Looking at Ye Tian’s face suddenly, the fairy dragon seems to realize something urgently. I can tell you that it’s all right to carry the magic crystal. Who told us to carry these things? But we can’t promise to carry other things

Uh, listen to the fairy dragon king. Ye Tian is puzzled by her face. What does this mean?
After thinking for a while, Ye Tian finally turned white and looked at the fairy dragon king with a wry smile. Ye Tian sighed and said, Please think that I will still rely on your fairy dragon to help me transport goods and earn money.
After a moment’s hesitation, the fairy dragon king shook his head with a wry smile. In fact, this can’t be blamed on her. In ancient times, when there was a war, the fairy dragon always came to deliver goods. It is doubtful that they did not fight, but they were the best transport soldiers.
Looking at the fairy dragon king with a wry smile, Ye Tian smiled and said, OK, let me introduce you. This is my old friend, King of Warcraft Shengjia, and this is my new neighbor, King of Warcraft Fairy Dragon King.
Hearing Ye Tian’s introduction of the Holy Armor King, Fairy Dragon King, they greeted each other in haste, and at the same time, they were secretly horrified. You know, the Holy Armor King, Fairy Dragon King are all super strong ethnic groups in ancient times, and there are very few left now. It is very likely that the Holy Armor King, Fairy Dragon King is the last ethnic group in the world.
However, it is obvious that both the fairy dragon and the holy armour king are in a desperate situation. At present, they are all gathering around Ye Tian to try to revitalize the ethnic group and restore its glory.
It’s all right if it’s other ethnic groups, but now it’s attached to Ye Tian. It’s the St. Jia clan, the Fairy Dragon clan, which is the strongest race in ancient times. Although its reputation is not obvious now, in ancient times, they are all super families that can compete with the gods.
It is a pity that the more powerful the race, the greater the loss, the most powerful and horrible the Saint Clan and the Fairy Dragon clan have become the primary target of the enemy in the war. The loss can be described as heavy, and the technology of the war has also been destroyed, leaving a few remnants still living on the edge of the world.
Looking at each other silently, whether it is the fairy dragon king or the holy armour king, they have reconsidered Ye Tian, and they can get the support of the holy armour clan, the fairy dragon clan. This person will inevitably rise with the rise of the two clans, so the mode of getting along with each other must be changed.
The former theory is that the King of Sacred Armor or the King of Fairy Dragon are both their own forms. Ye Tian contacts them as the main leaf and vice leaf, but now after seeing each other, this model is likely to change. If you don’t change it, once Ye Tianzhen rises, there will be disputes, which is likely to be a disaster.
After talking to each other for a while, Ye Tian urged the fairy dragon king to finally summon 200 fairy dragons of his own people. After three days of joint efforts, he moved away one million pieces of magic crystal ore needed to build the Dragon Cliff.
But despite moving so much, the remaining ore is still piled up. Looking at the glittering magic crystal mine, the fairy dragons are reluctant to leave.
Looking at the eyes of the fairy dragons, Ye Tian couldn’t help but feed the fairy dragons with a wry smile. You need the magic crystal mine. Do you still want these?
Eagerly nodded, the fairy dragon king flatly said, of course I want you to say something good, of course I want more, but we want to move more.
Hesitated for a day, waved and said, well, you can move if you want. Who told us we were family? Say, how much more do you want?
This hesitated to look at the fairy dragon king of the magic crystal mine in the accumulation mountain. I’m embarrassed to say, let’s take half of these.
In the face of the fairy dragon king’s request, Ye Tian was startled and leng leng, and then flatly waved and said, why do you want half of these? Let’s all move away.
Wow, when I heard Ye Tian’s words, Fairy Dragon Qi exclaimed, and her eyes were full of excitement.
Looking at the excited expression of the fairy dragons, Ye Tianxin laughed. It’s not so cheap and so generous to them. In fact, it’s boring to tie them firmly to one of the ten chariots. Ye Tian wants to be a fairy dragon, and none of them can be less.
Looking at the fairy dragons, Ye Tian doesn’t care about this. I’d better give you the magic crystal mine. It’s just a vein. I’ll give you all these.
Hearing Ye Tian’s words, the fairy dragon suddenly quieted down and thought about it carefully, didn’t it? Although there are many magic crystal mines, the veins are only nine Niu Yi hairs, and that’s all they have.
Hey, hey, smile, Ye Tian continued. This is just a vein. There are still many veins in the world. When this one is finished, there are still a hundred waiting for me to dig. To be honest, your request is too simple.
Gollum swallowed hard, and the dragon king, the water fairy, coveted this. Can we divide it more?
Well, I turned my head and Ye Tian didn’t understand. What do you mean, a little more? What is this?
This hesitation looked at Ye Tian Fairy Dragon King cautiously and said, I want to dig 30% of the ore. Do you think it’s ok?
Thirty percent heard the fairy dragon king say that Ye Tian was startled to call, not because he wanted more, but because he wanted too little.
Looking at Ye Tian’s surprise, the fairy dragon king quickly said, "If you don’t achieve twenty percent, it’s really a shame."
Stop, suddenly raise your hand and stop the fairy dragon king’s words. It’s not a question of how slow Ye Tian is. The question is what are you going to change?
Hearing Ye Tian’s words, the fairy dragon king shivered violently. Yeah, what would they change? Even if they were sold, it wouldn’t be worth ten percent of the price of these minerals.
Looking at the fairy dragon king, Ye Tian smiled and said, OK, now let me ask you what your greatest wish is.
Facing Ye Tiandi, asking the fairy dragon king doesn’t even need to consider it directly. Of course, it is to revitalize our fairy dragon family and restore our glory.
Good. Ye Tian nodded flatly. In addition, I want to know what you are. It is said that you have enough magic crystal ore to build Longyan since this and that.
Before Ye Tian could finish, the fairy dragon king raised his hand and interrupted Ye Tian’s dignified way. One million ores can really build a dragon cliff, but that’s the smallest one.
The smallest Murphy also medium-sized large hear fairy dragon leaves a face of confusion.
Of course, I must have nodded my head. The fairy dragon king dreamed that 1 million yuan could build a small dragon cliff, 10 million yuan a medium dragon cliff, 50 million yuan a large dragon cliff, 100 million yuan a perfect dragon cliff and 1 billion yuan a dragon cliff.
Frowned, Ye Tian wondered, Is the size of this dragon cliff very important? I think it will be possible, won’t it?