"With you?"

Cheng Tianling knows his scruples and sweeps to Chen Han. When he finds that the realm of the other Yuan God has reached the initial stage of the five robberies and scattered immortals, he is not one leng.
However, the memory of the person who will soon return to absolute perfection clearly remembers that Chen Han recorded that Yuan Shen was more than one order higher than his own realm when he was introduced. So his real realm now is less than 200 years in the late Mahayana period, from the breakthrough in the late Du Jie period to the late Mahayana period. This speed is simply incredible.
Of course, such an arrogant person is different from Bing’s parents’ old ideas. He will not regard Chen Han as a threat and his opponent’s subconscious power believes that Chen Han must have gained some opportunities in this disappearing year, so that he can rise rapidly in such a short time.
Glancing indifferently at Chen Han, who was all smiles, he said coldly, "The chance to be promoted to my younger brother once in a hundred years is in the third month of this year. Most of my younger brothers will take part in your study and have a chance to get a place."
This sentence made Chen Han feel uneasy. I didn’t expect that the opportunity would come as soon as I returned to my master’s school. Only then would I have the opportunity to compete with my true brother, and then I would be able to obtain my true brother’s identity and get the scattered spirits needed for practicing scattered immortals.
Chapter 379 brazenly resist each other
Chengtian saw a bit of excitement in his eyes, and he didn’t want to be angry with the ice pupil. He secretly sneered and chose not to see it, but he already had a plan.
The qualification and strength of the younger brother who is in charge of Tianji Peak is absolutely the best, and there are also many younger brothers who will participate in the identity competition of younger brothers, which will definitely not make Chen Han feel better.
"School sister, it’s better to recover as soon as possible because your baby’s injury has not yet recovered."
Gently glanced at the ice pupil Chengtian and said with a smile, "At that time, 36 cities will compete for the number of quasi-true brothers in Saibaifeng, and the ranking battle of true brothers will also be held one after another. It is necessary that there will always be some little guys who will fight hard for the first world war."
In the ice pupil, he showed love and disregard for heaven, adding a little more anger to Chen’s cold, and finally left Tianxuan Peak with no interest.
"Chen cold, why do you want to do that? I am afraid of him when I am here? " Ice pupil is a little dissatisfied with Chen Han’s previous attitude. He likes men and should not be like that.
"Do you want me to fight him now, expose all my strength, and then be taken as monsters by the old guys in my old school to do research?"
"This …"
Ice pupil suddenly realized a very serious problem. Chen Han’s strength is really strong, but unless another identity is covered up or the other party doesn’t know people, his roots can’t be equal to being subject to everywhere.
No way!
She is well aware that this is very unfavorable to the development of Chen Han, and she must find a way to make Chen Han rise properly.
After thinking for a long time, she suddenly said, "Why don’t we leave Taiyi Xianmen together and set up a small force of our own? Anyway, you have a lot of resources and the development speed should be very fast."
Chen Han left the pie mouth and shook his head to deny this method. It is not that he has never thought about it, but he will encounter various problems in the implementation process.
Chuangmen Sect will be monitored by super power at first, and once it develops a little faster, it will be questioned, suppressed and annexed. Secondly, other resources are non-renewable and all are high-level resources, which seems to be a lot, but it is only relative to the basic resources of treasures at the same level, but there is nothing at all.
Don’t have your own lingshi mine, such as recruiting?
Don’t have your own metal mine, such as an army of equipment?
His treasures make nature extremely abundant for a few high-ranking and powerful people, but not for the development of one force.
The realm of repairing the true is not the emperor’s distant source star. The supervision of small forces here is too strict. It is very difficult to develop it. The key is that he can repair the law by himself.
Just then, a figure floated from a distance, and it was the ten real elders of Taiyi Xianmen and the elders of Danqi who dried up.
