I hate being beaten by Gao Chen, and I look at Gao Chen thinking about how to retaliate against him. The bonfire empire is now a monstrous teacher. It can be said that not many people in the whole empire dare to give him a hard time. However, today, Gao Chen’s hand has suffered so much, which makes him how to swallow this tone. However, when I look at the past, I find that Gao Chen is listening attentively to the instructor’s explanation as if nothing had happened. This can’t help but make him even more annoyed. I think to myself that Gao Chen must be beaten like a dog for mercy.

Just as his fantasy ravaged Gao Chen, Gao Chen suddenly turned to yi tooth and smiled at him, which immediately startled him. Gao Chen whispered, "I won’t watch you make mistakes and concentrate on your class."
After that, I ignored him and turned my head to listen attentively again, which made him even more angry, but there was no way to see Wang Yujie stare at himself at this time. I was busy pretending to be serious and didn’t listen to anything!
Chapter 19 Extreme Exercise
One day’s course passed quickly. Of course, this is Gao Chen’s feeling that the beauty tutor’s explanation made Gao Chen feel like he had entered the world of cultivation and made him learn a lot of common sense. At this time, of course, he felt that it passed quickly. After class, Gao Chen recalled what the tutor said and was just about to go back to continue cultivation. At this time, Wang Yujie’s tutor suddenly said, "Gao Chen, come with me to the office and others can go."
After that, I walked outside. Gao Chen and Wang Yujie looked at the front and shook their asses slightly from left to right. There were no special ideas in my heart. That’s why this woman’s ass always shakes so beautifully when she walks. If that man shakes like this, how come there is no such aesthetic feeling? Especially in front of this beautiful tutor, the more you look at it, the better it looks.
"Do you want to die?" Gu see ass with Yu-Jie Wang behind Gao Chen suddenly heard that.
"Isn’t it that serious to see your ass?" Gao Chen small murmured
"What did you say again?" The sound suddenly got a little louder, and the beauty tutor’s face turned a little red, which made Gao Chen feel more tempted and really wanted to kiss him.
"No, I didn’t say anything about the tutor. What can I do for you?" Gao Chen asked carefully, it seems that this beautiful tutor is going to be angry, which really annoys her, but it is her own loss.
"Do you know that the man you hit today is Mrs Zhu?" Although the sound is loud, Gao Chen can recognize the center of discourse.
"No matter who he is, he can’t bully people casually. I’m not the kind of person who doesn’t fight back." Gao Chen said with a serious face.
"You are gaos thought is great, isn’t it? I’m telling you, no one in the Magic Martial Arts Institute can reach in. Do you think you are strong in this Magic Martial Arts Institute? If you can beat Zhu Zhihao today, can you beat him up, too, his third-class brother Zhu Zhiqi? " The more you say, the more angry the beauty tutor seems to be, but Gao Chen can see that this beauty tutor is interested in her heart.
"Can senior students bully junior students casually?" Gao Chen is a little incredible and asks, to be honest, it is very strange that he hasn’t paid attention to the guy in Class III yet. Isn’t it a great thing that the college said that senior students bullied junior students, but it was actually said by a tutor? How do you feel a little surprised?
"You can’t bully casually, and you can’t bully secretly. What kind of brain are you?" He said, pointing his finger at Gao Chen’s head.
"Little scolded" At this time, Gary walked in and looked at the show.
"I don’t think Gao Chen will do this because he has been with you for half a day. What kind of tutor teaches what kind of apprentice dean? I think it is a mistake for Wang Yujie to let Gao Chen learn from you." Wang Yujie was angry when he saw Gary’s schadenfreude. Yesterday Gao Tengjuan also told him to take care of Gao Chen, but in a blink of an eye, Gao Chen has already caused so much trouble. It seems that Wang Yujie is really a big trouble. You know, this college is closed management!
"Sister Yu Jie, that’s why you’re wrong. Can I teach him this for a long time?" Gary is a little wronged and says that what he fears most now is that Ye Tianzheng won’t let him teach Gao Chen.
"The beauty tutor does things alone, and it’s nothing to do with Gary’s tutor. Although I don’t want to cause trouble, I’m not a timid guy," Gao Chen Wang Yujie said before her mouth.
"Yes, it’s not so easy to beat Yu Jie’s sister. How do you say Gao Chen is my brother now? I want to see who dares to touch him casually." Gary gave Gao Chen a look and gave him an approval color, then a face of so-called Wang Yujie said.
"I don’t care about this matter, don’t make trouble after you, or I will make you look good." When it comes to the back, make a face of lost face facing Gao Chen
"All right, don’t say it’s time for training after dinner." Gary just came to pick up Gao Chen for training. Now he doesn’t want to wave even a little. What’s worse? After that, I dragged Gao Chen to the outside …
"Mentor, please rest assured that I will pay attention to myself. I’ll go first." Knowing that this beautiful mentor is sincere, Gao Chen was pulled out by Gary.
Wang Yujie left when she saw two people. She turned and left her as soon as she thought about it. She was going to the general office because she felt that her good sister Gao Tengjuan really had to know about it today.
Gary took Gao Chen to the dining hall again and ordered the same food. Gary swore, "You can’t go out if you don’t eat your stomach, okay?"
Gary’s voice is still so loud, which makes the whole dining hall students see it, but the horse turns around again and it’s still noisy. At this time, everyone’s bowls and chopsticks collide and make a pitch. Chen didn’t answer, but after eating two pounds of beef and five chicken legs in front of the food, Gao Chen had the trick of tearing the chicken legs early. Seeing Gao Chen’s belly bulging, Gary didn’t say anything. After eating, the two men returned to the cultivation grove again.
At this time, Zhu Zhihao looked at Gao Chen with a cruel face outside the dining hall. His eyes were like watching a man who killed his father, took his wife and hated his enemy. He said, "Zhu Xiong heard that you were bullied by a new comer today. What’s going on? Others are spreading rumors."
The man asked with a serious face, and he seemed to be really caring, but Zhu Zhihao hated it. "Magwu, if you don’t watch my jokes, I will tell you that I will find this game sooner or later."
"It’s a pity that your brother has gone out and hasn’t come back yet. It’s a pity if they all believe that he wouldn’t be so arrogant!" Magwu sighed and Zhu Pride’s face became more gloomy.
At this time, I saw several female students coming to the dining hall. Magwu was busy welcoming one of them to please him. "Hey, you also come to dinner. What a coincidence! I haven’t eaten yet. Let’s eat together."
"Magwu students please call me by my name or classmates can, but please don’t call me anything to disgust me." Feng Lan’s cold mouth said that princess royal, an empire, can make many people drool over her because of her identity. If she can make people look amazing, then the people who pursue her will be more like wasps. Feng Lan’s wife is definitely one of the most popular female students in the whole Mowu University.
"Lan’s classmates also come to dinner. Today I invite you." Seeing that Magwu was rejected, Zhu Zhihao said that he was busy. Of course, he called his classmates. This is at least better than Magwu!
"Zhu Zhihao, what happened to your face?" Zhu Zhihao’s face still bears traces of Gao Chen, which makes Zhu Zhihao look a little ridiculous now. Seeing this scar, Feng Lan asked curiously.
"My face was injured during training today, but it’s okay. Thank you for your heart." Zhu Zhihao replied that he couldn’t let Magwu talk.