entered Sirius City, and the eternal empire also has a large number of backbone forces. These guild melee looks really lively.
At the forefront of their respective guilds, they are the positions that suffer the most blows, and people here are gradually suffering casualties.
Cheyenne used to swim around in his previous life, but in this situation, people are now adept at looking at the ground for falling equipment. Anyway, he is undercover, and these enemy equipment is not picked up for nothing.
"What are you doing …" Cheyenne picked up the equipment and just happened to bump into another person. This person is the designated equipment recycler in the team. It is inevitable that large-scale combat equipment will fall, and the equipment recycler is a person who specially picks up the fallen equipment in his own team. Cheyenne’s move made the recycler very angry.
This goods even want to hack their own equipment!
"Oh, I think you are too busy to give you a hand. You’re welcome!" Cheyenne calmly threw the equipment back to the ground and then Shi Shiran turned aside.
The recycler gnashed his teeth and immediately reported the matter.
Cheyenne soon received a message from Yan Chen, "Brother, is there any problem to lead bss into that tower?"
"Well, I’ll try," Cheyenne replied.
"We’ll try to give you cover," Chen Young said.
Cheyenne should jump directly in the direction of thin silk.
Chapter tower ambush
Cheyenne soon saw Thin Silk.
The head of the thief is a strong man with a full face and a beard. He is armed with a big knife and riding a magnificent white horse. He looks majestic, but he is not alone. There are Dragon City and the Eternal Empire near him. Obviously, he is afraid that someone will steal silk while fooling around.
As soon as I appeared in their field of vision, the master knelt down and licked me, and they immediately followed the attack without saying anything. Obviously, they also received the order to kill the master knelt down and licked me.
Cheyenne act quickly to flash, turn and roll next to him, and suddenly he saw a series of skill lights fall on his original place, but his figure was transient like a busy person. He was everywhere in the field, but he didn’t know where he was.
When I reappeared, the master of God knelt down and licked me, and I was already near the thief’s head. He attacked him in the crowd’s alarm, and then the players behind him also chased him.
The thief was attacked by the master of God, kneeling and licking me, wielding a knife, and the two melee attacks on Liuzhou and the eternal empire have arrived behind him. The blade pointed out impressively that it was not thin silk, but that it was the first time to grab the thin silk and hate the master of God, kneeling and licking me!
Cheyenne went deep into the front and was attacked by a big thief. Behind him, there were two melee chases. Except for a dead word, those chasing players couldn’t think of other answers. The sharp blade flashed cold light and bloomed in an instant, like silver silk, dazzling and intertwined, kneeling towards the master level and strangling me in the past.
Silver Shadow Soul Chasing Knife!
The thief has a white horse in the first place, and the speed bonus is really shocking, and the first shot is his famous stunt-that amazing momentum. Everyone thinks that even if the knight shield goes to the file, it will definitely be killed!
Cheyenne didn’t lift the shield to block, but chose to dodge. At this time, he jumped after a few thieves. Of course, he wouldn’t let the master kneel and lick me to escape. He chased me with a clap of his horse, which was obviously faster! It seems that even if I try my best, I can escape the blow. At this moment, suddenly, a man rushed out of the horizontal and stopped in front of me with great fear.
When the silver light was shining, Cheyenne’s figure suddenly twisted a few times, and the whole person was like disappearing into thin silk and the player who suddenly broke out.
The light of the Silver Shadow Soul-Chasing Knife didn’t disperse due to the sudden disappearance of the God-level master. The player suddenly appeared, and the dazzling light engulfed the man. The whole body was still glowing with white light. At the last moment, he struggled with his lips and moved to say something, but after all, he didn’t come and say it.
Of course, that melee player didn’t sacrifice himself just now. This guy just stumbled into a shield by mistake. It turned out that he was trying to stop the master from kneeling down and licking me to escape, but he didn’t expect the master to kneel down and lick me to escape, so that the silver shadow chasing ghost knife let the attack fall on him.
This series of changes really surprised everyone.
Everyone knelt down and licked me. I was dead this time, but I didn’t expect him to be able to dodge and retreat so quickly that he let the blocker become his scapegoat and successfully took the blow for him.
After seeing this situation, another melee player dared not presume to kneel down and lick my hand to the master of God, but turned to the thief and hit an attack, successfully robbing the thief of his first hatred.
Cheyenne’s hatred was unstable, and he escaped a little far at this time. This melee player easily grabbed the thief’s first hatred, and the thief turned his head and killed the melee player.
In the distance, the players saw that their own people had grabbed the thin silk and were ready to export it after the hatred stabilized, but they saw that the god-class master knelt down and licked me. Suddenly, the goods turned back to the thief’s head and began to export it. The melee player attracted the thin silk for less than ten seconds, and the hatred of the thin silk turned to the god-class master and knelt down and licked me again.
That soldier is incredible. This guy dares to grab the hatred value of thin silk when he is alone. This courage is really commendable, but he is also looking for death!
Well, since you want to die, I’ll be you! The melee didn’t take measures, so he looked at the master of God coldly and knelt down and licked me and fled to one side with thin silk.
Why isn’t he dead yet? After watching it for a while, the melee player felt a little bad. The goods were not dead, but alive and kicking, and successfully led Thin Silk to the three-story tower, the only scenic spot in the first-line canyon, to see that his posture seemed to run into the tower!
Isn’t it a death to introduce a thin silk that will enlarge and recruit in such a narrow scene of the tower? Melee players think so in their hearts, but they are vaguely aware that something is wrong.
God-level master knelt down and licked me and stepped into the tower. After that, Thin Silk followed me on horseback. The melee players came and chased me directly without thinking, and they also stepped into the tower. Those remote players immediately followed me when they saw this.
When the melee player entered the tower, he just saw the thief riding his horse and jumping to the back of the second floor of the tower. He looked around and found no monsters. This accident made the melee player feel awkward.
There is no doubt that there were monsters in the tower, but where are those monsters now? There is a cold behind the melee players, and there is a feeling of stepping into a trap. Is there an ambush inside?
The more melee players think about it, the more they think it may be. Otherwise, the master of God kneels on me. Why would he kill himself and lead the thief into this dead end? Someone must have met him! At the thought of this possibility, some melee players can’t sit still. If the truth is as he guessed, he will tell others about this conspiracy even if he is desperate!
The melee player took a deep breath and ran to the stairs with a sense of death. If he saw a group of players wearing the morning alliance guild logo, they were smiling and looking forward to him. It seemed that he had been waiting for him for a long time. He turned around and was drowned by the attack from behind. At the same time, he also saw more players from his own side pouring into the tower.
The important news of the death of melee players soon came out, and the melee battlefield was quickly transferred to the tower, but it was already prepared that Chenmeng and the domineering army took the initiative. They guarded the favorable terrain of the stairs on the second floor, while Thin Silk was hacked by a group of elite players on the second floor.