Situhao thought of this and immediately stopped trying to exert his thoughts of action, leading the spirit and nirvana to rush in his mind, trying to control another force.

At this time, Situ Hao’s consciousness has been focused on the spirit leading to nirvana. His consciousness draws the spirit leading to nirvana, and that force immediately dominates. It greatly overwhelms the five elements of nirvana, and the breeding forces expel each other’s advantages and disadvantages. Now the spirit leading to nirvana is at a disadvantage, and the spirit leading to nirvana is shrouded and squeezed back into the five elements of nirvana little by little.
Realizing this subtle change, Situ Hao released the spirit-induced nirvana force more violently than expected, and drove out the five-element nirvana breeding force crazily. It didn’t take long for the five-element nirvana force to return to the five-element nirvana, but the spirit-induced nirvana force slowly infiltrated into the five-element nirvana by taking advantage of the situation.
With the spirit leading Nirvana force infiltrating into the five elements of Nirvana, Situ Hao felt the separation of two Nirvana beads slowly approaching.
The mind is not very big. As the nirvana power led by the spirit permeates into the five elements of nirvana, it gets longer and longer. The two nirvana beads have soon touched each other and then gradually merged. However, the strength of Situ Hao’s body has gradually increased with their integration, and his sense of everything in heaven and earth has become more and more clear
Everything is going on. Situ Hao has been completely immersed in this wonderful feeling at this time. He seems to have integrated heaven and earth into a part of heaven and earth.
After about two hours, the nirvana force led by the spirit infiltrated into the five elements of nirvana and stopped. The two nirvana beads have also merged into a body, which is like a person knowing a strong body.
It is in this instant that Situhao’s body surface immediately surges and flourishes, and the range around the elements has been covered by various elements of heaven and earth. Situhao is in it, and his strength is twice as strong in this instant.
A strength has long been the limit at this time and the foundation has increased twice as little. Situ Hao himself doesn’t know how strong his strength is now. I’m afraid the general fairy is no longer his opponent.
Fan Wu’s strength is beyond the general fairy magic. I’m afraid this is the true chaotic body that should have the conditions.
Moreover, the fusion of the five elements of nirvana is only in the initial stage. Situ Hao’s achievements in chaos today are generally in a state of ignorance like newborn babies. With the growth of time, the function of chaos is slowly mastered, and the power of chaos is slowly growing. I am afraid that Situ Hao will continue to grow.
It is said that when the chaotic body reaches a mature state, mortals will rewrite history to override the fairy, but this existence is not allowed by the fairy. In the future, Situ Hao will definitely be hunted down by the fairy.
These are all things that Situ Hao knows, and he simply doesn’t know that he has realized the true meaning of nirvana of the five elements. Compared with the achievement of chaos, he has a comparable advantage. The combination of mind and body is the perfect combination of nirvana of the five elements.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
On her, I have integrated the five elements of nirvana spirit into nirvana, and my strength will increase so greatly in this instant. At this time, it is still not white that he has mastered the spirit of nirvana and the five elements of nirvana in his care. Some incredible said.
Yuer was born with the aura of heaven and earth. Many things about heaven and earth are more transparent than Situ Hao’s. Her voice fell to the ground and she said, Oh, my God. Why didn’t I think of that? The soul is the most mysterious spirit of heaven and earth in general, and it also has the general power. Nirvana is the nirvana of the five elements of heaven and earth, which is equivalent to the lack of universal body, that is, the spirit brings nirvana into play. Together, they have become conscious bodies, and in you, they can be regarded as real chaotic bodies.
Situhao listened to her words, but he also had to think about it in his mind. He immediately understood this, but he also stumbled into the nirvana spirit of the five elements to bring nirvana together. Her voice fell to the ground, and he could also say with a passive smile that this is not my cleverness, but my luck. Let me care about the mastery of the 34 th chapter.
This kind of thing is done purely by luck, which is inseparable from your IQ. You don’t have to be polite to me. Now you have to practice a secret book of your beast repair, and your strength has soared, and the five elements of your beast repair should also be promoted. This will also attract you into your body. Otherwise, if you walk in the Arctic demon domain like this, it will definitely cause several monster beasts to kill her. The ringing sound will ring in Situhao’s mind.
Well, Situhao knew that her knowledge was very profound, and she immediately agreed to practice directly in this desert oasis.
Situhao kept conjuring up the five elements around him, and the five elements were slowly absorbed. Situhao could conjure up some weak six-order beasts, but with the passage of time, the powerful six-order beasts were constantly conjured up. After several hours, when the five elements around him were attracted, he also conjured up some seven-order beasts.
God beast is different from Wu. He can walk in the heavens and the earth, but the two worlds of fairy and magic really reach the sixth order. Even if people are strong and powerful, the illusion of the seventh-order god beast is enough for Situ Hao to easily kill the general fairy. This is also the fairy statue. Why would he taboo Situ Hao for a mere human reason?
The spirit leads to nirvana, and the five elements of nirvana merge. Situ Hao’s strength has suddenly increased by two times. His physical strength can also easily kill ordinary fairies, that is, he has no control over the chaotic body now, and it is impossible for him to send some garbage fairies to kill him.
