When Mu Ming went out of the door, Mrs. Gu said, "What is Jingke doing? Do you know his father?"

Gu Fu shook his head and looked at Master Gu gently and asked, "Dad, do you know?"
Master came because he didn’t want to admit that he didn’t know the corners of his mouth and saw the dignified face. Master Mu’s mouth still shook his head seriously and honestly said, "I don’t know."
Don’t talk about the Mu family if they don’t know anything about the Gu family. They are a little uneasy sitting in their chairs. From time to time, they raised their eyes and looked at the door and thought for a moment. Mrs. Mu still got up.
I’m worried that I won’t be able to sit here any longer, so I won’t have that kind of leisure time!
"Dad, I’ll go out and have a look." Mrs. Mu suggested that no one objected to Master Mu’s raising his eyes and sweeping his eyes to look after his family. Finally, he said seriously, "Let’s go and have a look!"
So do the family members, who are worried and curious. They really want to know what the hell they are playing with.
Usually it’s serious. Why doesn’t Gu Jingke do the opposite today?
Both families got up, old and young came and were beaten at the door and followed not far away.
And Mu Ming went out of the box door and received another letter, which was also sent by Gu Jingke, and the messenger was also Yasheng. She gently moved her lips to hit the envelope.
There is also a key in it at a glance, but it is no longer a car key but a room key … The stationery reads "Come and I will take you to a place".
There is a word in front that has been changed and the word in the back remains unchanged. After reading this word, I think of what this person is like … Muming gently sipped his lips and turned out to be more curious.
Gently smiled a few corners of the mouth light hook quickly walked out toward the outside, incredibly feel inexplicable joy and carefree in my heart.
This feeling is actually described in French words, which is very wonderful and strange.
Car keys, room keys … What is it?
Unconsciously, there was no one, and she thought to herself, unless she went the wrong way, there was no envelope.
But just when he was strange, a man came not far away with a white clean and spotless envelope in his hand and was born in front of her and handed it over.
Thought in my heart is finally coming!
The envelope was opened. This time, instead of the key, there was a simple gold card. She reached out and touched her eyes. The light flashed and she held the gold card in her palm and carefully read the handwriting.
It says, "I’ll leave the finances to you. Come on, I’ll take you somewhere."
Mu Ming’s heart trembled until now. What does she mean by some white Gu Jingke? But I’m not sure in my heart that she squeezed into a fist and took a deep breath gently. I couldn’t help glancing at the stranger and asking questions gently.
"Who gave this to you?"
The student replied unhurriedly, "This was given to me by a gentleman."
Words are polite to recede behind, but the eyes are looking at Mu Ming for a few more times. Is this woman seen by Gu Jingke? He looks very good, and his temperament is also very great-grandfather, very similar.
It is no wonder that the two people will come together and put things in order, not that the same kind of people will not enter a house.
Muming gently took a sip of his lip, and ignored the students. He walked directly to the door of the Accord, because the direction was the door of the hall.
When I got to the door, a familiar figure came out from the side. Muming swept her eyes only to find that she was no longer born but Gu Jingyi. She was smiling gently and holding a bunch of roses in her hand at the moment.
Slowly handed it to Muming, and said, "Muming wishes you happiness."
This is not married, but the first blessing came. Muming tugged at the corner of his mouth and said a sentence of thank you. He took the roses inside, which happened to be eleven, each of which was more delicate than bright and dazzling than beautiful.
Section 27
Gu Jingyi obviously participated in Gu Jingke’s plan, otherwise she wouldn’t be waiting here. Mu Ming guessed right. Sister Gu Jingke, how could she not get involved?
Mu Ming continued to walk towards the stairs, which was a slope, but the stairs were already covered with rose petals. She guessed that this must be Gu Jingke’s thought, and her heart touched more and more.
She couldn’t tell what that feeling from the bottom of her heart was. She felt that she liked these things very much because he prepared them.
Walking slowly to the stairs, the nose was full of flowers, and Mu Ming couldn’t help walking faster. I thought I wanted to see him soon!
Her fingers gently hold her eyes and raise them, so she is confident and flying. At this moment, she is even more beautiful than ever.
Soon she saw An Cheng holding a bouquet of flowers, but the flowers were bigger, more colorful than Gu Jingyi. Mu Ming moved slightly in his heart and said directly, "Where is he?"
An Cheng didn’t expect that she would ask with a faint smile first. "Since the beauty is in a hurry, don’t you ask?"
Muming’s eyebrows a wrinkly, she didn’t think of this. She immediately reached out to get her mobile phone and quickly dialed a number, waiting for someone there to pick it up, but the flower in Ancheng’s hand was not handed to Muming.
It’s a light smile. It’s beautiful in front of her. That face is a thick smile. His good brother is going to be happy today. Can he be unhappy?
Absolutely not!
He is not only happy, but also gratified that he finally married himself, isn’t he?
At this moment, he even wants to get married. If he gets married, what kind of person will the object be?
Initially imagine that person should have Gu Jingyi’s figure and beauty, but also have her personality and be clean, not those girls who know how to show off.
An Cheng couldn’t help looking in Gu Jingyi’s direction. Even he didn’t find himself in a trance. He almost bit his tongue. Damn it, he’s doing business now. Why do you want to do something messy?
And even the master is still Gu Jingyi. These things are not too horrible!
He looked at the sight of Muming and smiled gently, and continued to keep his face smiling like a gentleman. The person who walked past them even proposed to her, but they were all wondering why this person didn’t kneel down.
You know, most marriage proposals involve kneeling.
"How can I get through?"
An Cheng asked Mu Ming directly to give him a look of indifference like water, which was surprisingly quiet.
The mobile phone in her hand is still ringing gently, and she is waiting for someone over there to answer the phone, but she has never waited until she bit her teeth. This person is still not answering the phone at this time.
Is he trying to wipe her out?
She glanced at her mobile phone, twisted her eyebrows and turned to look at An Cheng. At this moment, she actually felt that An Cheng’s face was so smiling that she could hardly control her hand!
But I still have to endure my image. She glanced at her mobile phone again for three seconds, and then there was actually connected.
She said nervously, "hello? Where are you now? "
There was no answer, but her eyes were wrinkled. Then no one spoke. Her mouth was pursed and her heart rate changed!
An Cheng smiled at this moment and sighed, "Beauty, I said that all this is my preparation, believe it or not? Why don’t you marry me? Anyway, this person doesn’t say a word and doesn’t show up at this time. "
Mu Ming raised his eyes and swept his eyes. The fluctuation in Ancheng made people unable to see clearly. The corners of his mouth gently pulled and the corners of his mouth smiled calmly, but you couldn’t see a trace of panic, and the vortex in his eyes was surprisingly gentle.
An Cheng stared at her for a long time. The man was just worried about why he didn’t say a word now.