"Teacher younger brother Chu Feng, I’ll leave it to you two. As soon as possible, I will break this rosy cloud and kill it."

A wave to the distance autumn will anger inflammation sword back to look at Wang Mantian and Meng Chufeng and simply said.
Slightly toward the autumn, Wang Mantian and Meng Chufeng solemnly agreed to come with one voice.
Then Meng Chufeng commanded Brother Qingtianmen to attack Caixia Zongmen with one heart and one mind.
It’s a resultant force, but in fact, it’s still Wang Mantian’s Meng Chufeng’s fighting power. Only when Wang Mantian struck hard, the pink light curtain hanging over Caixia Zong’s residence was immediately broken to be as fragile as a transparent bubble.
Protector array burst and rosy clouds were immediately exposed to the blade of the giant gate, just like a milli-resistance woman. Generally, it can be done with a little effort.
"Meng Chufeng, you are so bold that you dare to stir up the wind and rain in the west of Qin Dynasty. You are not afraid that the Yue Magic Door will be sent out in the future to wipe out the giant gate."
The pink defensive curtain was broken by a blow. From the rosy clouds, there were three gentle and graceful women at the entrance of the mountain, and the monks at the giant gate stood up. One of them even pointed her finger at Meng Chufeng to drink a way.
As soon as three women with graceful figure and graceful posture appeared in the middle school, they showed a mature charm and holy temperament, showing amazing charm. Many Buddhist monks in the giant gate almost raised their eyes and stared straight at the three women, wait for a while.
The three women’s gorgeous clothes are covered with a pink towel, which is random and can’t stop the amazing charm, and it will cause a little foolishness in everyone’s heart and want to see the real face of the three women.
Caixia lives in the dual cultivation of Yin and Yang, among which female monks are naturally proficient in charm, and they are far more attractive than ordinary female monks.
"Ha, ha, ha, Yan Chu Jiao, can’t you deceive me and know that Wu and Yue Er National Road Magic were originally hostile to me? The root is that they have a good mind, and now they are also self-sufficient, so where can they manage to get us?"
Meng Chufeng looked up at Tianyi with a proud attitude and a bold laugh. He looked at that idiot and left.
Meng Chufeng’s laughter contains a powerful magic, which will make the virtual shock fluctuate, and also wake up all the monks who have fallen into dementia.
"Yan Chu jiao, I advise you to keep silent. You are invited by Caixia Zongmei to come over. The scattered people of Yin and Yang have been killed by my guy’s old man’s house. If you have any cards, you should dig them out as soon as possible or you won’t have a chance."
Look stern to Meng Chufeng look across the three female eyes in the cold light pan dynamic tone is also a murderous look surging.
With Meng Chufeng’s words, Wang Mantian’s figure stepped forward and came to the front of Meng Chufeng. From his body, he was a powerful force to the extreme, and the momentum was oppressive towards the front, and the emptiness was also buzzing.
At the beginning of the Yuan infant period, the number of monks surged toward the opposite oppression and went to three. However, the female monks in the then period felt heavy pressure in this powerful momentum, and three people had a little cold sweat on their beautiful foreheads.
"I’ll give you a quarter of an hour to think about it. If you dare to resist, my uncle Wang will make moves. Then you won’t even stay for the whole Caixia Sect."
With the autumn king sitting in Meng Chufeng, he held his head high and gave Caixia an ultimatum.
A quarter of an hour ago, it was not long at this critical moment. It seems that it passed faster, but it was just a blink of an eye. Meng Chufeng once again said, "When you are ready, you have already thought about whether it is a minister or a rebel."
As Meng Chufeng urged Brother Wan to look at one of the three girls, there was a kind of strength in his eyes.
"Meng Zhang, I want to ask you clearly. If I am a rosy clouds minister, can you let me be a rosy clouds minister?"
Yan Chujiao’s delicate voice once again sounded a charming voice asking Meng Chufeng for help.
Eyebrows suddenly picked a calm eye and slightly fluctuated, but immediately suppressed it. Meng Chufeng was particularly cold and said, "This is impossible. Caixia Sect must be integrated into the giant gate. From now on, there will be a top clan in the west of Qin Dynasty."
It is not impossible to achieve this goal in the face of his absolute power.
In Yan Chu Jiao Meng Chufeng’s question and answer, the atmosphere became dignified again, and the monks of Caixia Zong Qingtianmen were on guard and became tense.
"Uncle Shi, please make your move."
See Yan Chu jiao for a long time no longer answer Meng Chufeng frowned and said to the front Wang Mantian a slight gift request.
The mouth promised a Wang Mantian a step forward again, and the momentum surged from his body and a little brilliance hovered around him
"Wait, I’ve decided."
The three women made eye contact for a moment. Before Wang Mantian finally made moves, Yan Chu Jiao Jiao drank and finally made a decision.
"Uncle Shi, wait a minute."
Yan Chu jiao’s words sounded, and Meng Chufeng’s face lit up and passed away. He quickly stopped Wang Mantian from looking at Yan Chu jiao Shen again and said, "That is, it has been decided."
"I agree with Meng Zhang’s suggestion that Caixia Sect be completely merged into Qingtianmen"
Take a deep breath, Yan Chu’s charming and beautiful eyebrows wrinkle up with filar silk wave pleats, and suddenly say flatly with a grind.
"Ha, ha, ha, very good. Master Yan, this is a wise move. In the future, you and I should call you sister Yan."
There has never been a moment when Meng Chufeng can clearly feel the feeling of being in control, and he can’t help laughing and looking at Yan Chujiao’s eyes with extraordinary splendour.
Now that the three monks of Caixia Sect are ready for me to come, things will be much simpler. It is necessary to take over Caixia Sect, especially this thousand-year accumulation.