Muhai’s identity token shows his contribution account.
Identity token is more advanced than mobile phone. Ping Yinghao has 74 contributions to the account with a little operation.
The two moved clearly into the eyes of everyone, and their eyes were envious, jealous and resentful.
By this time, how can they not understand that this shows that the two have joined forces to harm them.
But if they know that Zhao Hu is a super five-star qualification?
Clouds of magic thoughts come from the heads of the students.
You can gain 10,000 magical powers in just one breath.
But it hasn’t stopped yet, as if it had just
The magic thoughts are rolling in quickly.
"Damn it, I didn’t expect the two of them to unite to harm me."
"I am so angry, how can I still be so ashamed?"
"I am a stone, but I have accumulated food for half a day."
"I contributed 5 contribution points so gone?"
A group of students show their grievances.
Especially, seeing Muhai’s sad appearance made them angry and angry.
"Muhai, do you think this is the two of you uniting to harm us?"
Then a student came forward and glared.
"That’s right"
Muhai nodded lightly and said
"You …" The students were short of breath, and their fists clucked and then slowly loosened.
Room can’t fight, he dare not violate.
Muhai didn’t pay any attention to everyone’s eyes. He took out a bag and filled it with five Lingshi.
"Instructor Lu, thank you so much last night. This is your reward."
Say that finish MuHai throw a bag.
A bag full of lingshi draws a parabola in the sky and falls firmly in Ruggie’s hand.
Ruggie wait for a while looked at the hands of LingShi bag face look complicated, surprise, doubt …
All kinds of faces were written all over his face. Finally, he put the Lingshi bag in his arms and his face lit up.
Seeing this scene, Muhai’s mouth felt proud and a playful smile flashed by.
Chapter 241 Pit is you [even]
"All right, let’s go."
Muhai got up with a few big bags and walked away.
Zhao Hu, Yu Tai followed by Ping Yinghao also walked out with a group of people.
These people stay in a daze when they walk.
Miao Ugly left the qualification testing hall at the sight of him.
"This ….. this sinkhole. I didn’t expect this Muhai to know instructor Lu, which cheated us of Lingshi’s contribution."
"It’s really irritating. If it weren’t for instructor Lu, how could this happen?"
All the students stared at Ruggie like they were going to swallow him up.
Ruggie sensed a pair of angry eyes, and his eyebrows frowned, which soon turned white.
Originally, I was pitted in the sea and was pitted in the abyss.
He can’t figure out what Muhai gave him a Lingshi and said those strange things.
It turns out that he planned all this or framed himself.
"Damn it!" Ruggie showed great hate, jumped on the platform and ran out with a flash of body shape.
"Bad instructor lu ran away, we must ask him for an explanation."
"It is absolutely impossible to let him get away, so we students must seek justice."
The rest of the students rushed to chase a few respiratory Nuo big testing buildings and then one person.
Muhaicai Pingyinghao was stopped by Ruggie respectively.
"What did instructor Lu stop us for?" Muhai asked calmly
"What are you doing? What did you say? What are you going to cheat me? " Ruggie grind said
Muhai smiled and walked up to Ruggie, attached it to his ear and whispered, "My pit is you."