"Master, who is he?" Meijiang snow didn’t let to meet the cloud with murderous eyes came along.

"Remember when Master said that he promised you a family?" Li Daimei, who doesn’t jump words in the wrong novel network, hopes that Mei Jiangxue didn’t hear it just now.
“? Him? " Meijiangxue had this premonition from the moment she saw the cloud in front of the mountain gate, but it is another matter to personally prove it in her master’s mouth at this time.
"Yes, that’s right. He’s an old friend."
"Master, I heard what you said just now. Is this person really?" Mei Jiangxue interrupted Li Daimei’s lame lies and asked.
Li Daimei hesitated for a moment to wipe the tears from the corner of her eyes. Then she said slowly, "Well, now that you have heard it, the teacher will no longer deceive you. He is the teacher who has been separated for many years and you are a peasant girl at the foot of the mountain." Li Daimei saw that this was the case and explained the whole story to Meijiangxue.
"The teacher always said that he had made a promise to you. In fact, he was comforting himself. He should still be there, but he was sorry for you." Li Daimei felt tears in her heart. After decades of meditation, she was vulnerable in front of the biggest emotion in this world
Mei Jiang-xue was puzzled when she first heard about her life experience. Looking back, Master has been teaching herself diligently for more than ten years, and that kind of heart has long surpassed that of ordinary apprentices. I didn’t expect that there are still so many reasons.
"Master is crimson white, everything is up to master." It’s simple. Mei Jiangxue gave up her whole life, and she hasn’t carefully observed the clouds yet.
"This" cloud is so dumbfounded that it is not white to bring a female mountain, and the ladies themselves have not cut themselves, but this marriage is ordered by the biological mother and is a prevarication that can not make the Tai Chi pusher temporarily hold down. "
We’ll discuss it later, but I don’t know where dad is now? "
"That old guy? I naturally don’t know, but if you meet him in the future, just ask him to come and see me." At the moment, Li Daimei’s mood has calmed down a little, but she is no longer angry with the rouge monk.
"Come to our mother’s reunion for a few days, but it’s inconvenient for me to keep you too long. Let you take the crimson snow. I’ll inform the pie that my lay brother Mei Jiangxue was taken away from the mountain gate by an unmarried official, Tianlong Jiaoyun."
"Ah?" Li Daimei’s words were startled when a cloud came out, and it was too fast.
"What’s wrong?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
"No" Cloud did not dare to disobey the mother’s orders. Meijiang Snow also silently accepted this sudden decision.
"Then you should leave the mountain immediately, or I won’t be able to explain the warning bell before."
"So soon?" Cloud didn’t think he had to leave his mother just now so soon.
Li Daimei didn’t make a conversation to apologize and laugh. Yes, when we meet again, we are excited and happy. The past reality is cold and cruel. She is the head of the Emei Sect. How can a Taoist have children?
"I’m white." Yun also felt that Nai suddenly took Meijiang Snow’s hand and bowed deeply to Li Daimei. "Then let’s say goodbye."
"Remember to come back to see me with crimson snow!" Li Daimei sighed deeply and thought that her son could visit her as a disciple husband.
Yun Meijiang snow two people silently down the mountain.
The cloud at the foot of the mountain loosened gently and took Meijiang’s snow hand.
"I’m sorry" cloud acerbity way
"why?" Meijiangxue looked at him puzzled.
"Actually, I already have a wife, but"
"But you can’t refuse my master, that is, your mother, right?" The story of Mei Jiangxue, who didn’t jump in the wrong novel network, was relieved. It turned out that this person had been married for a long time. No wonder he never seemed to take himself to heart.
"I’m really sorry."
"I can’t see that you are a very special person."
Love is very special? Yun has a heart to explain, but he can’t figure out how to report a wry smile from the beginning. He already has four wives. Can this be regarded as single-minded?
"Then how are you going to settle me?" Mei Jiangxue looked at the young man with great interest. In fact, she had heard of the name of Shaolin secularized monk Yun, but because the news of Emei Sect in recent years was low-key and closed, she didn’t know that Yun later joined Tianlong Sect. She didn’t think it was the same person in front of her eyes.
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The first volume Zhongshan wind and rain yellow Chapter 25 Oriental disaster
The first volume Zhongshan wind and rain yellow Chapter 25 Oriental disaster