The Eastern Emperor’s mind was too bad. Sure enough, Nu Wa scolded, "How presumptuous! Di Jun! You’re not good at it, and you’re embarrassing me! Also blame others! " The demon emperor was reprimanded, but only then did he wake up. His anger dissipated and he dared not answer!

Under the sage, all beings are ants. How can Nu Wa manage these affairs? ! And the other is Qing Ye.

Chapter 19 liu er was fined Hongjun Hedao
With the intervention of Nu Wa Sage, Qing Ye and Di Jun, the battle between Taiyi and Sanyi revealed Nu Wa back to Nu Wa Palace, and Di Jun and Taiyi led hundreds of soldiers of the demon race back to the Sun Palace in heaven. Qing Ye returned to Qinglian Mountain with Kong Xuan, liu er and the demons of Qinglian Mountain. All the spectators in the wild returned to the abode of fairies and immortals, each with its own calculation.
Back to Qinglian Lingshan, Qing Ye sat on the futon of the abode of fairies and immortals. liu er macaques knew that they had made a disaster and stood under Kong Xuan, not daring to make any noise. At liu er Qing Ye ear. "liu er macaque hurried forward to bow down and said," Disciple is here. " Qing Ye’s eyes flashed, and he drank: "Do you know what’s wrong?" Liu er squinted, unable to breathe: "Disciple is wrong." Looking at this bad behavior, Qing Ye should have been reprimanded, but he sighed: "Then tell me, where are you wrong?"
Liu er macaque, who is good at listening to sounds, can observe reason and know everything before and after. Naturally, it is clear that the son should not rely on the sage’s door, and when he has some skills to support his master, he will make a fool of himself. Now he has made a cause and effect for the master. "
I don’t know how many great magical powers of Qing Ye are, even if they become mixed-yuan saints for their teachers in the future, they can’t dare to say that they can protect all the people under the door. Before the infinite robbery, under the mixed-yuan saints, all of them may turn to ashes. You are born with magical powers, but you don’t practice well as the method of your master. Instead, you wander around and show some small skills. If you don’t change it, you will not be able to rob the infinite, and you will return to heaven and earth and even enter reincarnation. This time, you ran into a disaster and punished you for a thousand years of retreat under the ice palace. Can you take it? "
Later generations, Ling Ming boulder and the Monkey King were suppressed by the Tathagata for five hundred years under Wuzhishan Mountain, but they didn’t get rid of their bad roots. However, Qing Ye wanted to punish liu er macaques for entering the ice palace for one thousand years, so as to wear off his inferiority.
"In one thousand? ! Master, disciple. " Liu er wanted to argue, and when he saw Qing Ye’s sharp eyes, he couldn’t help lowering his voice: "Disciple, I am willing to be punished."
Kong Xuan stood up at this time and said carefully, "Master, Brother liu er has admitted his mistake and repented. He is not allowed to go out of the ice palace for a thousand years. Isn’t it a little heavy?" Say that finish, peep Qing Ye face.
Qing Ye hesitated for a moment and said, "Let it be, we will reduce the number of years." Six ears heard some joy, only to hear Qing Ye say, "Then the penalty is 900 years." Liu er faded down, Kong Xuan also dare not say more.
Qinglian Lingshan, located in the north of Luzhou, is a very cold place. There is a cold pool in the middle of Qinglian Lingshan, which is as deep as a thousand feet. Qing Ye built a palace in this extremely cold and cloudy place, which is an ice palace.
Ye Qing took liu er and Kong Xuan to the bottom of the cold pool, and when they got down, they saw that the meaning of the cold pool stood in a green pearl, giving off a clear and misty atmosphere, but it was Qing Ye’s inner elixir from the golden-eyed beast that avoided water, and the cold pool avoided water droplets. In the air, there was a palace floating in the air, and the Fiona Fang was dozens of miles, all made by the eternal cold jade, and the aura was lingering. There were three words under the main palace door: ice cold.
Entering the ice palace, there are five halls, namely, Mingxin Hall, Retreat Hall, Xuanshu Hall, Lingbao Hall and Alchemy Hall. Ming Xin Dian and Jing Xiu Dian are the halls for practicing meditation and understanding. The Xuan Shu Dian contains ten thousand volumes of Dan Shu, the Lingbao Dian lists the utensils of thousands of immortals, and the alchemy Dian contains more than ten million bottles of Dan that Qing Ye has been idle for hundreds of millions of years.
Taking liu er into the hall of Ming Xin, Ye Qing said, "For 900 years, you stay here and have a good retreat. You have nothing to do when you are free. You can go to the hall of Xuan Shu for a hundred to ten thousand years! Say, Lingbao Hall is a little gadget, you can choose whatever you want. You have eaten all kinds of elixirs in the alchemy hall, but the effect is not great. Don’t worry about it. I will come to see you again after 900 years. " Speaking of which, Qing Ye watched liu er for 900 years, and you don’t want to go out. Around this ice palace, there are 28 star arrays for the teacher. "
Liu er Nuo Nuo should not dare. Then, liu er and Kong Xuan described some kind of bitterness, and told Kong that they should come to see him often. Kong Xuan’s smiling face should be. Qing Ye put the novella "Chaos Tactics" into liu er’s mind, and took Kong Xuan out of the cold pool.
