"Chief, you wanted to see me?"

I haven’t heard the young alpha sound for nearly a day, but suddenly I feel a little strange. Maybe it’s an illusion, but I really feel that the other party is getting cold.
Tan Wu paused a little disgusted with this shock, rational mood swings. Well, once the other party said, "How are the brothers today?" Is there trouble? "
"Well, it’s okay. Nothing is very quiet." Fu Jin hesitated and added, "But … if you keep eating and drinking like this every day and have no work to do, I think they will soon find the north."
"Then arrange some work for them. The forest behind the building where they live is our home. I want to eat mulberries and let them plant some mulberries there."
"…" Fu Jin didn’t answer.
"hello?" Tan fog slightly confused.
"Nothing. Do you really want to eat mulberry?"
Tan Wu is puzzling. "Of course, what do you want me to lie to you for?"
"Good" Fu Jin took a deep breath. "Then I’ll wait for dawn and tell my brothers to go to the suburban flower garden to see if there are any mulberry seedlings for sale."
"Well," Tan Wu answered. I can’t remember what I wanted to say before I called just now.
Maybe it is time to go to bed at this time.
"Chief, do you have anything else to say?" Listen to Fu Jin asked
Tan Wu wanted to think about it, but he always felt that the other party seemed a little cold and frowned and simply didn’t want to think about it.
"Nothing else, you go to sleep."
Hang up.
K cheng
Fu Jin looked at being hanged up by ega for a while and let his eyes hang for a while. He deeply breathed a sigh of relief and looked up and raised his hand. The gun in his hand was aimed at the person in front. In the panic expression, a gun hit the other person’s eyebrows and broke his head.
Blood and frightening nausea exploded all over the floor.
Breathe in the air around people, be frightened and dare not speak.
Slowly accompanied by the smell of rust and alpha leather pheromone.
Alpha live in the lobby on the first floor of the rear building, and the smell is getting more and more strange.
Fu Jin’s eyes went from left to right and from front to back without emotion, skipping hundreds of alpha in front.
Opening your mouth is as cold as the emotion in your eyes. "If I hear anyone speak ill of the leader again, it will be even worse than the one you just saw."
"Remember who gives food and shelter to you now."
Fu Jin’s look became deep. "Now that the leader is in charge, everyone is dealing with the Red Python. If you don’t know how to be grateful, don’t blame me for not thinking about brotherhood."
"Why, why?" Someone laughed at the corners of his mouth in an attempt to ease the atmosphere. "Oh, we are all brothers. You can’t spit ivory in your dog’s mouth, eat inside and pick outside things, but we are different."
"Right, brothers?"
Young alpha at the back pulled their corners of their mouths and forced themselves to laugh. They all said that someone spoke and echoed, "Yes, yes, the leader personally came to ask about the accommodation of the brothers before he was busy with the organization over the years. I can remember that."
"Aye, I remember saying that the pillow was too soft to sleep. The leader asked the logistics brother to send me a wheat pillow the next day. It’s been a long time, but it’s still very warm to think of it."
"Yes and yes, this man deserves to die. Don’t worry, our remaining brothers are all thinking about the leader."
"Really?" Fu Jin took the lip angle and smiled.
"Yes, yes," said an alpha on one side.
"Well, in this case, I hope you brothers will cooperate a lot in the future. Now that everyone has a special identity, don’t run around. If you can’t control your body desire, you can solve it yourself."
"If you need inhibitors in special circumstances, you can come to me to get them," Fu Jin said.
"I hope everyone will stay in this villa before the leader comes back to K City. At the beginning of the day, you will be laid out."
The alpha didn’t object, but they didn’t dare to object. Now they all answered, which means they must obey orders.
"Ok, that’s it. Two brothers dispose of the body. The others go back to their rooms to sleep."
Fu Jin glanced at the first two people "just you and you"
Chapter 1 flirting
Ega arrived in beginning of winter before she got married. On this day, Yanfu in Jiangshi was led by Wang Chengling, a housekeeper who had been in Yanshi for decades, and dozens of people wanted to eat dumplings on this day.
But … My wife is a native of Yangcheng, born and raised in Yangcheng, which is located in the south. It seems that I have never heard of the rule of having to eat dumplings in winter like Yan City.
I really don’t know whether ega likes dumplings or not.
The other person doesn’t like meat, so he thought more about it. The housekeeper ordered the kitchen to prepare vegetarian dumplings, carrots and corn stuffing for the other person, thinking that it should suit the other person’s appetite.
I was almost with ega this afternoon, except for smoking a little and reading Zheng Feng’s medical report.
The physical examination report shows that everything is normal, but the glands are tending to heal.
There’s nothing else to be busy thinking about. The later it gets, the colder the weather gets. At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, at ega’s request, I took the guy to say goodbye to several group leaders. Yan Shuhan took Su Mo to take the return bus.
You should go back all the way to Lingyu, but the other party claimed that there was still some work to be done and said to stay at the base for the time being.
Knowing that Ling Yu didn’t want to make a light bulb, it was estimated that he wanted to spend more time with Bai Chengyan. Shu Han didn’t say anything and let the other party stay.
After the car, I bent over to give others a careful and safe belt. ega smiled at him, probably because I felt that there was a stranger in front of me and I was not very familiar with alpha. I was a little embarrassed that there was no partition to block it. People turned on their mobile phones and brushed up the painting network.
Thinking of something to talk to Wei Lun, Yan Shuhan also turned his attention and reopened the Zheng Feng medical report sent by the other party to his mailbox.
At the same time, click on the chat window with Wei Lun WeChat and knock on a question in the past.
[The report is only about his glands, which means that his glands may return to the pre-mutation level? ]
The other party almost seconds back to the top of the chat window and immediately displays "The other party is typing …" Soon two new messages pop up in the left dialog box, one is text and the other is expression pack.
[Well, scientifically speaking, yes, sir]
[Poor, weak, helpful, and the cat thinks about jpg]
Yan Shu’s cold eyes sank in color, and quickly struck one and sent it again.
[You mean that according to your so-called scientific calculation, Zheng Feng can be restored to the excellent SS level before injury? ]
There is no second reply this time, but the top of the chat box always shows that the other party is typing.
I’m thinking about the words, and I’m worried that the ticket in my pocket will be deducted again because of this sentence.