"We are also here to pick a game!" Sunshine boy laughed

The owner stared at the three strangers in front of him and then smiled, "I know you three just make up a team, so form a team and fight with us!" "
"good! Horse! " The cold boy wanted to talk, but the sunshine boy beat him to answer.
Sunshine boy blinked at the cold boy. "Forget it, there are just three people here, so let’s play a game together!" Don’t worry! We will never hold you back! I still have confidence in our skills. What’s your name? "
The cold boy was silent for a while and said, "My name is Liu Yang. I play at small forward. What are your names?"
"My name is Yang Tian and I am a power forward!" The tall boy said with a smile
Sunshine boy wiped his nose with his thumb on his right hand and showed a confident smile. "My name is Zeng Feiyang and I am a shooting guard and a point guard. Do you mind if I control the ball this time?"
Liu Yang coldly scanned the eyes two people turned around and said coldly "whatever".
"Wow, it’s really cold. What are you doing?" Yang Tian was dissatisfied with Liu Yang’s attitude.
Zeng Feiyang waved his hand and still had that trademark sunshine smile on his face and said, "Never mind that everyone has their own personality. What’s worse, we are on the same team now! Don’t quarrel with this little thing. Oh, by the way, what’s your name? " The latter sentence is for the owner
The owner turned around and looked at Zeng Feiyang’s heart. He couldn’t help but feel puzzled about this young man who came to pick a field. Everyone who came to pick a field was cold with a face, or an evil brake, which had a sunny smile like him! I can’t help but have a little affection for Zeng Feiyang. "My name is Wu Han."
"Wu Han?" Zeng Feiyang chanted once and smiled at Wu Han. "Okay, I remember. Let’s have a good game!"
"good! No problem, then "Wu Han threw the basketball in his hand to Zeng Feiyang.
Zeng Feiyang patted a few laughs after receiving the basketball and said, "This ball is good! All right, let’s do it! What are the rules of the game? "
"Best of three, five balls, one game, your ball! No problem? " Wu Han simply said the rules of the game and there are two more players around him, one of whom is 19 meters high and the other is 1 meter high. Presumably, they are the two strongest players besides the owner!
"I have no problem!" Zeng Feiyang turned to Liu Yang and asked, "What’s your opinion?"
"Anyway, in the face of this level of opponent, I will never lose." Liu Yang said indifferently that he didn’t pay any attention to his opponent.
Feeling Liu Yang’s arrogant attitude, Wu Han’s eyes were full of angry flames, while others on the court also hissed at Liu Yang. Of course, some people were optimistic about this mysterious and cold handsome guy and expected his performance.
Let me see how much weight you really have! Dare to be so arrogant? The tall man about 1.9 meters walked to the front of Liu Yang and stared at him with angry eyes.
Facing his opponent’s glare, Liu Yang turned a blind eye to the basketball in Zeng Feiyang’s hand.
Ha! The game is full of gunpowder before it is played. It seems that this game will be very interesting! Zeng Feiyang smiled and bowed his head and gently kissed his neck with ten necklaces. He said, "It’s been five years since Tianwei. Watch it! Now I will realize our dream. I must let the world remember my name. I-Zeng Feiyang will definitely become the best basketball player! "
The orange basketball kept beating in Zeng Feiyang’s hands. Zeng Feiyang looked at his opponent’s heart with a sunny smile.
The second chapter is tit for tat
"Hey, look, isn’t that the old country bus?" A girl in the stands found that the stadium had been flying.
"It was him! I didn’t expect him to come and pick a venue? Did he come because of you? I didn’t expect your charm to be quite strong! " Another girl quipped to the girl who talked to Zeng Feiyang before.
The teased girl blushed and pouted and said unhappily, "What are you all talking about? Ignore you! " With that, she threw her head away and ignored the girls around her to watch the game carefully.
Several girls covered their mouths and snickered and stopped talking. They watched Zeng Feiyang’s game intently.
Zeng Feiyang flapped his basketball and wandered outside the three-point line. He seemed to be careless about the game.
"Ball!" See ever float in the sky has not moved Liu Yang heart a burst of uncomfortable ran to the three-point line for the ball.
Zeng Feiyang smiled and waved a basketball and flew to Liu Yang’s hand very obediently.
Liu Yang put the ball on his waist and stared coldly at his opponent, a 1.9-meter-tall man wearing the Lakers jersey.
Arrogant and small! Come on!
No.1 put his hands on his back and made a defensive posture.
Liu Yang’s eyes flashed a cold light and his body tilted slightly to make a breakthrough to the left.No. saw that he could move to the left, but Liu Yang dribbled quickly from the right at the first time
Shit! Fake move!
No.1 Bai himself wanted to chase Liu Yang, but Liu Yang’s speed was not comparable to his. When he just turned his head, Liu Yang had already rushed to the three-second penalty area.
Basket Wu Han hurried forward to make up the defense and blocked Liu Yang’s attack route.
Facing a head taller than himself, Wu Han and Liu Yang didn’t flinch, rose up and flew to the basket with super jumping ability.
Seeing this situation, an idea flashed in everyone’s mind-dunk! ?
Hum! Want to buckle the blue? No way!
Wu Han looked cold and jumped high, blocking the whole basket behind him, and Liu Yang’s jumping ability did not exceed the height blocked by Wu Han. It is definitely not possible to dunk.
At this moment, when Liu Yang closed his body and flew from Wu Han to the ground, everyone recognized that Liu Yang had given up this attack opportunity because there was no way to dunk in Wu Han’s head, and he couldn’t help but give me a sneer.
However, there was one person who didn’t look down on Liu Yang because he couldn’t complete the dunk, because he knew that Liu Yang’s attack was not over, and this person was flying just outside the three-point line.
Come on! Let me see what you will do.
Zeng Feiyang looked forward to seeing Liu Yang’s face gradually falling to the ground, still with that trademark smiling face.
Liu Yang seemed to feel that Zeng Feiyang’s different eyes glanced at Zeng Feiyang slightly. Just before he landed, Liu Yang’s body gently plucked the basketball with a wrist and flew to the blue box with the strength exerted by Liu Yang’s hands.
I am familiar with the ringing of the net, and everyone knows one thing-Liu Yang made a high-level hook to send the basketball to the blue box.
After a silence, the whole stadium rang with an avalanche of exclamation.
"Flickering in the middle and then hooking the blue is so strong, and there are … super physical qualities. There are many strong people in the outside world!" Zeng Feiyang was very cold and cheerless, and analyzed the strength that Liu Yang had just shown. He couldn’t help but sigh that there were quite a few basketball players outside.
"1" Liu Yang coldly dumped this sentence to Wu and went outside the three-point line. His tone was full of provocation.
Wu Han felt the meaning in Liu Yang’s words and sent out an angry fire in his eyes.
Once again, the ball flew in the sky or swam outside the three-point line as before, and no one knew what he was going to do.
"Give me the ball!" Liu Yang asked for the ball again, just like the second time. Zeng Feiyang gave it to him without thinking. Everyone thought that Zeng Feiyang was an embroidered pillow. The garbage made the surrounding audience cast contempt eyes on him, but they didn’t pay attention to Zeng Feiyang for too long. Because he just showed amazing skills, Liu Yang was ready to attack again.
This time, Liu Yang also didn’t have much strength to make a spin breakthrough with the ball, so he bypassed the number and broke through his defense and went straight into the penalty area