I smiled and nodded and said, "Awesome, awesome, this is a good force. I think I can’t do it. I can call Ruozhou to help me GANK."

Ai Shi nodded thoughtfully and said, "So that’s it. Then watch the middle road carefully and I’ll teach you how to finish a single kill in the wild threat."
"Coco" I nodded and smiled, and I was right at the moment.
By 6 minutes, Xiao Zheng and I both reached level 5.
"Tong elder brother such as six levels of a wave? Morgana died once before, and we should be able to get to level 6 first, "Xiao Zheng said.
"No band 6, no fight" I answered.
Xiaozheng obviously didn’t expect me to be unintelligent and say, "Ah? Brother Tong has such a big advantage that he doesn’t kill it? "
Judging from the present situation, I have pressed the opposite man’s gun for more than ten times. According to what Li Yuxing taught me, if you play an advantage in the middle of the game, the most stable situation is to press rather than kill.
What do you mean, suppress without killing? Do you try not to make up the knife on the opposite side as much as possible?
This is the essence of pressing instead of killing on the one hand. The opposite side dares to be careful to mend the knife and never dare to fight against the line advantage to ensure that the knife is mended or the head is ahead of the opposite side and then the opposite side goes home to make up the double Dolan. You have taken the initiative to hold the pickaxe on the opposite side forever in your own hands, so that the opposite side will never dare to fight. As soon as the snowball rolls, it calls for the wild to come over and fight a small group, and the AD output on both sides is a big difference, there is no reason not to lose. Then your advantage is getting bigger and bigger, and the money on the opposite side is gradually eroding,
That’s the situation now. I went back once to make up the storm sword, and the opposite male gun didn’t die once, but he had a pickaxe
"Xiaozheng, I said that I didn’t play because I didn’t have a chance to play because my idea was to play now." I said to Xiaozheng.
After the sixth grade, we are not stupid, so we will definitely be afraid. How can it be easy to fight when Mogana has a small government and doesn’t flash? Moreover, after the male gun reaches level 6, even if he has a pickaxe, he can fight better than me if he wants to put his big move in place.
"Brother Na Tong, what are we doing now?" Xiaozheng asked me
"I’ll seduce you. Look for an opportunity. Don’t come. E has no chance," I said.
"Good tung elder brother see you" Xiao Zheng answered.
So I held my mind and carefully observed the position of the opposite male gun.
Now the soldier line has crossed the opposite river, and the opposite side is in a safe position, so we dare to make up for it. If the soldier line is in the middle of the river, we dare not make up for it at the opposite side of the grass near the other tower line.
I’m bold now, and I’m directly carrying a melee remote soldier to hurt me. I ordered a male gun once I didn’t put my skills in it. When I saw it, the male gun would naturally not miss this good opportunity. After being shot by Morgana, I rushed in and was fierce. I quickly pressed the gun out of Q and suffered three Q damage points. When I fired a smoke bomb, I lost my sight. After he retreated, my blood volume instantly changed from full blood to half blood.
Xiaozheng suddenly understood what I meant, that is, he cheated out the male gun E so that he didn’t move, and cheated out Morgana E so that the hammer stone could rest assured.
Hammer stone has been hooked with a Q just now. The male gun has no shoes, and the speed is very slow. He didn’t succeed in hiding.
At present, the male gun has no threat to my roots, and I will carry it in the hammer stone Q until the soldier hurts me.
I am afraid that EAQAWA will immediately finish hitting the hammer stone, ignite the male gun, treat the flash, hand in the male gun and have a little blood.
When I saw Morgana coming, I immediately retreated a few steps, and then when Morgana let his guard down, he flashed past and took away the male gun.
I retreated a few steps instead of flashing directly because Morgana was weak in his hand. Previously, he didn’t release enough distance. If I was in a hurry to flash, I would be so weak that I couldn’t take away the male gun. It is also very likely that Morgana Q was in the tower, and then the male gun EQ came to replace me.
AD is the details that determine success or failure. I would never have done this before, thanks to Li Yuxing’s guidance this week, which is really a good coach.
"hey? Did Lu also kill people? " Ai Shi joked
"Why? No? " I immediately felt that I had found my previous scene.
"It’s okay, it’s barely worth my strength, haha." I found that many of my precious catchphrases were lost to Ai poetics.
"Yeah, well, Coco, come and get the little dragon." In a good mood, I’m too lazy to argue with Aishi again.
"Come on, don’t worry." Aishi is not in a hurry. After finishing the middle road, a wave of soldiers came towards the road
"If the boat? Why are you still playing BUFF? Come on, "Aishi said discontentedly.
