Feel the fairy more India to repair the flesh at a horrible speed, Chen Leng smiled and sent a message to one of Du Jie’s opponents, who was a strong Du Jie from the demon race.

The other party gave a strange laugh, and the demon Yuan poured into the long-handled combat knife in his hand, and the head of his pocket chopped off: "Since you are going to die, you used to have something to do with your family. Let you die in peace, haha …"
Ten days ago, Jing Ning Xue appeared in various forces around the world, and vowed by life’s core monuments Yuan God to reveal the secret of Xue Yun’s serious injury and sleeping, and even denounced Chen Han’s various behaviors towards her. She has motive to revenge Chen cold, what’s more, the blood oath of Yuan God can’t be false. Contact the situation that Snow Cloud has never appeared during this time, and all forces naturally believe her words.
Since it disappeared for 70 years and returned to the secular world, Chen Han has won the world with absolute strength, breaking the situation that all parties dominate each other.
If it weren’t for the inferno arrival occupying Europe, he would have become the only overlord in this world!
No one wants to be inferior to others, especially when it is cold, it is unbearable for everyone to be cautious and even grovel. It’s just that it’s better to die than to live. Knowing that it’s not his opponent’s fooling around is tantamount to death. Now, sleeping in a snowy cloud has undoubtedly become a godsend.
Kill him!
The development speed of his forces, his own efforts to improve the speed, his shocking growth and defense, doomed to live will become everyone’s nightmare.
As a result, many forces secretly contacted the cyclops and the forest elves. After all, they are not from the same race, and they can see the consequences of letting Chen Han develop. Besides, the Cyclops’ equipment has all been replaced with new ones, and the cultivation techniques have also been obtained. Chen Han has no effect. For the forest elves, Chen Han, who no longer helps them to give birth to babies, has also lost its value.
At this moment, they already have the power beyond the super power of all parties, and have the qualification to compete for the world. How can they be willing to act as a tool for Chen Han’s expansion?
The plan of internal cooperation was finally implemented, but no one expected that the news reached the demon family five days ago.
It’s still Jing Ningxue this time.
She appeared in the residence of the demon family, told the demon family the above things, and proved the truth through the oath. The demon race didn’t embarrass her and let her leave. At that time, she couldn’t figure out why she did it. It was just a gesture of trying to catch all the uniting forces in the world.
If you have a grudge against Chen Han, just aim at him. Why do you help the demon family dominate the world?
Although the oath can’t be false, the demon family still holds a dubious attitude. After all, there are too many suspicious things in it. Therefore, the demon family sent a few inconspicuous little demons to find out the news in Jinling undercover, and the army was ready to start work at any time, until the news that those little demons had really fought not long ago.
Not acting!
Thousands of masters died, and the powerful leaders of all parties were almost killed by the attack of the Yuan God. No one would be stupid enough to act at such a high price.
Therefore, the demon clan, who is suspicious but unwilling to give up this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, flagrantly launched this devastating battle for hegemony.
"Condensing snow …"
Chen Han not only didn’t believe that this was done by Jing Ning Xue, but was more suspicious than before: "Impossible! She quarreled with me for so many years, but she didn’t see anything. Besides, even if she didn’t understand, she wouldn’t do such a crazy thing. Revenge against me is hard to believe, not to mention being close to the demon family, sending all the uniting forces to a dead end and letting the demon family dominate the world! "
However, if others pretend to be Jing Ning Xue, it is impossible to fool so many masters, let alone know the secret of Xueyun’s sleeping.
Everything is full of unspeakable mystery, all pointing to Jing Ning Xue, but there are countless doubts that people can’t figure out.
The battle is still going on, and with the continuous killing, a large number of practitioners have fallen, and the disadvantages of the Coalition forces have become more and more obvious. Due to the lack of top experts, it is difficult for nearly one million troops to exert their extreme power. On the other hand, the demon family who is prepared is more and more brave.
When the Coalition forces consumed millions of low-and middle-level demon families, and the number dropped to less than 50 thousand, the disadvantage eventually evolved into a one-sided massacre.
"Ga ga … put more effort into destroying these guys, and from now on, my demon clan will dominate the world!"
"Kill them and then take the inferno. Today’s world is the best!"
When the three demon families commanded high morale and prepared to completely end the war, the majestic atmosphere raged one after another.
Blow yourself up!
The 50,000 coalition troops who were completely desperate were among the best. Seeing the situation develop irretrievably, 90% of them chose the way of crash and burn. Yuan Shen and Yuan Ying burned completely, and the original effort and all energy broke out instantly. Indiscriminate attacks tore up ten percent of the troops that did not blow themselves up, which also made the demon family extremely sad.
