"He won’t mind if he wants you to be happy."

When I got home, the first thing in the summer was to hit the refrigerator and watch my father bring her all kinds of meat. I haven’t been home for a long time and haven’t tasted my father’s cooking for a long time. She is so greedy.
While eating, the phone rang "It’s my mom" and Xia calmly picked it up "Hello, mom and dad?"
Wankou said, "You can find a man and don’t tell me. I’ve been looking for blind dates for you all day. I’ve saved four at hand and I’m just waiting for you to come back for the National Day holiday."
Xia sincerely apologized, "Mom, you can scold if you want. Don’t be angry. I was wrong."
Who knows Wan said, "What’s wrong with you? I’m glad you found someone. Why don’t you come? You’re 30 years old, and you can’t put off a divorce. We don’t care if he asked him to be nice to you now."
Xia suddenly felt so sad and happy that he wanted to cry "Mom, he is very kind to me"
"Well, that’s a silly girl. Don’t listen to your father. Listen to me. You two have a little grandson for me. Both men and women are good."
“? ?” Xia Yu looked at RuanBin smiling over your mouth. She was really sad. "Mom, he was right next to me. Did you hear that? ?”
"I heard it when I heard it. He is old, and his family should be anxious. Now there are many infertility and incurable diseases. You are all this age. If you don’t have children, it will become more and more difficult. Hurry now."
There is also Xia Zhengdong’s voice "What are you talking nonsense to your daughter?"
Guan asks, "What are you talking nonsense about for my son-in-law? What should I do if I find one and scare it away?"? ! Don’t you let our daughter stay at home? "
Xia Zhengdong "I don’t care about it."
Guan "go go I talk to my daughter for a while you don’t interrupt? ? Do you have any photos of him? Let me have a look. "
Summer is in distress situation. "There is no photo, but you can take one at once."
"Why don’t you watch a frequency and let me know?"
Xia took a look at Ruan Bin, who looked forward to "OK, then I’ll send a video"
Ruanbin couldn’t help laughing when she hung up. "Don’t laugh, you don’t laugh." Xia was crazy. Her mother’s reaction was too much beyond her imagination
"Don’t laugh, don’t laugh, pick up, pick up the video from aunt."
As soon as the video was connected, Wan said to the camera, "Let me see your boyfriend."
Xia pointed the camera at Ruan Bin Ruan Bin and waved and said, "Auntie, my name is Ruan Bin."
"Hello, hello, your uncle has told me about your situation. You should treat my daughter well."
"Of course"
"When will you marry her?"
"The sooner the better"
Wan smiled and said, "Hahahaha, the young man is so direct. I like to come to my aunt’s house one day and cook for you."
Xia Zheng suddenly passed by and said, "When have you ever cooked?"
Wan glanced at her husband and continued to chat with Ruan Bin. "Do you mind if I call you Xiaobin?"
"Don’t mind"
"Xiaobin, my daughter sometimes has a bad temper and is one-track-minded. You should let her have more points."
Ruan Bin smiled. "She has a good temper and I like her like this."
"Okay, I’m relieved." Xia Zhengdong is urging again, but I can’t hear what he’s saying. "Xiaobin, you get along well. Let’s have dinner. Bye."
"Bye, Mom."
"Goodbye, Auntie"
Guan quickly woke up and said, "Don’t forget to take a Zhang Shuai for a small photo."
After watching the video, Ruan Bin kept laughing. Xia’s mother was so funny. He never knew that Xia’s family was so beautiful. His father was dignified, his mother was kind and the family was happy.
"My mother likes you very much, so you can show off in an ostentatious manner." Xia pointed his mobile phone at him. "Come and take a picture of my mother."
Ruanbin smoothed her hair and smiled coolly at the camera.