And the last grenade was left by himself, and everyone was desperate to die. Anyone who was scratched by zombies or surrounded by totem people would consciously pull the Grenade and the enemy would perish together.

On Sunday, I know everyone is determined to look at everyone’s dusty face and look at their two lines of clear tears that flow slowly like all the players and make a ceremony together with the three players.
Everyone knows that these three players are likely to face the undead zombies, and they have to bomb their way out with grenades and stick to that way, so that when everyone retreats, they will be surrounded by zombies and totem people.
At that time, even Sunday could not save them.
Zhou Tianxin slowly let go to see that zombies and totem people have broken through their own gas walls and roared, "Kill". The whole valley echoed with the word "kill" on Sunday.
"Kill" three players led by Wu Tiande rushed out first. They were covered with grenades. When they saw zombies and totem people rushing over, they picked up grenades and bombed them out.
"Bang" huge waves collided with Wu Tiande. Three people were nearly lifted by the waves and fell to the ground. Then three people hurried up and found that three people threw grenades to blow up the zombies and totem people in front of them.
Wu Tiande laughed wildly. "I fuck your ancestors. Come on, I’m not afraid of you." I’m crazy. I usually rush out and take out grenades and throw them out.
Suddenly, there was a boom of explosions, and air billow set off a huge force to collide. Nearby, zombies and totem people were blown up. All kinds of broken hands and feet flew all over the floor. Some people’s bodies were blown up and bloody, and their heads were blown up. * * The bright red blood flowed all over the floor.
On Sunday, I saw a road bombed by three members of Wu Tiande and roared, "It’s almost time for a team to cover a team of escorts to enter the safety zone."
Quickly, the remaining 23 players were divided into two teams. One team shot the zombies and totem people who bypassed Wu Tiande in a fighting shape, and the other team escorted Er Shanyan to retreat to the scheduled place.
The fighting was rather fierce.
Although those totem people don’t have modern weapons, all they have are bows and spears, but these people have been very athletic in the mountains and forests for many years, and some of them are well-trained practitioners who are covering for them
Moreover, there are also members of the undead special team who can’t be killed. A row of catapults can also slow them down a little and can’t kill them.
The thirteen snipers immediately fell into danger.
It happened that at this time, the poisonous miasma suddenly accelerated its movement speed, and it was less than seven miles away from where Sunday and others were.
Soon miasma can invade here.
Chapter one hundred and one Day organization No.3 leader
Sunday is ahead. Now he is the highest and most powerful person in the whole team, and in his heart, he feels that the captain of the special team has the responsibility and duty to face the most dangerous things and take the players out of here.
See mobbed by zombies and totem people drink a handful of their true qi together immediately "thousand swords Wan Jian" tens of thousands of firm but gentle from his skin seams to all over the sky with his sharp firm but gentle.
At once, the firm but gentle side condensed in the middle to form a huge sword net, and several firm but gentle "swish" blasters flashed like meteors and could not say how gorgeous and spectacular it was.
On Sunday, the most powerful shock wave of "Thousand Sword Wan Jian" and "Wan Jian Jifa" were shot with a sharp shock wave, and zombies and totem clansmen flew back and tore a hole.
The special team members seized the fighter plane to escort Irvine’s kind words and kindness to quickly cross the mouth and enter the Anshulin on the other side.
Shanya suddenly came to embrace Sunday at the moment of leaving and choked, "Brother Sunday, you must come over and I will wait for you."
On Sunday, I patted my head and said, "Don’t worry, I’ll be fine."
Two players pulled Shanya and quickly retreated to Anshulin with all the people.
Looking at Xia Lan and Lingwei on Sunday, "You two also hurry to retreat here and I’ll patrol."
"No, Vivian can’t go, but I have to stay." Xia Lan flatly rejected Sunday’s arrangement.
Sunday cold way "now is not to say that I speak at these times or command you to listen."
Xia Lan also growled, "I am still your woman."
On Sunday, wait for a while looked at Xia Lan and suddenly revealed a charming smile. He pushed Xia Lan out of the gap with his hands and tried his best.
When Ling Wei saw him move to the left, Zhou Tiangen couldn’t catch her and roared on Sunday. "What do you want?"
Xia Lan was pushed out on Sunday and roared in the middle, "I can’t spare you if you are a king egg on Sunday." When your feet touched the ground, they repeatedly retreated and were caught by several players before stopping.
Pushing the players next to them tried to rush in again, but the gap was quickly filled by totem people and zombies, and it was impossible to rush in again.
A man shivering in the wind burst into tears involuntarily and shouted in the direction of Sunday, "You must come back on Sunday", squatting on the ground and sobbing lightly.
Ling Wei saw that the gap had been blocked and laughed. "Now I can’t leave even if you want to kick me out."
On Sunday, Nai shook his head with a sigh, and it was very dangerous to see 13 players trapped in the encirclement of zombies and totem people again. When he didn’t say much, he rushed out and stopped him. Zombies and totem people were quickly solved by him.
Ling Wei followed Sunday and protected Sunday’s left side as far as possible to relieve his pressure.
The two quickly rushed to the front of thirteen players, and one player immediately made a ceremony and said, "Report to the captain that we have successfully stopped the enemy siege."
Zhou Tiandao "good" to see the zombies and totem people will soon gather around and rush to Ling Wei and call out "You lead them to retreat and I’ll patrol". The firm but gentle is slowly condensed into a place, and a huge firm but gentle is soaring and quietly suspended in the middle.
For those zombies and totem people rushed to drink a huge shock wave and suddenly cut it down to produce air billow cascade folds and blew it out. "Boom" There was a loud noise, and the whole ground was shaken up by this shock wave on Sunday, and several trees were overturned, and people near zombies and totems were blown out.
Zombies fell to the ground and quickly got up again, while totem people never got up again.