It’s Situ Hao who doesn’t know if he is his opponent in the face of the abnormal guy who is extremely cruel to increase his physical strength by cursing. After all, the Lingshi Yaohuang teamed up with the masked man, but he also specifically told the Lingshi Yaohuang to be careful. In his opinion, the abnormal guy is by no means so easy to deal with, that is, he has achieved chaos and will not slowly explore the power of chaos. I’m afraid it is still impossible for him to remove the impending catastrophe in the fairy magic continent.
Moreover, The Hunger is still a threat to him. Now his strength may be enough compared with that of The Hunger, but if The Hunger was not killed by the five immortals together, he is now constantly recovering his strength. His strength before his death was not stronger than that of the fairy and the devil, and he was never less dangerous than that guy who cast a curse, but his damage to Gu was not as cruel as that guy who cast a curse.
Situhao’s secret practice of animal training has absorbed the five elements around him, and a bright moon has already risen in the middle of the day after tomorrow. Situhao has directly turned back to the consciousness of body interest and told her that although I haven’t mastered the method of exerting the powerful power of chaotic body yet, my strength is also very strong. If we join hands now, how much can we grasp to kill the spirit lion demon emperor?
The strength of the spirit lion demon emperor is comparable to that of the fairies and demons. Although the strength of you and me has been greatly enhanced, it is only 40% that the master wants to kill him in the face of such a strong master.
But I don’t have time to spend here now. Otherwise, I can slowly explore the power of chaos, and killing him may add a few minutes, said Situ Haonai.
Hao, otherwise, let’s not kill the spirit lion demon emperor. Let’s go back to the fairy mainland first. Her gently asked.
Situhao froze and shook his head on the spot. It is obvious that this is a terrible conspiracy. If you don’t kill him, you will really lead the monster beast to break into people. When the time comes, it will definitely make up for the loss in the fairy land. Otherwise, I will not feel at ease when I return to the fairy land, but I will not be scared and alive. I will not fight to the death to find a peace of mind.
Hehe, no matter what you decide, I will. Since you said that you would kill the Lingshi Yaohuang and return to the fairy land, then kill him and let’s talk about it.
Thank you, Yuer.
Fool, we didn’t say such a thing, right? Do you want to kill the queen of the spirit lion and demon first, and then go to Xuefeng, the holy land of the demon family, to find a quagmire of life? Does your mother rebuild her body?
Situhao couldn’t help thinking for a moment with a frown and asking her if she is also a powerful monster beast guardian in the quagmire of life.
Of course, it’s a demon holy land dedicated to guarding sacred animals. This habit has lasted for tens of thousands of years.
Are they very powerful?
Compared with the spirit lion demon emperor, you are not in the same class, but you don’t have to worry about so much on her, she said with a smile.
Let’s go to Xuefeng, the ice vein, to help my mother reshape her body. Besides, I hope I can control the way to exert the power of chaos in this process, so that I can be more sure of killing the lion demon emperor.
Well, it’s a decision, then. Her answer is very quick.
On her, I’ll get something to eat first, and then I’ll go on my way to the snowy peak of the ice vein overnight. I didn’t know what the situation in the fairy land has become when I came to the Arctic ice area for several months. I don’t want to delay much longer. It would be in trouble if the situation in the fairy land reached the point of law collection.
Ok, then eat quickly, and I will take you to the snowy peak of the ice vein, Luo Luo Yu Er said with a smile.
Situhao stopped talking and took food directly from Gankun ring and ate it. At the moment, his heart was full of complex emotions, and his mother’s possibility of remolding her body became greater, which made him very happy, but the situation in Xianmo mainland made him extremely worried.
And he also thought of his family, the fairy mansion, because he practiced the secret script of animal cultivation to kill it, and then the fairy mansion wanted to do harm to his family. It was not our headquarters that could protect him. Chapter 35 Shadow Dancing.
Situhao soon finished eating. On her, she guided him to the snowy peak of the demon holy land at the fastest speed.
Situhao’s speed has reached a limit today, and it is not difficult for him to travel to Wan Li every day. The next night, he arrived at the snow peak of the ice vein.
Xuefeng, an ice vein, is an independent mountain peak. Its root area is about 40 to 50 miles. Fiona Fang is surrounded by cliffs, and its top area is not much less than the root area. It is more than 10,000 meters high and flat around, giving people a sense of standing out from the crowd.
On her, she told SiTuHao that the peak of snow in the ice vein is covered with snow all the year round. The peak of snow is also a snow ape monster beast, and its number is not many. It should be ten or twenty strong, and it should be a few differences between fairies and demons.
Situhao didn’t want to delay flying directly to the snow peak of the ice vein, and soon he flew to Xuefeng of the ice vein.
When I came to the snowy peak of the ice vein, now Situ Hao’s eyes are covered with white snow, and the scenery of the Arctic demon area is really beautiful.
But at this time, Situhao is not in the mood to enjoy these beautiful scenery because he looked at Situhao with eleven monster beasts in front of him. How bold he was to dare to trespass on the holy land. Today, he will definitely let you come to one of the monster beasts and said combatively.
Situhao knows that guarding this place is the bounden duty of these monster beasts. Although he doesn’t like monster beasts very much, he doesn’t want to be too overbearing. After all, it’s his fault this time. I don’t want you to be unhappy. I came here to benefit the life quagmire. My mother remoulded her body and made it convenient for you.