Did you treat this place as Zhong Lao’s site and as your home?

"Since you forced me to live, I have to say it!"
Muhai sighed and looked scared.
"In order to seek the Zhou group, you poisoned the chairman of the Zhou group. How should you explain it?" Mu Hai said
This remark was talked about by a group of people around.
The biggest reaction is even if there are several Zhou family members.
"No wonder I fell ill as soon as I was well. It was you who poisoned me!"
Zhou Qinglong showed great hate, but before Wuhong reacted, he pointed his finger at Wuhong and reprimanded him.
"Wu Hong, you are really cruel to me, Zhou Jia. Do you have a grudge to deal with us like this?" Never talk much. Xuan Zhou is also a finger Wu Hong at the moment
Not to mention Zhou Qian, if it weren’t for Xuan Zhou, Tang Yu and others pulling her claws to dig Wu Hong bloodily.
"Are you trying to say that I’m a dirty lie and want me to produce evidence?"
Before Wuhongkou Muhai spoke, he froze again.
Take the lead step by step.
Muhai told Wu Hong, which made him completely passive and made him unable to think of a good way at the moment.
Muhai walked slowly to Wuhong’s ear. "If you really want me to produce evidence, I’m afraid it’s not good for you, right?" Mr. He Lianshuo! "
This is not only Wu Hong, but even He Lianshuo’s face is full of surprise and fear.
Although HeLianShuo reveals one eye, the fear in his eyes is very obvious.
"Who the hell are you? What do you want? " HeLianShuo grind asked sound is very light this let MuHai hear clearly.
Muhai smiled and held out his right hand. "I don’t want to make friends!" "
Everyone around saw that no one shook hands, and Muhai actually reached out and shook hands actively at the moment, which made others stunned.
What exactly did they say? Muhai would take the initiative to shake hands?
Is it worth shaking hands with someone who is afraid to show up? Doesn’t that mean I’m not even as good as him?
Many people can’t help but rush to Muhai Dantian with clouds of magic thoughts on their heads.
Nice guy. That’s generous. I’m just the one who took the initiative to shake hands, didn’t I contribute to me like this?
"You …"
HeLianShuo wait for a while looked at MuHai unnatural hand MuHai hold together.
"Hello, friend." Muhai grabbed Helianshuo and said.
Good girl!
What are you trying so hard to do?
A mass of magic thoughts came from Helianshuo’s head.
"Oh, since we are all friends, Mr. Wu, you won’t deal with me again, will you?"
Muhai hey hey smile a naturally engage appearance patted WuHong on the shoulder.
"How did that happen? I’m happy to have more friends and more roads. Can I come? "
Wuhong hide heart excited happy said
In the eyes of a fade away in a flash.
Everyone was stunned by Muhai’s performance. What does this have to do with what?
Just now, it was a tit-for-tat horse shaking hands and laughing. Isn’t that a big contrast?
Wei Ning was transfixed when he saw this scene. His little plan didn’t start.
A mass of magic thoughts flew out from his head and went straight into Muhai Dantian.
Zhou Qinglong, Xuan Zhou, and Zhou Qian wait for a while looked at their fingers and Wuhong looked like they were fixed.
"Now that we are friends, let bygones be bygones." Muhai walked beside Zhou Qinglong and smiled and said.
"Good-looking Mu bro’s face will let you go first" Zhou Qinglong three people followed Mu Hai with a cold hum and walked in another direction.
Xuan Zhou, Zhou Qian, and Tang Yu naturally followed Yang Wen after a little thinking, and followed the past. Behind Yang Wen is a group of Mediterranean Sea.
Chapter 97 Sex maniac (night)
As soon as Yang Wen’s hand rang, she was gripped by Muhai desperately, and she struggled and could not move.
That’s what you mean, no strength?
Ordinary flesh actually makes me unable to move. You said I didn’t believe it without strength.
Yang Wen smiled to mobilize the body spirit force crazy descended on MuHai.
Sensing the indiscriminate bombing force, Muhai smiled and brought up some magic elements, Yang Wen, to fight against them.
Just Yang Wen didn’t take it to heart. Although Magic Yuan can repel her spiritual power, she didn’t try her best.
With the increase of strength, Yang Wen became more and more surprised.
She found that no matter how much strength she increased, she could defeat Muhai. On the contrary, the other magic element slowly infiltrated and rushed straight for her abdomen.
Fortunately, these magic yuan didn’t sabotage it, or else Muhai’s mind would be afraid that Yang Wen would be killed on the spot.
Soon Muhai Magic Yuan entered Yang Wendan’s field.
Like a bolt from the blue, the thunderbolt directly hit Muhai’s head.
My mind stopped working and I stood there like a woodcarving.
He released the magic element and returned quickly.
Without the magic element erosion, Yang Wen recovered and "released"
But Muhai still held her hand as motionless as a statue.
"Hurry up" Yang Wen nu way.
Muhai still didn’t move
"pa!" Yang Wen slapped Muhai in the face, but nothing happened.
Finally, Yang Wen tried his best to break Muhai’s fingers like steel.
Looking at the five blue marks on the arm, Yang Wen showed a resentment and stared at Muhai, then turned and walked into the hall.
Not far from the green bushes, there are two figures slowly getting up. "Sister Xiaoyu, am I right? Look at Muhai’s natural sex maniac."
"I see."
Tang Yu a face of displeasure rapidly, to the hall.