"Don’t worry, you three hit me first, then I won’t come out and wait for the other side to come and guard me. I don’t know that the scoring panel across the street is definitely showing me a wave across the five-level dance routine," Ruozhou said.
I have a lot of ideas and routines to fight wild together. Everything is risky and profitable. Yu Mu has a different personality.
So the three of us dragged Xiaolong and squatted in the grass next to the red BUFF, staring at Xiaolong.
Chapter 14 Single
This time, if the boat is right again, Morgana, the wind-up emperor across the street, is rushing here. It seems that he wants to have a wave with us at Xiaolong.
"Brother Tong, don’t hit Xiaolong for a while, and hit the other side." I don’t have a lot of blood that was previously consumed by a male gun. The emperor across the street has a six-level clockwork to let the emperor bring the ball directly, and I will die. I must be very careful.
I’m still here thinking about how to hide from the opposite face. Pan Sen has jumped up …
A circle of sparkling green aperture appeared in the other side’s blue BUFF, Morgana and Huang Tou.
"If I am a grass boat, are you so fierce?" Xiaozheng surprised and said
"It’s as simple as it is to look down on life and death, brothers. Let’s get rid of the emperor and Morgana first." If the boat just met him before, it looks the most calm and calm. I didn’t expect the game to be so fierce.
He landed in a good position, which broke the back road between the emperor and Morgana. If the emperor Morgana didn’t move, he would just fall to the ground and be hit by the edge. If he ran back, he would definitely get hurt. If he ran forward, he would be forced to meet us. This big move is really the essence of jumping.
Sure enough, the emperor and Morgana hurried to the front. Morgana set the emperor up, and the emperor gave me EQ. At the same time, the clockwork also passed the robbery. With me here, do you still want to enter the battlefield?
First of all, on our side, the emperor EQ came over and didn’t provoke me to distance myself. I immediately let out a big move to me. At the same time, the emperor was hooked by a hammer stone, and the hammer stone made a wretched smile. The second paragraph of Q floated a tempting skirt and made the emperor E one.
The emperor didn’t wear any meat at this time, and I had a storm sword to go with the hammer stone, and he was almost disabled
At the same time, Pan Sen landed a set of injuries on Morgana, and Morgana was still a five-level Q. I was also escaped by my E and became Pan Sen, who slaughtered the lamb and died in the hands of Pan Sen.
The emperor looked at the situation and ran immediately, but how he ran was dead. There was a robbery on the left and Pan Sen on the right. He chose to run to the right. After Pan Sen received Morgana, he immediately changed to chase the emperor. There was no EQ in his hand, and Pan Sen flashed again. How could it be that the emperor was dead? Pan Sen stabbed a long object in the chrysanthemum for a few seconds and died in battle.
The previous winding line was robbed, and the blood volume immediately dropped to half blood after it was robbed of a small broken and big move.
When the clockwork QW made a big move, W got behind the clockwork and escaped it. This big move was almost three seconds, and CDE was good again. E, the clockwork was robbed again to slow down the clockwork. The damage caused by the second big move became a residual blood robbery and the latter Q took the clockwork away.
Across the road, a small dragon was destroyed and lost by a wave of three people.
"If the boat is good, is the routine deep?" Ai Shi couldn’t help but praise way
"Where is the opposite too food" if the boat said with a smile.
Aishi ha ha smiled and didn’t speak again.
In 2 minutes, my left hand did my right hand and stepped on the long boots. EAQAWA directly gave the opposite auxiliary to the second, and then with the hammer and stone hook, the auxiliary clockwork that came to rescue was also cut to the foot. The muzzle of the gun was just blowing, and the opposite emperor also lost his heart. I was sent to CDE for the second time to avoid EQ Company 2, and I took away the emperor with my exquisite skills as a teacher. At the same time, Pan Sen and Robber cut into the rear target and pointed at the male gun. I grabbed this man’s head with a big move and got four kills. Finally, the crocodile came late and looked at the
It’s a pity that Ritz W, who was sent here, managed to fly a kite, and everyone teased and won the crocodile’s head and killed it five times.
"Life is so lonely" I sighed and shook my head gently.
Ai Shi gave me a dissatisfied look and said, "pretend and pretend."
Not to be outdone, I answered, "What do you mean? This is not the strength of the five kills? "
Aishi said, "If Pan Sen and I hadn’t let you have the man’s head, would you have it? Crocodiles come over. If Ritz didn’t send them to help you control your life? "
I said, "It’s not good for you to be jealous of little girls."
Ai Shi suddenly said in surprise, "I’m so jealous of you. Brother Tong, you are so fierce! Can I have your autograph? "