Only people with membership cards can come in the palace, and this bag on the third floor is not for anyone to come in and see Lu Yichen. He should be a frequent visitor here, but for the palace, he is the God of Wealth. Even if the foreman stands out, how can she stand up to him?

Sue’s hand was full of sweat at night. She came here with a passion and wanted to be sick. Lu Yichen asked him to say that his family should not be engaged to her.
But the eyes seem to be playing big.
What did Sue do at the Palace Nightclub?
A sells drinks
B member
☆ 15. How dare you put medicine in cold wine?
Snails always fall into it when they are in distress because their shells are hard, but in fact, their shells are fragile.
Cold to glanced at Liu Yichen and glanced at Sue night feeling evil smile "little girl, what’s your name?"
Sue tried not to spill the wine in her hand in front of the man and swept it into the corner. When the man looked at the play, his eyes turned to see the play, right? I’ll let you see enough.
"My name is Xiao Qinger." Sue looked at the cold in the evening, and her most charming smile made her eyes blink at the moment.
I didn’t expect there to be such stuff in the palace. No wonder it’s really difficult for Lu Yichen, an abstinence man, to regard others with special respect.
"This name is good" Yan Muqing glanced at Liu Yichen.
"Yes," Liu Yichen poured the wine in his hand and put the glass in front of Sue’s late love.
Sue poured the blended wine into the glass and respectfully sent it to Liu Yichen with both hands.
Liu Yichen just stretched out his hand and took it, but before he could hold a cup of Sue’s love, he let go and a glass of red wine fell directly on him.
Liu Yichen black face coldly stared at Sue late love.
Sue grabbed a piece of cloth and wiped it for him.
"Hua …" A burst of broken glass sound.
"What are you going to wipe for me?" There was a roar overhead.
Sue looked back at the cold sweat. She just pulled a piece of cloth casually, but it was the tea table and tablecloth. This wine and glass fell to the ground and broke.
Sue looked up at night with a wink and said, "I’ll wipe your pants." The implication is that even if I pull the wrong cloth, it’s not because of you.
Liu Yichen rubbed his swollen temples to get angry and changed his mind.
"These wines are the best in the palace. If you look at them in the cold, I won’t care about you."
"really?" This is the result.
"But …" Liu Yichen eyes turned to look at the cold to gherardini said "cold to these broken wine and glass …"
"I’ll pay for it today." What kind of person is Liu Yichen? When I see his eyes, I know what he wants to say. If he doesn’t take the initiative to pay the bill today, he has a way to mess with him.
"Still not in the past?" Liu Yichen looked at her busy little hand in her thigh and growled, Will this woman wipe it? I don’t know where men can’t touch it.
"ah? Me? " Sue night feeling looked up and pointed to his got up and walked slowly towards the cold.
Just took two steps when someone gave her a fierce push from behind, and she just jumped to the front and heard a click in her cold arms.
Sue was so busy at night that she straightened up from the cold and turned around and glared at Liu Yichen. The person who just pushed her must be him.
Liu Yichen waved the glass at her, that is, how I pushed it. Is there any evidence?
Cold to Sue night feeling to sit beside her one hand on her shoulder new smile "little love, what do you want to drink?"
Sue felt uncomfortable in the evening, and took her cold arm from her shoulder and looked at the broken glass on the ground. She said, "What do you want to drink when the wine is broken?"
"That’s easy." Cold made a snap and someone came in immediately.
"Clean this up and bring two bottles of Hennessy Temple and two bottles of Lafite."
As soon as the clerk heard it, his eyes lit up. This is a lot of good wine.
"Wait," Sue stopped the waiter and looked at the cold and smiled. "I’m the clerk who sells drinks in this package today."
A word let cold to immediately understand her meaning.
Wave to the clerk. "Do you hear that? Wine is a little love. "
Member of the bitter face.
Liu Yichen looked at all this coldly, but this woman didn’t eat at all.
Just now, the girl who accompanied the cold got up and walked towards Liu Yichen. After sitting beside him carefully, she saw that he had no opinion, her mouth was smiling and cheerful.
Everyone knows that Lu Shao doesn’t touch women every time he comes to the palace to drink. Today, she picked one up.
The wine soon arrived, and the cold caused the bottle to fill up and sent it to Sue.
Sue crustily skin of head to pick up late. She can’t drink at all.
Yan Muqing flirted with the beauty around him while drinking.
The woman around Liu Yichen got the nerve to pour him wine with a bottle. Liu Yichen gave her a look and did not object.
A woman is very happy. If she can go with Lu Shao tonight, it will be a cake in the sky.
Liu Yichen looked up and saw that the cold caused her to be drunk with Sue. Seeing her smiling at the cold was as annoying as an idiot. She got up and walked to the other side of the bag, out of sight.
When the woman saw Liu Yichen go, she immediately followed her.
Sue saw that everyone else was drinking at night, and no one noticed that she had an excuse to wash her hands and go out of the bag with Han Zhi.
Soon after Sue came back, she sat beside Cold Zhi and continued to drink with him.
Cold to carry Sue night feeling poured him a glass and drank it with a smile.
Sue’s late love makes her smile more charming when she sees the cold.
Cold caused me to feel dizzy and shook my head. It seems that I really drank too much tonight.
Liu Yichen took a glance at this side with his glass, and his face immediately turned livid. This woman is so bold that she dares to put medicine in cold wine.