On this day, Xu Rui was doomed to be in a bad mood, but he was in a very bad mood. Before he digested it, a traitor appeared around him, and he received a message that made him almost gaffe and scold God. He had been convinced that he could get the remaining delimiting bead, but someone just told him that the legacy house was.

Xu Rui turned to him with a water mirror with a sullen face. At the beginning, Zongsheng was able to move things according to the principle of no waves. All the immovable objects in the whole legacy house were not even a wooden scum except the stone bed by direct operation.
I can’t say it well. Even the hole in the ruins is a thing. After visiting every corner of all the rooms, Xu Rui’s hand flashed red and listened to it. After a few crunches, he saw that he took the water mirror and turned it into pieces.
Xu Rui had the two stone boxes brought here before because he thought that the remaining one must be in the legacy house. Now he thinks that Hu Yingxue must have got the delimiting bead from Ji Lang. The remaining one should still be in one of the stone boxes.
Delimited beads still have a big place for them. Xu Rui quickly told a group of people who had been kneeling in front of him that "you must bring Qin Xiang that woman back to me immediately when you enter the mountains."
Smell speech after a flash of light in one of the eyes swallowed saliva. "Report to me that the owner has just got a message that Qin Xiang has now fallen in Tian Shu Palace. She seems to be running with something to take refuge in Tian Shu Palace, but somehow an explosion happened. Although she is still alive, she is different from the basket case, but Tian Shu Palace has not killed her yet. She means that she should want to get information about our temple of skeletons from her mouth."
Hearing that Qin Xiang fell in the eyes of Xu Rui, the hand of Tian Shu Palace, the mania immediately dissipated a lot. "You should go to Tian Shu Palace camp at once to bring Qin Xiang back to people, whether it is dead or alive, so long as you can get the information we want from her."
Smell speech kneeling in front of Xu Rui, a line of people are all in a tight scalp. Xu Rui clearly means that people should bring their souls back when they are dead. It is convenient to make soul searching. Perhaps the soul searching technique that the other party can remember wine will definitely not be the kind of gentle one, which will definitely make the person who accepts soul searching become an idiot.
At the same time, no one can watch and run away. Qin Xiang was left in a corner with her hands and feet intertwined and twisted, which made people unable to bear to look straight. Even if she was so sad, she never thought of dying like this and found that there were fewer and fewer people around her. Her eyes flashed and said to the person in charge of guarding her, "If you are willing to take me away from here, I will give you all those good treasures that are hidden away."
In Qin Xiang’s view, the imperial secretary of Tian Shu is usually impressed by the interests. If she puts on something attractive enough, she will certainly be able to make the other party. Unfortunately, she has bad luck. When she meets a rare upright person in Tian Shu Palace, she gives her a bad look when she hears it. "Shut up and confuse people with nonsense, and I will cut your tongue off."
I can hear each other’s words, not to scare her. Qin Xiang shrank her nose and dared not dare to open her mouth again several times. Every time she had the intention of opening her mouth, she saw the hand holding the hilt for three or five times, so she dared not think again.
Qin Xiang was quiet outside, but suddenly it got messy. A man rushed into the cave. "Brother has a lot of ghosts and ghosts who rushed in. It is inconvenient for Elder Wu to take that woman with him."
Hearing this, Qin Xiang immediately became anxious. "I know a lot of secrets of the Temple of Dead Bones."
Qin Xiang wanted to prove that his brother was alive, but he didn’t want to hear it, but he replied, "No, you said I would have a way to get the news you know."
After saying his word, Qin Xiang saw that the man put his hand down and there was a sharp pain in her mind. Her eyes became very hole. After a while, the man took back his hand and handed it to the former guard Qin Xiang. "This woman has died. Let’s go."
When the two disciples came out of the cave of Qin Xiang, they saw that the people stationed in the camp were trying to get together. This is not an easy task. After years of ups and downs in the sea of blood grievances, ghosts and ghosts can’t easily get rid of good crops. Even during the Mahayana period, most of the time, they just forced the ghosts and ghosts around them back.
Qin Xiangxiu, who was sent to guard this scene before, was shocked and asked, "Who gave the camp guard array away?"
His younger brother replied, "It wasn’t someone who dropped it, but it suddenly worked. Elder Wu guessed that it should be because of the reiki riots in the mountains that made the array map work."
Elder Wu in Tian Shu Palace guessed that it was really because of Reiki riots that the camp guard array failed. At the same time, the method operated and the temple of the dead bones came out with an array diagram. In addition to the five elements to reverse the large array, it also contained those ghosts and spectres.
Xu Rui never thought that this situation would happen. There were no measures to deal with it. The magic circle failed. When the magic circle pulled around the temple of the dead bones, the ghosts and ghosts of the masters got out of control and immediately got out of control. They were given posts and ran around where there were practitioners’ activities.