He is responsible for the vast majority of Dan medicine and magic weapon quotas in Xianmen. He is responsible for the vast majority of strategic resources in Xianmen. Even among the ten real elders, he ranks in the top three, and he is also the contemporary owner of the Ice House. Another identity is the ice pupil’s first grandfather.
"Grandpa, why are you here?" Ice pupil is not frowned.
"My brother has seen the elders". Chen Han dare not neglect and bow down at once.
"Ha ha …"
Ice-dried absolutely gentle smiled and took a deep look at Chen Han. This just turned to the ice pupil. "Are you still blaming Grandpa for not healing you with Dan medicine?" If you recover from your injury and go to the extreme temple for trouble, do you know how many rotten stalls your family has cleaned up for you in the past few years? The extreme temple is not so easy to provoke. Fortunately, all the deaths are ordinary brothers. Otherwise, even if the family can’t save you, it’s not good to give you Dan medicine. Hello? "
Say that finish, he went to the front of Chen cold nodded and chuckled. "You are Qin Yang? It was you and that brother-in-law named Kouxun who found that vein, right? Very good! Seat is not a stingy person who will be rewarded for his meritorious service and punished for his mistakes. Just say what you want. "
"Tell the eldest brother dare not say"
"What are the monks afraid to say about the struggle between heaven and earth?"
"Then … I don’t ask for a promise in kind."
Ice-dried absolutely surprised to see him stare blankly at this just nodded. "It seems that I look down on you. Besides your talent, you have a strong mind. Come on, I can’t guarantee that I will promise you. I think you should know the reason very well."
Next to the ice pupil vaguely felt something was wrong, hurriedly a pull Chen cold repeatedly shook his head, "don’t say! Forget it, don’t want anything! "
Looking at the strange behavior of my granddaughter, I have been practicing for many years, and my heart has inexplicably given birth to a feeling of extreme curiosity.
He can clearly feel that his granddaughter’s attitude towards this young man in front of him is completely different from that of other students. He can also feel that this young man named Qin Yang hides many secrets that he doesn’t know.
"Ice pupil retreat!"
"Grandpa …"
"Don’t worry, I’ll be fine."
Chen Han smiled gently at the ice pupil and said, "I believe the Presbyterian church will make a wise decision. After all, what I have to promise is good for the ice family."
With the restoration of the Yuan God, there is a lot of enhancement. The immortal power is hidden in the ice pupil, but she is ready to stop it at any time.
In this way, Bing Gan is absolutely sure of one thing, that is, her granddaughter and this young man are very much in love with each other. What kind of person can make her arrogant even Chengtian and Xuanlong do everything to impress her granddaughter?
Qin Yang’s granddaughter, who has been missing for 100 years, has been fighting with the polar temple for 100 years. Are these two things somehow connected?
"My brother’s promise is that Bingjia will guarantee that I won’t be assassinated by other elders and guardians in Taiyi Xianmen and that my affairs will not be leaked to the outside."
"Other elders and guardians will plot against you as a foreign cousin?"
Chen’s cold tone is extremely sure that Bing Gan has a feeling of having to believe that he frowned and said, "No, I can’t give you this guarantee."
As a result, he immediately said, "In return, my brother will let the ice family dominate the whole Taiyi Xianmen in 500 years, but let Taiyi Xianmen become the private property of the ice family. Are you satisfied with this condition?"
The ice-dried face became very wonderful, first shocked and then sneered. Finally, the five-fingered figure flashed at an alarming speed and caught the cold just two meters apart.
I was prepared for the sudden change of ice pupil’s face without hesitation. However, in her heyday, she was not yet a grandfather’s opponent, which was even worse. Now, although Yuan Shen’s injury has recovered, Yuan Ying’s injury has not recovered, which is equivalent to the top level of the first five robberies.
A claw force shattered the ice pupil and palm shadow easily, and a soft force rocked her hundreds of meters, which was only weakened by less than 30%, and the claw shadow instantly reached Chen Han’s other.
"I really want to know why you say this, and I want to know what you are hiding."