Zhou Feng smell speech some not letter a few steps ago reached out and took Lianbo’s right wrist pulse.

But take your hand back after a few weeks.
"Even the housekeeper finished this is … finished with a congenital qi in hanging life! So there are at most three years to live … "Zhou Feng couldn’t help but smile.
Chen Xuan was shocked and suddenly panicked. "How can it be cured?"
"Alas ….." Zhou Feng’s expression was apologetic. "Even the housekeeper’s injury was too heavy. If she had met me five years ago, she might have hoped that now … his body has reached its limit and I can’t move a spark …"
Hsuanchan suddenly gawked as if the sky were falling.
"Three years? Should be enough, then Xuan son should be able to take care of themselves. "Even Bo’s muttering voice is so small that he didn’t even hear Zhou Feng, whose skill has reached the innate extreme.
Suddenly Hsuanchan excitedly shouted, "What’s your name, Samsara Master? How can you be helpless? You must have a way, right? "
Weeks sealing self-deprecating smile said "samsara master? That’s just a hollow reputation in Wulin. If I can really manipulate reincarnation, what medicine should I study! " After a pause, Zhou Feng continued, "Even the housekeeper should have left five years ago. It’s a miracle that the innate qi has lasted until now. Now his innate qi is going to run out of oil. Even if I am taller, I will be brave …"
"Then I lost my life and gave it to Lian Bo!" Hsuanchan still won’t give up. He won’t give up if there is a glimmer of hope.
"I said that even the housekeeper’s body has reached its limit, even if there are rare things like snow lotus in one thousand and ginseng in ten thousand, it is impossible for his body roots to absorb, let alone absorb foreign qi, which will make his body collapse in an instant." Zhou Feng sighed and moved around the two people to leave. They met by chance and left naturally, and there was no nostalgia.
"Sir, please stay." Lian Bo quickly stopped Zhou Feng. "Please also ask my young master to diagnose a condition."
"What?" Zhou sealing a face of surprise way
"Please ask my young master to diagnose the illness." Lian Bo looked solemn.
"Your young master is ill?" The more surprised Zhou Feng is, the more strange it is every year. There are so many things today. He, the medical guru, has been around Hsuanchan for so long, and he hasn’t found out what’s wrong with him. How is that possible?
"Yes" even "must nod a way.
Zhou Feng couldn’t help but look at Chen Xuanran carefully, but he was shocked. Now he has always paid little attention to Chen Xuan, who turned out to be a master of congenital prophase.
Speaking of it, in his eyes, Hsuanchan is a declining family, and the young master has no position to be interested in Lian Bo, and Zhou Feng doesn’t believe how much a teenager can cultivate. He subconsciously ignores the attention to Chen Xuanxiu’s level.
There is also a special reason, that is, Hsuanchan’s physique is very special, and he is lower or equal to him. People’s root method will treat him as an ordinary person if he is not Zhou Fengxiu’s higher than Hsuanchan’s. It is a secret that no one knows yet, not even Hsuanchan himself.
"When did he reach the innate state?" Zhou feng shock way
You know, although he is also very talented, he didn’t break through to the innate state until he was twenty years old. It’s been a while since Chen Xuangen’s foundation was stable.
According to the secret records of Zhou Feng’s master, for thousands of years, anyone who reached the innate realm before the age of 20 can almost break through the bottleneck of the innate realm and reach the point where it is said. After the age of 20, the chance of breaking through has dropped a lot, and unless there are any special opportunities and adventures, I am afraid it will be difficult to break through the innate realm all his life. Zhou Feng is a living example. He reached the innate realm at the age of 20, but now more than 100 years have passed, but he is still wandering in the later stage of the innate realm.
"A year ago," even said proudly.
"A year ago!" Zhou Feng’s heart was shocked to the extreme. This is definitely the earliest person he knows to reach the innate state.
"It was a year ago when I was about to break through, I kept vomiting blood, and with the sharp pain in the abdomen, I was going to get sick several times on average in a few days. After I broke through to the congenital realm, I was going to get sick less once a day, and sometimes I was sick several times a day. Moreover, Xuan Er’s true qi was not the unique pale blue true qi in the practice of Nine Turns of the Wind and Cloud, but it was a kind of heterogeneous true qi that was constantly changing with colorful light." Lian Bo spoke in detail about Hsuanchan’s condition
Zhou Feng woke up and quietly listened to Lian Bo’s words and guessed, "So it is probably caused by abnormal qi?"
"Well, we also suspect that the disease is caused by abnormal qi, which is caused by visiting famous doctors in Wulin all over the year. Those famous doctors even find out the cause."
Say that finish even "can’t help but sigh.
"oh! It may be a congenital physical problem, "said Zhou Feng.
Even "nodded in agreement.
"Guess so much, don’t let me diagnose it first." Zhou Feng walked beside Hsuanchan.
"Wait!" Lian Bo quickly woke up and said, "Don’t input the true qi into Xuan Er’s body, it will cause other people’s true qi riots!"
Chapter V Disillusionment of Five Elements
Even "face can’t help but feel embarrassed. After all, it’s really a bit overwhelming for a doctor in Wulin not to be angry and diagnose patients.
Zhou Zheng immediately smiled. "Don’t worry, it won’t beat me."
"Stay calm, don’t resist and don’t exercise." Zhou Feng said to Chen Xuan, and then his right index finger flashed at Chen Xuan’s eyebrows.
Hsuanchan suddenly felt as if something had crept into his body from his fingertips, but he felt nothing carefully.
Suddenly, a strange feeling rose in Chen Xuan’s heart, as if there were a pair of wrong eyes staring at him. He looked at him from the inside out and wanted to exercise resistance, but he stopped at the thought of Zhou Feng’s words and resisted that strange feeling.
A long time ago, Zhou’s cover was shocked. Put your hand back. Hsuanchan shocked him so much that he was almost numb …
"How about it?" Even "urgent way
"This is a kind of physique that I have never seen before, and even I haven’t recorded it in my master’s classics!" Zhou Feng looked amazed.
"Can it be cured?" Even "asked anxiously.
Even Hsuanchan, who stood by knowing that even Bo was dying and depressed, could not help but cocked up his ears and looked at Zhou Feng’s pain when he was ill. It was too unbearable for thirteen-year-old Chen Xuan!
"Shout …" Zhou Feng spat out a foul breath to calm down the excitement and said, "Hsuanchan’s constitution is born with five elements dislocated, and five elements of vitality disappear and disappear. Sometimes the metallic aura increases, the wooden aura decreases, sometimes the wooden aura increases, but the water aura decreases. Sometimes other attributes disappear, and there is a kind of sometimes five elements of attributes, but all the attributes are uneven but do not conflict, and a strange balance is maintained in the chaos …"