If those who are trapped in the spirit’s eyes are willing to stop the ghosts and spectres, even if they lose traction, they will not be completely out of control, but they don’t want to stop those ghosts and spectres at all, not only because the five elements have reversed the array, but also because they are no longer willing to work for the skeletons.
Few people in the world will be so stupid as to find themselves sacrificed without knowing it, and they will continue to show their hearts to others, not to mention the fact that most of these people rely on the temple of dead bones for profit, which makes them hate it in their hearts.
The sudden riot of Reiki was naturally caused by the appearance of Hu Yingxue, Mu Tianxuan and Jiu You. When the cracks appeared, Jiu You could tear and walk freely. Naturally, there was a way to protect Hu Yingxue and Mu Tianxuan from those winds.
These three people are not affected by the Gangfeng, but they are like water drops dripping into the oil pan, which makes the Gangfeng form an oil pan instantly. During the riots, the Gangfeng ran around, and in the future, it was stretched to the limit, and the aura was completely out of control. It was a mistake to accidentally stop the operation of the five elements reversal array.
However, although the five elements reversed and the large array stopped running, the cracks did not move. When the gangfeng stopped, it drove the Reiki riots, and at the same time, it made the crack extension speed faster. However, after three or five breathing hours, Hu Yingxue saw that the crack was stretched to nearly five feet when it was more than two feet long.
At this time, Hu Yingxue’s crazy attack on Dan medicine has only brought Zhenyuan back to nearly half. Even if Zhenyuan hasn’t finished restoring and manipulating the five elements of chaos tripod, there should be no pressure. When Gangfeng riots eased a little, he said to Mu Tianxuan, "Pick small first."
Mu Tianxuan nodded. "You need to pour the five-color stone melt from the tripod at a constant speed and leave it to me to do."
Although it is pouring the five-color stone melt out of the tripod, it also needs some skills.
Not soon. Without the protection of the tripod, the five-color stone melt exposed to the air will soon solidify and solidify, and of course it will not be able to repair the time cracks.
Can’t slow down, although the five-color stone melt in the cooling tripod is still close to the boiling point, let alone close to the boiling point, that is, the temperature is slightly too high, which will affect the shaping method and naturally can’t repair the cracks.
It’s a good thing that Hu Yingxue always asked himself to master high accuracy when he was refining alchemy, so the accuracy will not go wrong.
The tacit understanding between Hu Yingxue and Mu Tianxuan is so high that there is no difference in breathing frequency when they are together. After a little trial and mastery of the appropriate speed, both of them will focus on repairing cracks.
To maintain the same speed all the time, the consumption is not only true, but also requires considerable energy. Even in the Mahayana period, I am afraid of consuming too much energy. Because I can replenish my energy, the number of pills is limited, and my energy is exhausted. Even in the Mahayana period, I can be slaughtered by people.
At this point, Mu Tianxuan and Jiu You are very worried about Hu Yingxue. After all, she used to refine all the five-color stones by one person. Even if she wanted to do something, it would be a coolie who would double her energy.
There’s nothing to worry about. There’s no other choice. I don’t want Hu Yingxue to overdraw. What I can do is to finish this as soon as possible. It’s not easy to fight for it. You know Mu Tianxuan didn’t do this before. It can be said that black and white Kirin left a five-color stone. How can he find out the cracks when repairing the five-color stone melt? If he is skilled, he may still be able to speed up.
It’s luck that Hu Yingxue and Mu Tianxuan are both very solid at the bottom of control. After a few misses, they figured out the law.
First of all, Hu Yingxue slowly poured the five-color stone melt from the tripod, and the five-color stone melt glowed again in the middle.
Then, Mu Tian Xuan Shen knows how to catch it and guide it to be stretched to the crack size before the time crack, and then the stretched five-color stone melt is stuffed into the time crack.
Then Hu Yingxue directly introduced the five-color stone melt in Dingzhong into the crack gap, and Mu Tianxuan quickly beat the hand to make the crack fit completely when the five-color stone melt.
When this step is achieved, the barrier will actively try to compress the crack, and the repair speed of the barrier will be accelerated when the colored stone melt is catalyzed, which can be seen by the naked eye to form the crack recovery speed.
Xurui, of course, sent someone to stare at the crack group. Seeing Hu Yingxue and Mu Tianxuan, I don’t know what will mend the crack. I immediately chose to send someone to inform Xurui.
Otherwise, today is the day when Xu Rui will not be in good condition today. He is waiting in front of the manor to clean up the ruins. People say that many people can be dug out from it. At this time, the messenger who was sent here arrived.
At present, the man who can walk through the rocks in the mountains at sunset has a scarred face, but this man was chosen because he can avoid many dangers by dodging. He successfully escaped the interception of the practitioners but failed to avoid the ghosts and ghosts. He didn’t even have a chance to be here unless he was carrying a Buddha.
Seeing that he is not only riddled with vestments, but also missing an arm, Xu Rui just loosened some eyebrows and frowned again. "What accident happened over there?"