Doesn’t he have to talk to do this?

He has a better way, but people understand him.
How is that possible?
You can see his eyes. Those eyes are still angry and even powerful enough to kill people.
My dear Madame de Villefort just came in and said, Maybe you exaggerate the disaster.
Good morning, madam, said the count, bowing.
Madame de Villefort accepted his respect with the most attentive smile.
M. de Villefort asked what was going on. Monte Cristo asked about the incredible misfortune
The word incredible is so right. The prosecutor shrugged his shoulders and interjected that it was purely an old man’s whim.
Isn’t there any way he can cancel his decision?
Madame de Villefort said that the matter was still in my husband’s hands. The will is now bad for Valentine, but his strength is good for her.
The count, aware that the Villeforts were talking in a roundabout way, pretended not to pay attention to their conversation and pretended to be looking at Edward, who was now pouring some ink into the bird’s water jar in a bad way
Dear Villefort said to his wife, you know that I have never been used to playing with my parents at home, and I have never recognized my destiny. But in my family, my wishes must be respected. I have been brewing for so many years, and a plan should not be destroyed by the foolish idea of an old man and a strange child. As you know, Baron Epinay is my friend, and it is perfect for us to marry his son.
Do you think Valentine colluded with Madame de Villefort to say that she never agreed to this marriage leave? What we just saw was that they were implementing a plan that had been discussed for a long time, so I was not surprised at all.
Madame Villefort said, believe me, a fortune of 900,000 francs is not so easily abandoned.
But she is even willing to give up the world. Didn’t she want to enter a monastery a year ago?
Anyway, Vere said that this marriage must be promoted. I have made up my mind.
Regardless of your father’s objection, Madame de Villefort chose a new attack point and said that it was a serious matter.
Monte Cristo pretended not to listen to their conversation, but actually he listened to every word.
Madame Villefort replied, to be honest, I have always respected my father because of his nature and his noble morality. The name of father is sacred in two senses, that is, he gave us life, but at the same time, we should be respected from our master. But now, because he hates that father, he is angry with his son. In this situation, I fully doubt the intelligence of the old man and act according to his strange ideas. That is not too ridiculous. I should still respect Mr. Noirtier, although I have suffered gold. I will bear the loss of money without complaining, but I must be firm. I have decided that something will happen in the future. I must marry my daughter to Baron Franz Epinay because I think this marriage is suitable for her, and I can always give my daughter to whoever I like.
What count said that Villefort often turned his eyes to him for his approval in the process of saying this? Do you say that M. Noirtier did not make Mademoiselle Villefort his heir because she was going to marry Baron Franz Epinay?
Yes, that’s it. Invilfo shrugged and said
At least on the surface, said Mrs. Invilfo.
It’s Mrs. Makin. I can assure you that I know my father’s people.
That’s incredible, said the young lady, but I’d like to know what’s wrong with Mr. Epinay that your father hates him
I think I know Baron Franz d ‘Epinay. Didn’t the count say that he was named General Quesnel, Baron Epinay by King Charles X?
That’s him, said Villefort.
Oh, in my opinion, he is a lovely young man.
Come on, I believe that Monsieur Noirtier is trying to find an excuse to stop his granddaughter from getting married. Old people are always private about what they love.
But Monte Cristo said, do you know that this hatred came from this?
Ah, who really knows
Maybe that’s caused by some kind of political disagreement.
My father, Baron Epinay, was a man of the Great Storm, but I have seen the last few days of that era, said Villefort.
Isn’t your father a Napoleonic Party? Monte Cristo asked me, as if I remember you saying this to me.
My father is a complete jacobins Villefort said that he was unconsciously out of the range of prudence and subtlety. Napoleon once wore a robe as a member of parliament on him, but that only changed the appearance of his old man’s house. His heart has not changed at all. When my father planned a plan, he did it not for the emperor’s sake, but to attack Bourbon. Because of Mr. Noirtier’s characteristic, he never tried to realize utopian plans. He always strived for the possibility. According to the horror of the mountain party, the mountain party never flinched.
Well, Monte Cristo said that I feel the same way. Mr. Noirtier Epinay’s personal grudge is political. Although General Epinay worked for Napoleon, he still kept the royalist ideology. Although everyone thought he was loyal to the emperor, wasn’t he assassinated one night when he left the Napoleonic Party branch?
Villefort look at that count with an expression bordering on terror.
What, am I mistaken? Asked Monte Cristo.
Regardless of the facts, you said that Madame de Villefort said that Mr. de Villefort thought of love ties to unite these two enemies and children in order to prevent a resurgence.
This is really a noble idea of kindness. Monte Cristo said that people all over the world should praise this idea. It is a great thing that Miss Valentine Villefort became Madame Franz Epinay.
Villefort shuddered. He looked at Monte Cristo as if to read the true meaning of what he had just said from his face, but the count finally defeated the penetrating eyes of the prosecutor and prevented the other party from finding anything under his inertial smile.
Valentine lost her grandfather’s inheritance, although it was serious, Villefort said, but I don’t think that the marriage would be frustrated. I don’t believe that Mr. Epinay’s accountant lost more money than this. That money was sacrificed, but I will keep my promise. He will know that I may be more valuable than that money in the future, and he knows that Valentine has left her mother with that property, and her grandparents, Mrs. Saint-Milan, love her very much. Their property will be inherited by her in the future as sure as a gun.
Valentine loved M. Noirtier so much. In fact, her grandparents should also love M. Noirtier so much. Madame de Villefort said that they would come to Paris in a month. After this humiliation, Valentine really did not continue to tie her up like a half-dead man like M. Noirtier.
The count was very satisfied at this remark that his selfishness was hurt and his ambition failed.