Richie was about to look back, but just then he suddenly felt a familiar smell from the distant figure, and his eyes were full of cruelty.

"Xia Qi breath! This is the breath of Xia Qi! "
Richie gnashed her teeth. Although Xia Qi kept her breath very low-key, there would naturally be some fluctuations in high-speed flight.
"Very well, this time I not only failed, but also injured myself. I didn’t expect you to deliver the door yourself, so don’t blame me!"
Richie is still moving forward slowly in the suspension of convergence breath, hiding in a black robe, but his face has been ferocious and twisted, which is extremely horrible.
Xia Qi flew fast, and he also saw the shadow, but he didn’t care that he came here by the way and looked for Richie’s trace at the same time.
At present, the black shadow and black robe can’t be seen, but Xia Qi didn’t suspect each other into Richie.
He believes that Richie is seriously injured. At this time, he must be hiding in the corner to heal. It is impossible to appear in the outside world so openly.
The figure flashed, and Xia Qi crossed like a big bird from the middle, blowing a strong wind and passing by the shadow.
But just then, a sword light suddenly appeared!
The sword light sen cold puncture is full of cold, and the sudden attack of murder makes Xia Qi somewhat quenching.
There was a crack in the arm of Xia Qi’s blue robe, and there was a bit of blood seeping out, and the blood bead dripping stung more than letting Xia Qi awake and calm.
"Ha ha Xia Qi this is the day to die you! I didn’t expect you to dare to appear in front of me. Today is doomed to be your escape from life and death! " Richie laughed. Although the sneak attack didn’t succeed, he didn’t care. He believed that Xia Qi, who shot head-on, was no match.
"Richie, it was you!"
Xia Qi looked out of the black robe and Richie looked calm and didn’t panic as Richie expected.
Actually Xia Qi didn’t see Xia Qi in his eyes at this time. He was reviewing himself at this time. He was too careless about what happened just now. He didn’t expect anyone to sneak attack.
When he was promoted to the stage of deification, his self-confidence was bursting, which made him careless a lot. This small wound made Xia Qi realize that his strength was far from enough to be taboo in the cultivation of immortals.
"Little beast, you are dead meat this time! A magic weapon of destruction has seriously injured the old man. I’ll see how you can get out this time! "
Richie grimaced and approached Xia Qi.
He is not in a hurry to kill Xia Qi. He wants to torture Xia Qi and let Xia Qi die slowly in limited fear.
It was Xia Qi who was finally calm, and I could see from his deep eyes that there was a smile slowly emerging.
Richie slightly one leng not white Xia Qi what also revealed a smile at this time and at this time Xia Qishen has burst into a powerful momentum swept the party.
This momentum is several times stronger than that of the Xia Qi War a few days ago!
Richie’s ferocious face is dull!
"This … this is impossible! How can you be unhurt and directly promoted to the realm of deification? " Richie yelled. I can’t believe it.
On the same day, when the blood butcher knife broke out in World War I, he was badly hit by Shaqi, but at the same time Xia Qi was seriously injured. How could Xia Qi recover so quickly and be promoted to the stage of deification?
Everything in front of me makes Richie seem to be in a dream. I can’t believe it.
"It’s very simple, because I am an alchemist and I can forge nine elixirs."
Xia Qi smiled and the light in his hand flashed, and dozens of nine elixirs appeared. The glow of Xia Guang was bright and fragrant, which made Li Qi look white and bloodless.
"Nine elixir punishment temple should offend a genius who is so young and can refine nine elixirs! Ha, ha, ha. I actually bought a fairy and promised Yang Chen to shoot! "
Richie laughed wildly as if he were crazy.
If I had known that Xia Qi could forge nine elixirs, how could he have promised Yang Chen to assassinate Xia Qi? An alchemist who can forge nine elixirs. He won’t even please!
"Don’t worry, Yang Chen will meet you soon!"
Xia Qi cold hum clap a golden light overflowing over Richie fierce fall.
"Xia Qi, even if you can forge nine elixirs and offend the penalty hall, unless you announce that you can forge nine elixirs aboveboard, you will still die in Taiyin Sect!"
Richie didn’t resist. It’s very sad to be beaten with blood and minced meat flying around.
"Yang Chen? The punishment hall? It won’t be long before I eradicate them all! "
Xia qi sneer at all don’t care.
He also knows that he can not only prove that he can forge nine elixirs, but no one will stop him from making moves at the penalty hall, but he can’t let people know that he can forge nine elixirs.
Because of his strength, he announced that he could forge nine elixirs, so the biggest possibility is that he will be imprisoned by Taiyin Sect and will become Taiyin Sect’s alchemy machine from now on.
"Yang Chen, it won’t be long before I surprise you!"
Slay Richie Xia Qigen without stopping, and head for the Blood Moon Mountain.
Xiu stepped into the stage of deification, and his vigorous accumulation will inevitably explode, and his strength will skyrocket, but he can break through one after another. If Yang Chen does not break through to the realm of virtual immortals, Xia Qi will not be afraid.
"When you step into the deification period, you may find opportunities to refine Wang Ping into your own puppet!"