An Cheng almost sneers at Kang, which is simply more and more unpleasant. It is really stupid to stay here for so long and still not look at people’s faces.

At this time, please ignore the order of first come, first served. Who messed up the blind date assistant and silently added it for 300 times in my heart?
"Exactly!" Kang, despite being ridiculed, can still hold up his mouth and reply that Gu Jingyi doesn’t want it, which can’t blame him.
But who knows that the mocking radian of An Cheng’s mouth is getting bigger and bigger? "If you hadn’t neglected her, she would have refuted her blind date?" Absolutely not! Even if it’s perfunctory, she won’t
There is only one more layer of self-cultivation and human problems.
An Cheng knows Gu Jingyi’s living habits for so many years, including his love of coffee and his style of dressing, which is unmatched by anyone.
Including Gu Jingyi’s younger brother Gu Jingke!
"Since you can’t afford a cup of coffee, why don’t you give up your seat?" An Cheng lifted his eyes and glanced at him contemptuously. He wouldn’t look at someone without leaving his seat.
He meant to sit in Kang’s position, so he needed Kang’s seat.
"You won’t be stubborn. The third mocha is for you, right?" An Cheng smiled gently and hooked the beauty in his arms. "My beauty naturally wants a cup."
Section 145
"Even if she doesn’t drink, I still have an assistant." The assistant was sweating wildly, and he was shot in the back, which was really exhausting.
"Ann less …" Beauty charming smile looked at kang eyes with * * naked abandon line of sight and then fell to never do Gu Jingyi apex quivered slightly.
She knew that An Cheng did all this and said that it was all because of this silent woman who made her feel extremely dangerous! It’s like she’ll be wiped clean in a second
It’s a bad feeling to think about her body like this! There won’t be any accidents …
"I can’t be cheap if I drink or not. This person who even can’t afford a cup of coffee wants to date a beautiful woman." The beautiful woman covered her lips and narrowed her eyebrows, but An Cheng was amused by her words.
In a good mood! He looked at Kang and asked again, "Why don’t you go?" Waiting to be kicked, he won’t mind sending a few legs!
Kang couldn’t wait to peel an cheng’s skin and whip his muscles at this moment. His face was severely trampled on the soles of his feet and crushed in less than an hour!
He was afraid that if he stayed any longer, he would be angry and get sick. He raised his head and glanced at it. Gu Jingyi snorted, "Miss Gu, since you are interested in blind date, will you promise someone to come out?"
"Isn’t this when playing with others! It can be regarded as a game to play with a blind date when a big lady like you doesn’t know how precious it is to us. "
"Since you mean blind date, we’re done here, so I’m getting deeper and deeper, and it’s too late to regret it when I finally get stuck."
Kang is a typical bully. When he sees An Cheng is tough, he will point the finger at Jing Yi. After all, An Cheng is a friend of Gu Jingyi’s to make trouble and I don’t know who inspired him.
Gu Jingyi was bullied by Kang Dang when she didn’t talk, which made him feel that she was indefensible and didn’t say a word. An Cheng deliberately sarcastically satirized him!
At the same time, he raised his emotions to make people feel that he is really a man with heavy feelings and righteousness. Gu Jingyi played with him and betrayed him. He broke up with him only after avoiding getting deeper and deeper.
"Miss Gu, I will leave first!" Kang got up and took a fixed glance at An Cheng and looked at it again, still indifferent. Gu Jingyi took a deep breath and turned to leave.
It’s like I don’t want to stay at all, but at this moment Gu Jingyi smiled coldly and didn’t act as a man’s cowardice! I still want to associate with her and wait for hundreds of years of practice, so she will give me another chance to think about it!
There’s no way now! Master, it’s really hard for her to decide on her relationship early, which makes her want to appreciate the handsome guy more and more lost.
What happened to this Kang will put the blame on the woman’s health? He is still a general manager and really wants to give that position to someone else!
A month later, Kang was ordered to roll away from the position of general manager, and his inheritance lost his qualification. All this offended An Cheng and robbed him of a woman because of what happened today!
It’s almost the same if you don’t kill him, so it’s still safe, kind and righteous. Of course, this is all later
As soon as Kang was away from Ancheng, he waited at the table for a moment until Kang sat in the chair and the hot air dispersed, and the smell of feverish coquettes disappeared, and he sat down with his arm around the beautiful woman.
The assistant found a place nearby to ensure that he could see the situation here anytime and anywhere, and his eyes kept wandering. He also raised his hand and asked for a cup of coffee before continuing to watch the play.
He always feels that Miss Gu and Ann have a good show that is not worth missing, and the beauty in Ann’s arms should be able to be sacrificed … Can’t blame him for thinking like this. It is really cruel of the two adults.
So in advance, he has to find a place to hide far away, so that he can avoid disaster and watch the play. Another cup of coffee is great!