After the integration of the congenital elite, not only its own repair ability is ten times stronger than before, but also the effect of Xianyue Seal is ten times stronger.
With the help of the best panacea and Xuanyin, Duanmu’s injury recovered at a visible speed, but he still pretended to be seriously injured on the surface. Seeing that the explosive shock wave stirred up, he simply ignored the attacks of several demon families in Du Jie, and the speed suddenly accelerated a lot, appearing outside the circle of Jinling City at the bottom.
The aftermath of ordinary attacks will not destroy the magic circle. After all, it is jointly arranged by thousands of extremely superior players. Even if no one provides energy, with the best Lingshi embedded in the array base and absorbing the external aura, it is enough to resist the powerful frontal attack.
However, tens of thousands of experts now blow themselves up at close range, because the contact surface of the circle is too large, it is likely to be broken on the spot and make the whole Jinling go up in smoke.
Handprints quickly hit the virtual array, and the pure and majestic real yuan was instantly injected into it, leaving the aftermath of the explosion and the attacks of several Du Jie demon families to fall on the body. In the absence of law fusion, the aftermath that was enough to hurt the master at the beginning of Mahayana did not even lift a piece of his skirt, and was directly twisted into dust by the sword curtain outside the body.
Several Du Jie demon clan with strong demon body defense, also ignore the aftermath of the explosion will attack poured on Duanmu dome.
Bang …
Blocking the sword curtain whose aftermath was weakened by sixty percent, it suddenly broke and dissipated into free energy, and several demon masters’ attacks were all blown in the body.
However, less than half of the powerful attack was left behind the broken sword, and it was torn up by the purple and gold lightning on his body by 90%. Almost all the remaining points were removed by the fairy clothes. How can it cause any damage to Duanmu Dome?
This old guy is just pretending!
Don’t strike back and let the attack can’t break his defense, even pretending to be a few ordinary Du Jie demon race, playing completely at a disadvantage may decline at any time.
Just as several demon families were stunned and stupidly, Duanmu Dome turned white and opened his mouth to spray blood arrows mixed with electric mans.
His personal contact surface is too small, and the impact of the aftermath on that area is limited, so it is impossible to be affected by his amazing cultivation. However, when he connected the circle covering Jinling by himself, it was equivalent to taking the shock wave instead of the circle. How big was the area of this circle?
Although the area of Jinling is smaller than that of Yanjing, there are also hundreds of miles in Fiona Fang. Even if the Falun itself shares a part, the remaining effect on him is also a horrible number.
Chapter 262 Serial tricks
A moment ago, it was also startled by the hidden strength of Duanmu Dome. The demon clan saw that in order to prevent Jinling City from being affected by the aftermath, they single-handedly blocked the aftermath of Fiona Fang’s hundreds of miles of Falun Gong, and suddenly it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to shine at the moment.
Several people spit out a primitive effort at the same time, and the magic weapon stirred up a shocking need, which blew the limit blow to the Duanmu dome that was injured and vomited blood.
Cold HeSheng coming from not far away, followed by vanity broken a figure appeared in front of a few people, cloud combating Dao and sky leg shadow was greeted by a ..
At the same time, the fairy sword on the top of the Duanmu Dome is bright, mixed with some of the true elements of the fairy power, and sprinkled with a blue and firm shock: "The mantis arm is a car, and it is overreaching, get out of here!"
Poof! Poof! Poof!
Collided with Chen’s cold attack, the demon race sprayed blood backwards in succession, only to see a few sword lights appear as if teleporting, and then lost the daylights out of their minds, twisted into the smallest dust by the sword light from Duanmu Dome, and even the flesh and blood could not see anything like into thin air.
The power of tens of thousands of experts’ self-explosion is undoubtedly enormous, and the violent energy spreads countless ripples, and the void is broken, the earth is cracked, the mountains and rivers are leveled, and the rivers are cut off.
In addition to Jinling City, which was forcibly held by him at the expense of being injured again in Duanmu Dome, the creatures and buildings in several Wan Li in Fiona Fang completely disappeared. Who knows how many people were reduced to ashes in this self-explosion?
The demon race has also suffered amazing damage, as long as the demon race within the scope of self-explosion, at least more than 80% died below the mating period.
It is very similar to the war situation of the allied forces on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, except that a small part of them are far away from the places where they blew themselves up. During the out-of-body experience, the demon clan was completely destroyed on the spot, and more than half of them died during the distraction period. Even if the weaker part of the fit period is damaged lightly or heavily, there is still a case of war integration defense, otherwise it is impossible to bear such a strong aftermath without reaching the Du Jie period, and there is no possibility of survival.
Because most of the demon families are in the explosive range, there are only less than one million people left out of more than five million people, and countless people are injured.