After leaving the cold pool, Ye Qingfu began to preach again. Thousands of demons from Qinglian Lingshan came to listen to the lecture and filled the surrounding hills. Of course, before the sermon, Qing Ye could not help but reprimand the taxiing demon who had been fooling around with liu er, a bad disciple. Thousands of taxiing demons were silent.
In this way, this sermon is more than 500 years. One day, there was a throb between heaven and earth, golden lotus emerged, smallpox was scattered, and heaven and earth were full of vitality. Thirty-three days later, the voice of Hongjun came from Zixiao Palace: "I have joined the Tao and found a chance for all beings. From then on, heaven and earth will never die, The six great divisions in the wheel of karma, the general trend remains the same, and Hongjun is no longer there."
Heaven and earth are unkind, everything is a straw dog, the sky is fifty, the avenue is forty and nine, and Hong Jun joins the road, but it is for the sake of all beings, and all beings bow down and praise the sage’s grace.
"Hung-chun finally got together." Qing Ye looked at the Zixiao Palace thirty-three days away and muttered something to herself.
For hundreds of millions of years, Qing Ye first got the law of the Avenue that Pangu taught him about the jade dish. Later, he saw that Pangu opened heaven and knew that he needed to prove the Tao by force. After listening to Hongjun’s sermon in Zixiao Palace for three thousand years, he realized that there were countless meetings in heaven, but he still couldn’t prove the Tao by force.
Qing Ye sighed, and at this time, Sanqing, Zhunti and Jieyin, who were not yet sanctified, were all worried about their own final testimony.
Qing Ye has some expectations for the lich-clan war to come thousands of years later.

Chapter 20 The Demon Emperor Comes Back and Laozi is Sanctified
More than three hundred years passed after Hung-jun joined hands. At the beginning, among the seven people who were appointed by Hung-jun as seven saints, only Nu Wa won the road and became a mixed sage.
Liu er has been confined to the ice palace for 900 years. After 900 years, liu er went out to the cold palace, and his bad roots were worn out, but he dared not make it again. His way also rose from Jinxian 900 years ago to Taiyi Jin Xian.
Nine hundred years have passed, and Qing Ye looked at the villain standing in front of him, and he was very satisfied. He imprisoned you for nine hundred years, but did you ever resent him? Liu er quickly bowed down and said, "I dare not. In the past 900 years, I have been diligent, and I understand that Master Zun did this for my own good. When Master Zun saved me from the Huaguo Mountain in Dongsheng Shenzhou, he also taught me the law of the Avenue, which gave me the grace of rebirth, and I will never forget it."
Qing Ye stared at liu er for a while, then said, "I am very glad that you have such an understanding today. In the future, the demons in Qinglian Lingshan will be under your control, but you should not make fun of yourself with your small skills, so as not to cause trouble again. Listen to your brother Kong Xuan more."
Liu er was pleased with the life of his master. "
Nine hundred years ago, Ye Qing’s double battle with the demon emperor Jun and the East Emperor Taiyi was not defeated, and it had already spread to all corners of four continents in the middle of the flood. The demon kings and scattered practitioners on some hills in all continents who refused to obey the control of the celestial demon clan all came to listen to the sermon in order to seek Qing Ye’s shade.
In the past nine hundred years, the number of demons who came to listen to Qing Ye’s sermon in Qinglian Lingshan reached more than 500,000, which almost filled the hills of Fiona Fang in hundreds of thousands of miles. Demons are messy, and they come from four continents and hills, so it is inevitable to fight. It was good to have liu er, the mountain king, before. Since liu er was confined to the cold palace, Kong Xuan has been practicing and ignored these chores. Although more than 500,000 demons feared Qing Ye, they were afraid to make a fuss, but it was inevitable to make some small troubles.
Liu er was instructed by his teacher to subdue the demons in Qinglian Lingshan. A few years later, liu er subdued more than 50 demons in Qinglian Lingshan. According to Qing Ye’s orders, there were four demon kings, 28 lodgers and 56 demon generals in the 50-odd demons.
Twenty-eight nights, but it was modeled after the establishment of heaven under the control of the jade emperor:
Kang Jinlong, Female Earth Bat, Fang Ri Rabbit, Heart Moon Fox, Tail Fire Tiger, Jishui Leopard, Unicorn,
Niujinniu, Nyctereute, Xuri Rat, Dangerous Moon Swallow, Chamber Fire Pig, Wall Water Goose, Kuimu Wolf,
Loujingou, Stomach-soil, Zanri Chicken, Bi Yuewu, Gunfire Monkey, Alnilam, Muan Jing,
Ghost golden sheep, willow soil deer, star horse, moon deer, winged fire snake, water earthworm, hornbeam dumpling.
Every night, there are two demon generals, and 28 nights are under the control of four heavenly kings. Every seven nights correspond to one heavenly king, and the four heavenly kings are under the control of liu er. In this way, the Qinglian Lingshan began to regain its clarity, and then the creatures who came to Qinglian Lingshan from all continents to listen to the teachings returned to 28 nights.
