I wish God Zong looked at the shabby house with a depressed face and wondered if there was enough money left at home to repair his heart, but he didn’t know who to scold.
"alas! It seems that it is good to find some’ good people’ to help! "
When I got home, I couldn’t help but get a fright when I saw Xu Shao’s appearance. The old face was actually young again, although it was not as handsome as before, but it was much better than it was a few days ago.
"Slice! This can be done! "
Xu Shao and Zhu Wu were masters at the same level in World War I, and he naturally felt it. He estimated that Xu Shao must have gained some insights at the cold feet, or that he had put evil influence in his heart so that it was all right! Sigh all over the floor because maybe my sister doesn’t want to see his decadence either!
"Excuse me, is uncle there?"
A tall man dressed in martial arts came in and saw this man with a dangerous smile floating all over his face. If it were not for broad daylight and many eyes at the moment, he would have killed this man in front of him, because he felt intuitively that this man was the most dangerous of several emperors.
"It turns out that your uncle is drinking at the Seven Corners in Ningwangdian. He seems to be in a bad mood today. You’d better not bother him."
Although the tone of flowers is very disrespectful, Li Xiaole smiled and didn’t care because he knew that this person and he were looking for someone. Even without this layer, he would not care about these things because he respected him as a master.
"No, I think my uncle would like to see me because I just came to reply to what he asked me to check the other day."
Check things out? Painted a big question mark in the heart, and the fighters intuitively told him that there must be an article, but he didn’t follow it well to keep the question in his heart. He planned to cross-examine Xu Shao at night and dare to contact the emperors without telling him.
However, it seems that Xu Shao has forgotten his identity at the moment, but there seems to be nothing wrong with these uncles looking for them to do something.
Li Xiaole came to the Seven-Corner Building according to the theory of flowers, and saw Xu Shao standing in white on the cornice of the roof with a pale head dancing with the wind. It was a few years apart from his age, but he gave himself an extremely vicissitudes and old feeling. It seemed that he noticed himself. Xu Shao turned his head and looked up, and the light contained in his eyes made his heart beat faster.
"Uncle …"
Xu Shao jumped down to his side.
"I don’t say that it is ok to call me eldest brother directly when there are no outsiders. After all, how about our age? I want you to check things … "
Li Xiaole respectfully said, "As expected, Brother Xue Yu didn’t need important people after he arrived in Confucianism, but stayed in Confucianism and waited for the reason why his teacher went out. I sent him in, and people didn’t find out. But recently, the number of people in the forbidden area of Confucianism in Kunlun Mountain was much less than before. This is the strange place …"
"What forbidden area?"
"It was the place where Taibai’s predecessors lived, where there used to be a lot of people in charge, but recently there have been a lot fewer people. I suspect they are mystifying."
Xu Shao’s listening is a sigh.
"There should be no mistake … Xiaole, you did a good job."
Hearing Xu Shao’s praise for Li Xiaole’s face did not show any expression. He calmly replied, "No, this is what I should do."
"I just gave you a hand when I was possessed. You are really not so polite to me. Besides, I am not a member of the royal family. You should know what I want to pursue?"
Of course I know! Li Xiaole secretly said in his heart, but I would rather be the 95.
"Xu Dage … I have something to ask you, that is, father, has he set a position? I don’t mean anything. You should know that my throne is insulated. "
At Li Xiaole, Xu Shaoxiao smiled, which seemed to see through his heart.
Li Xiaole felt as if he were naked in front of him, and his thoughts were all seen through by him.
"I can assure you that you won’t do anything too much. My so-called uncle status will ensure that you will be prosperous, and no matter who will ascend to the throne in the future, your interests will not be harmed. Do you understand?"
When it comes to the last sentence, Xu Shao’s momentum has changed. The domineering attitude of the noble emperor almost didn’t make Li Xiaole kneel down. Although Xu Shao didn’t say what he wanted, he already got a guarantee from Xu Shao.
"That … Xiao Le excused himself!"
Li Xiaole on the road away from Huafu wondered if father and second brother were fooling around to see what they were thinking. Or do you want to see what we think? As much as I want to ascend to the throne, I know very well that I can’t do it unless they are all dead
Besides, it’s too late for them to make a move at that moment. Maybe it’s because of this martial arts skill that Uncle Jiu is here! What did Uncle Jiu mean when he spoke to me at last? Whatever! Anyway, he also said that if I don’t get involved, he will keep me in the future. That’s enough!
Opportunity? In the future, it doesn’t have to be now.
After Li Xiaole left, Xu Shao was lying quietly on the roof, and he didn’t know what was going on in his heart until he was full of flowers and touched the floor
"What does King Xu Ning want with you?"
It’s still a big grin and rude, but it makes Xu Shao feel very kind.
"There is nothing I asked him to help me check the movement of Confucianism. You should know that he has a lot of people."
It’s a little regrettable to be full of flowers. Because he is still in the emperor’s business, it’s better to ask directly.
"So do you know the perfect candidate?"
Xu Shao half squinted at the flowers, and the eyes seriously made his heart check a cold.
"How can I know … but I want to tell you that if you get too deep, the whole flower family may be tied down by you in the end. I might as well tell you the truth. This establishment is actually an opportunity for the emperor to test the positions of the four families. You should know what’s going on!"
After listening to the flowers all over the building, he suddenly felt a cold sweat. What did he finally understand? The emperor has been indifferent for a long time. These emperors s and gangs are very like themselves. Family dignitaries frequently meet with them, and no one comes to ask why everything is a game!
"But don’t worry … my father and I promised that no one would move the flower house in one day. Of course, if you work for the one who can ascend to the throne, then you won’t worry about everything. I don’t know if there will be another thing at that time!"
Xu Shao said, "Fly away and stay in a cold sweat." He recognized that Xu Shao was not optimistic about san huang’s meaning. More importantly, he felt that Xu Shao had already killed san huang.
"Strange … when to get to him! No, if you want to kill him, even if you wish Wu Xueyu to protect him together, you can’t keep him, let alone the emperor. "
Flying in the middle, Xu Shao sighed in his heart because he was full of flowers and followed the wrong person. He had already learned from many people what kind of person this san huang was.