Defend, if you keep the ball ahead, AC Milan can still advance, but it’s only 35 minutes to defend. Can they keep it until the end of the game? Didn’t the former AC Milan play the same way? Did the defensive counter-attack pay great attention to defense? Didn’t Valencia score the second goal?

There are more than 50 minutes before the end of the game. AC Milan players themselves don’t believe that they can guarantee not to concede a goal in the face of Valencia’s attack.
Valencia’s morale is obvious, and now it has become very difficult to stop them by defense.
What if you don’t defend and choose to attack? If they can score, they can re-open the score gap, and they also have an away goal, so even if Valencia scored two goals in the end to tie the total score to 44, it won’t help. AC Milan can eliminate Valencia by virtue of the away goal advantage.
It is better to attack than to defend.
AC Milan players look at the coach on the sidelines.
Carlo Ancelotti’s face, which looks like coach Anxi’s, is changing rapidly.
It’s like the hard disk light is flashing, and when the expression is fixed, he finally makes a decision.
Oppressive attack!
Fight Valencia. He’s desperate!
When the game resumed, Valencia and AC Milan fought a vigorous battle!
In the 30 th minute, Ba Laha shoveled the Dane from thomason and came out for treatment. Gattuso took the penalty kick and Pirlo stepped on Seedorf’s right foot and shot low in front of the door 25 meters. As a result, the football missed the left post
Two minutes later, 39 minutes later, Seedorf’s long-range shot from the left side almost caused canizares to sell.
In the 42 nd minute, Valencia attacked Ronaldinho, who missed the 10-meter grab in front of the door slightly.
In the forty-fourth minute, Pirlo’s left Italian ball inclined to the restricted area, and Sepcenko was offside again in combination with the offside defense tactics and [offside trap] competition skills.
While Sepcenko was still complaining to the linesman that he was not offside, Valencia had already launched a quick attack.
Carvalho didn’t wait for goalkeeper canizares to kick the football foot into the frontcourt, but went straight for it.
"Valencia serves the Italian ball quickly …" In fact, the commentator himself didn’t expect this backcourt Italian ball to serve quickly.
But Valencia soon gave them a solution!
Seeing Valencia’s quick pass quickly passed through the midfield, they didn’t go straight with one big foot, but the speed was still fast and the accuracy was higher than that of the direct big foot!
When Deco took the ball, he sent a straight ball from the middle to the right.
Gattuso tried to destroy it, but he made a mistake in judging the flight path of the football, which caused him not to touch the football.
Reyes easily unloaded the football and killed it in the penalty area!
"Reyes! Reyes! ! He caught the ball! This is a great opportunity for Valencia to attack … Is it necessary to score again? !”
It was Paolo Maldini who appeared before Reyes.
Reyes saw the 35-year-old veteran and remembered the main points of tactical arrangement written by Chang Sheng on that paper.
He asked Reyes to focus more on attacking pancaro and Maldini in the game, and as expected, he showed off his foot skills and multi-speed as little as possible, which seemed to be very technical but actually very management skills
Because these two people are not young, whether it is reaction speed, turning speed or absolute speed, they are not "playing football on motorcycles" Reyes opponents!
Reyes’ eyes lit up when he thought of this, just like a motorcycle was started. The headlights of the car lit up and he found a straight road
Reyes suddenly accelerated and rushed to the ribs of the penalty area while dribbling at a constant speed.
"Reyes! Reyes! Reyes! Reyes! Reyes! Reyes! ! !”
With the commentator’s machine gun yelling, Reyes kicked the football out at high speed!
This time it’s not quite the same as the previous two times. He made a long trip this time and let the football go past Maldini and pancaro first.
Then he accelerated!
Squeeze through that gap that is closing quickly!
Maldini saw Reyes accelerate and realized what the other side was going to do, which belongs to the experience category.
But just because he knows what the other person is going to do doesn’t mean he has a way, because it belongs to the physical category
He can’t keep up with the speed.
But instead of giving up, he is still getting closer to pancaro. He can’t stop the ball, but this man … must stop it! Even if it is a foul!
Now he and the other side are still outside the penalty area, even if the foul is made, it is just an Italian ball closer to the line of the penalty area.
It’s better than letting the other side face Dida directly, right?
Dida is an excellent goalkeeper in goal-line technology, but his weakness is also obvious, that is, he is not good at attacking and dealing with single-handed ball, and he seems to have the heart.
Teammates think that you can’t leak both the man and the ball!
Reyes has an illusion that he doesn’t think he is breaking through his opponent on the court, but he is more like fleeing from a spaceship that is about to be completely blown up. He has to fly a fighter plane before the gate closes, but now that means that the gap is showing up a little bit.
If he can’t get out before the gate closes, he will die here, not by being blown up, but by being killed!
Now the skills are gone.
The only way is to try my best to increase your speed by three, four, five gears … and then go straight in a straight line!
This is the way Reyes is good at fighting.