Ponte’s commander is a private transfer soldier. Although the private transfer soldier is very guilty, if Lin Farrero had taken this step ten days ago, maybe the battlefield would have moved to Karlslund North.

Silver Eagle, you command the left-wing rangers to go around the back of Randall’s army and occupy Karlslunnan when the battle is deadlocked. This is Lin Farrero’s order to Yin Yingda, the staff before the operation.
The man with the silver eagle mask nodded his head. Do you feel what kind of expression is behind his mask?
Turawickla, you and Miss Joyce stay in position. Wu Shen, Teniers, you wait with me. The Silver Eagle is deployed.
Turawitch, who had appeared in Herrer before, nodded his head and left first. He always followed the silver eagle with his big sword. Wu Shen stretched out two sharp ears from his light hair, and Teniers, a half-elf warrior, followed the silver eagle and deployed outside the camp.
Silver Eagle took two characteristic masks from her arms and suddenly turned around and threw them to Wu Shen. Teniers said, bring them with you to build momentum.
Although the silver eagle said something lightly, everyone who received the mask seemed to have different ideas
Silver Eagle, the man we are about to face is recognized by gold and Rapier, Randall, said Teniers, a half-elf warrior.
This is a question of knowing the past and asking who is the main commander in the other camp. It should be impossible to make a mistake.
That’s right, Randall Silver Eagle Jane replied briefly.
Silver Eagle, what are you going to do? Teniers continued to ask, according to the instructions of the Bible of Covenants, if you want to fight in the dark, you must get together and get the hallows to recognize the heroic power. Isn’t that Randall?
Silver Eagle paused as if thinking about something. He paused for a moment and then went on to say that he was looking for a hero. Yes, he doesn’t have gold now. Rapier, I can’t let him defeat Ponte or unify the mainland. We must force gold and Rapier into Randall’s hands again.
But can’t Yusis also launch gold and Rapier? Teniers asked.
Silver Eagle shook his head and said, I firmly believe that the Hallows are a master, and knocking down Kwachet Randall in front of tens of thousands of people is the only one who has been completely certified to hold the Hallows. He is probably just an impostor in Yusis.
Garland’s last weapon is gold and Rapier, but if Garland keeps winning in this way, Yusis root doesn’t need to move, and there is probably no way to control gold and Rapier. This is certainly not what Silver Eagle wants to see. What he needs to do now is to push Garland to the end of the road, so that Yusis will have to let Randall regain control of gold and Rapier.
Thinking of this half-elf warrior, it seems that Silver Eagle’s thinking has gradually cleared up. He made a gesture that must be done and slowly walked out of the account. But Wu Shen has quietly put on a mask. He also looked at Silver Eagle with a cold mask and said, Is this the cause?
What do you say? Silver Eagle strode to the door with a smile.
At the time of the curtain of the current war, the Silver Eagle has led the Rangers to draw a big arc and quietly approached the Karlslon fortress. Ponte will certainly have an advantage in terms of geographical location, and the Silver Eagle is now taking advantage of this advantage.
It seems that the Garland people didn’t notice our sneak attack on the half-elf, Teniers reported.
Silver eagle holding the observed Randall around is not like so careless people don’t this degree of sneak attack can avoid his sight?
At this time, Randall led the Garland German army to violently clash at the exhibition of Lin Farrero in Pontepin, outside Karlslunka. Randall did not invest in the first-line battle because it is more important to fully dispatch troops in the vast flat than to cut into the battlefield.
Actually, it is lieutenant Randall who is called the most difficult to fight in the front. Although Lu is close to fifty, it doesn’t affect his grasp of the war situation at all. When to transfer troops, when to press and when to stabilize the position, Lu has mastered it perfectly.
This old guy is like an unruly horse. Once he is tamed, his strength is considerable, said Jun Shandiawi.
Randall nodded. He didn’t feel that he was domesticating the old general who was twice his age, but in fact Lu was really inspired by Randall.
The battlefield was not one-sided because Ponte’s troops were greatly dominant. This command of Lu was inseparable, but Randall seemed to smell something else.
Mr. Diawi, I always feel that the wings of Ponte Army are particularly sluggish. They have no advantage over the soldiers. I don’t think the commanders of the left and right wings of Ponte Army will be so bad, Randall said
In fact, Randall Ponte has never had a bad general in the Ponte army since the war, which shows that Ponte is well equipped with talents.
Randall seems to be deeply attracted by this present situation, and he lowers his head and thinks.
ROM. With military forces to return to Karlsren cloister Randall suddenly ordered.
Returning to Roth doesn’t seem to mean Brandon.