For a while, in addition to the witch clan and the demon clan, the northern fear of Luzhou Qinglian Lingshan was regarded as the third largest force. There’s a real need to go up to the sky. Compared with liu er’s tinkering around the edges 900 years ago, this time, Qinglian Lingshan can be regarded as a better soldier than Ma Zhuang.
One day, the Monkey King, one of the four demon kings, said to Liu Ear: "Your Majesty, if we miss more than 500,000 demons in Qinglian Lingshan, even if we are comparable to the witches of the witch family, why should we stay here?"
The Monkey King is the ventilation sage, one of the Seven Sages. The seven saints are: Pingtian Saint Niu Mowang, Fuhai Saint Jiao Devil, Huntian Saint Peng Devil, Yishan Great Lion Camel King, Ventilation Great Monkey King, Exorcist Great Yu Zhou King, and Qitian Great the Monkey King.
At present, except the Monkey King, the Great Sage of Qitian, the other six Sages have been born.
King Monkey, the Great Sage of Ventilation, and liu er macaques are both monkeys, so their temperament is the most consistent, and they usually have a lot of fights. Their strength is comparable to that of liu er, and they have the realm of Taiyi Jinxian.
Hearing this, Liu said, "Monkey King, I don’t know what you mean, but it’s the master’s intention. We can’t go thousands of miles to the Qinglian Lingshan Mountain. Nine hundred years ago, I was locked in the cold palace by the master for nine hundred years because of my little skills. In these nine hundred years, I realized the heaven and deeply felt that under the heaven, I was not holy and eventually became a chess piece. Don’t mention this matter again, and wait for the life of the master. "
Wang Dao, the Monkey King, the Great Sage of Ventilation: "Since it is the life of a saint, we dare not disobey."
So, another thousand years passed.
Thirty-three days away, Sun Palace. At this time, the East Emperor Taiyi was sitting in the main hall of the Sun Palace, facing the top ten demon saints, feeling very timid in his heart. In the past two thousand years, due to the demon emperor’s handsome retreat, he alone supported the eleven ancestors of the witch family, which was very stressful and embarrassing. On this day, all of a sudden, there was a power between heaven and earth in the back hall of Sun Palace, where the demon emperor Jun closed his door. The East Emperor Taiyi and his royal highness’s top ten demon saints were all happy, and sure enough, they heard the sound of the demon emperor Jun laughing wildly.
The ten demon saints followed the Emperor Taiyi and stepped forward. The Emperor Taiyi asked, "Brother, but did you repair the book of the congenital Lingbao River Tuluo?" "Exactly," said the demon emperor Jun. "This time, not only did I repair the book of the congenital Lingbao River Tuluo, but I also cut out the second corpse and made great progress." The East Emperor Taiyi Yixi said, "It’s so good! The brothers have been closed for two thousand years, and the witch family has been deceiving others too much. This time, we must kill the witch family and have a good time! " The top ten demon saints are also happy. First, they praise the demon emperor for his great progress, and then they echo the words of the East Emperor Taiyi.
The demon emperor is sitting on the palace, and we must kill him, but Qing Ye is really hateful! "
At this time, Jiu Ying, one of the top ten demon saints, stood up and said, "Your Majesty, now the witch clan is pressing hard, and the most important thing for us is the witch clan. After all, Qing Ye is a saint’s family, and we are such an enemy. I’m afraid." Other demon saints also added postscript, only the demon master Kun Peng stood there with a cold face.
Emperor Taiyi of the East said, "Brother, the Qinglian Lingshan Mountain is now powerful in Qing Ye. It is not too late for us to solve the witch tribe first and then attack and kill Qinglian Lingshan." The demon emperor Junchin, that’s all. As a demon emperor, he doesn’t know which is more important.
In this way, another hundred years passed. In this hundred years, the lich clan fought a war, but the witch clan gained the upper hand and the witch clan lost ground.
The battle between the two tribes of the Lich is based on the face of Nu Wa Saint, but it is not too difficult for the Terran. Therefore, after thousands of years of reproduction, the Terran has gradually become a big creature in the wild, with hundreds of millions of people. The major small and medium-sized tribes have gradually spread all over the place where the Witch tribe is not, and the Terran, because Qing Ye taught the monastic tactics at the beginning, has gradually emerged some people with high mana, although they are not comparable to some great witches and lich kings.
On this day, when Qing Ye was preaching in Qinglian Lingshan, he suddenly stopped and looked at Buzhou Mountain. He only heard the voice of Laozi in Buzhou Mountain: "I am Laozi, under the door of the sage Hongjun, and Pangu Yuan God changed me to teach others and educate the terran."
As soon as the voice fell, a vision appeared in the sky, centering on Laozi, a ripple spread throughout the vast land, and the spirit of fairies surged. A colorful great merit landed on Laozi 33 days ago, and Laozi became a saint.
Thousands of creatures between heaven and earth feel their power, and they worship and praise the power of the saints, and the hundreds of millions of people in the wild are even more grateful to the saints for their great kindness!