"Well …" I blushed early but didn’t mean to identify with my lover.

"Do you like it? Do you like me kissing you? " Liang Juanbang induced this little confusion early with a bewitched voice.
Early in the morning, I was soft in Liang Juanbang’s arms. Liang Juanbang raised my hand and stroked the wet bangs. This kiss deepened the words and made my blood boil early, but I was full of expectation.
"It’s better to give it to you later."
Chapter 799 Our early moon
Didu University
Hang Ningdai went back to the dormitory and saw that the dormitory door was
Yang Ling is already a graduate student. Compared with Ning Dai, her courses are more flexible and loose.
Hang Ningdai found that the dormitory was really lively only after she lived on campus.
Dormitories are often visited by young girls who can talk about skin care, make-up, clothes and bags … Men and Hang Ningdai are naturally the best in these areas.
Today, some people who came to the dormitory didn’t have enough benches to sit on, and two or three of them just sat on the bed in Hangningdai.
Hang Ningdai frowned as soon as she saw it.
She grew up in an environment like the presidential palace, but it is difficult for her to be neat. All her classmates are sitting in her bed in their coats. Of course, she will be unhappy when she looks at it.
However, Hang Ningdai knew that she was living on campus and couldn’t be too stiff with her classmates. She went over and smiled and said, "Excuse me, can you be a little bit?" I just changed the sheets yesterday. "
The students were unhappy when they heard it, but they didn’t say anything because of her identity.
"look? What kind of etiquette is this? "
There are really people who don’t sell Hangningdai noodles.
So the atmosphere became awkward.
Hang Ningdai didn’t expect to be so robbed that she didn’t know what to say.
She looked up at the classmate who retorted that she didn’t have any impression of her appearance, but she was dressed in cheap clothes. Hang Ningdai didn’t look down on her at all, but she felt that this person didn’t seem to like her very much.
"I … I didn’t mean anything."
Hang Ningdai drew a blanket from the cupboard and spread it on the sheets. "Why don’t you sit down now!"
Sister Yang Ling came out at this time to beat around the bush. "Oh, what a big deal! How normal it is for a little girl to be a little clean! "
"Yes, yes"
Everyone else is trying to help and wink at that girl, which means what’s the advantage of offending the president’s granddaughter?
But that girl is weird. She quarreled with Hang Ning Dai.
Disdain cold hum a "hum! If you are so particular, why do you still live on campus? The presidential palace is so luxurious, you might as well just move back … No one here will spoil your temper! "
Hang Ningdai was amazed and didn’t expect to be so robbed.
"Forget it!"
Someone came out to hold the girl Yang Ling to see that the situation was not good and waved to everyone. "Forget it, it’s over today. Let’s all disperse!"
Come to the lively dormitory and be quiet.
Hang Ningdai looked up at Yang Ling with grievances. "Did I do something wrong, senior?"
"No" Yang Ling smiled and hugged her consolingly. "It’s not a dormitory. There are so many people living in it. Where can all kinds get along? But you this classmate is really a little lofty "
Hang Ningdai a listen to "huh? Is she my classmate? "
"Yes!" Yang Ling was surprised. "She is the same as you. You don’t know her?"
"…" Hang Ningdai stupidly shook her head "I don’t know"
"hey!" Yang Ling had to say, "You girl, her name is Sun Chuchu, and you won the scholarship for the first time."
After Yang Ling said this, Hang Ningdai remembered.
University is no better than middle school and Hang Ningdai has always been a day school. Many students are not familiar with it, but she still knows the name Sun Chuchu. Her family is very poor, but she was the first place and was admitted to Imperial Capital University.
After entering the school, a group of top students, Sun Chuchu, are still far ahead. They will win every exam and every competition!
In the imperial capital, the name Sun Chuchu is synonymous with inspirational.
"Oh …" Hang Ningdai suddenly nodded. "So she is Sun Chuchu!"
Words are admiration for Sun Chupei.
Yang Ling nodded with a smile. "It’s excellent, but her personality is a little strange … It seems that some people hate the rich, and some people don’t like the good family. Many people know that they can say that people are perfect."
"… oh"