It didn’t take long for the coffee to be served raw. Gu Jingyi glanced at it and got up to leave Ancheng to stop it. "Have you been sitting for so long without a cup of coffee? I don’t want to be said to be ungentlemanly. "
Gu Jingyi’s cold eyes have reached freezing point. Looking at Ancheng, I wish I could poke a big skull with his arm around a woman’s hand. I just turned my mind and sat down with Bao An.
Reach out and pick up the coffee, gently sip it, then put a cup and look at An Cheng. "An Shaoshao, how do you explain that you messed up my blind date?"
Finally talking! Assistant excited twist twist sofa eyes bright crystal light straight hook staring at the direction of three people.
"That kind of person is talkative when you talk to him. You should thank me for giving people a’ please’." An Cheng chuckled and the fox eyes were even more charming.
And the beautiful woman sitting in An Cheng’s arms didn’t know that she was in the thunder spot, and she was still calm. She picked up the coffee cup and was very kind to give An Cheng a cup and sent the rim of the cup to his lips.
An Cheng took a sip of his position and smiled gently. In Gu Jingyi’s eyes, it was suspected that it hurt more than her, but she wouldn’t let herself suffer!
"You are much dumber than a woman this time" disgusting! Deliberately show off!
The woman was wronged at once and grabbed an cheng’s chest skirt. "don’t worry, she called me stupid!" " She wanted An Cheng to stand up for her and get justice, but it was this jiao who was wrong.
An Cheng’s heart flashed with disgust, but his face was motionless. There was always a voice in his heart shouting that he couldn’t fall in front of Gu Jingyi! "You are cute and stupid."
The woman got a compliment and took a provocative look at Gu Jingyi, while the latter snaked out with a sneer at her lips. Gu Jingyi did something particularly unexpected-
Gu Jingyi picked up the coffee cup and splashed the remaining coffee on An Cheng’s face until the cup quickly reached the bottom. She clapped her hands and smiled gently. "An Shaoshao, you continue to be cute with this woman. Don’t bother me!"
Gu Jingyi walked away when a woman was surprised by her sight, when An Cheng was wiping coffee with a black face, and when an assistant felt that a catastrophe was imminent!
Didn’t stop at all and walked away with resentment!
Gu Jingyi is really angry. There are always women around An Cheng, and they are all kinds, which makes her have to think that maybe An Cheng really feels for her.
At this time, Gu Jingyi sat in the driver’s seat and scratched her hair, but it still couldn’t send out her anger. She raised her hand and thumped on the steering wheel, and her fist immediately became red.
Gu Jingyi looked at his fist and lost his mind for a long time. His head hung on the steering wheel and whispered, "An Cheng, go to hell!"
An Cheng didn’t think straight for a long time after being splashed with coffee until Gu Jingyi had gone for ten minutes before he got cold and calm, and the woman in his arms was pushed mercilessly by him.
It’s like a play is finished, and it has no due value. This woman came in a hurry to find it, but she didn’t know who to tell.
"Don’t let me see you again!" After saying that, he turned away from his face, and the coffee was cleaned, but he couldn’t clean it. This dress was a waste for him.
What does that woman mean when she is sitting in a chair? It’s simple enough, but she’s fired! A moment ago, it was tender and affectionate, but it was just a disguise.
She offended the woman just now. Ann Shao didn’t blame the woman for throwing coffee, but directly fired her. It turned out that she was not self-aware enough and cared less about who she could not recognize.
The woman got up and ran out when An Cheng just walked out of the cafe. She was afraid to pull An Cheng’s clothes and pull her chubby assistant clothes.
"Please plead with An Shao for me. I didn’t mean to!" The woman cried when she said it, like an assistant bullied her.
Everyone is a busybody. Seeing a beautiful woman in hot clothes attracts people’s attention and looks at the assistant pointing fingers.
The assistant simply wanted to cry, and the veins stood out on his forehead kept jumping for a while, then he turned his eyes to An Cheng, who was not far away, and asked, "What about the boss?" He’s not pleading. After all, this woman hasn’t had the vision to plead. Isn’t that to die for herself?
Listen to AnChengDao "such a simple thing you still ask me? What do you want to do! " He walked straight to the car without looking behind him.
Let’s go and call it a simple, decisive and handsome man!
When the assistant got the order, he knew that An Cheng wanted to do things according to the old rules. He turned around and looked down at the woman who was crying with pear blossoms and rain, and his heart was very upset.
What he doesn’t like most is that women cry, and An Cheng often serves An Cheng. Women definitely know how to look at people’s faces. Today, this is in a hurry.
The woman sat on the ground holding the assistant’s calf and looked at the assistant. "Please beg for mercy! I can’t lose this job or I will starve to death. "
"I’d better tell you first that what An Shao doesn’t like most is an ignorant woman like you. If she still wants to stay in Kyoto, go back and get this month’s salary and leave now. Don’t let An Shao find out that you are still here!"
If you find out, it’s not as simple as letting her go. The assistant pulls the woman’s hand to chase An Cheng.
"Boss, shall I drive?" The assistant took the initiative to discuss an cheng’s light and glanced at him without saying anything, and the assistant was left behind.
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