Recently, a big black horse’ Storm God of War’ was killed in the winning streak list. A silver captain suddenly won more than 100 games in a row and advanced to the gold captain. Now the winning streak has exceeded 500 and he has entered the top five in the winning streak list!

Shocked! Shocked! A mecha genius’ Storm God of War’ is on the rise. C-class mecha won 500 games in a row, and only a few days later they advanced into the top five of the captain’s rank list. Can Storm God of War advance into the top three? Is there any hope of winning the first place in the winning streak of the rank of captain?
Yun Fan comes to the Machine God Network Club next to Xinghe Community every day. Shang Tongtong didn’t find him to play in the game, but he kept fighting in the competition!
After one battle after another, Yun Fan’s fighting consciousness became more and more acute.
The defeat of Yun Fan by one powerful opponent after another has also made Yun Fan’s confidence stronger and stronger, and its spirit shines every day.
Yun Fan’s winning streak continues!
The winning streak has surpassed 6, surpassed 7 and finally surpassed.
The ranking of Yun Fan in the winning streak of the rank of Wei has continuously advanced to the second place. The fourth, third and second players have also met in Yun Fan and lost to Yun Fan.
The first place in the winning streak of the entire rank of captain, the Night Wandering God, won 999 consecutive victories and was still ahead of Yun Fan.
Recently, the news of Storm God of War exploded in the competitive forum, and one post after another predicted that Storm God of War would be able to meet the first’ Night Wandering God’ in the rank list in the same arena!
Who wins and who loses?
Can this suddenly rising storm god of war surpass the’ Night Wandering God’ to take the first place in the ranking of captain?
Many players are expecting it!
Chapter 17 Go back to school and pack a gun!
When the entire human Federation, many players on various planets are looking forward to the first’ Night Wandering God’ in the ranking list of storm ares, the storm ares is not on the line.
The high school mecha league is about to have a virtual battle in the Yun Fan Mecha War for ten days. In the last two days, he rested at home and prepared for the Yuecheng primary battle of the high school mecha league on May 15th!
May 15th!
Yuecheng Mecha High School has a magnetic suspension taxi parked at the school gate.
A 17-year-old boy came to the car with beautiful eyebrows and high spirits. It was Yun Fan.
Two security guards at the school gate happened to meet two security guards at Mecha High School after Yun Fan returned to Earth from Ganyuan Mainland on May 1st.
The sight of two security guards in Yun Fan and a 17-year-old high school student beating them easily makes me feel terrible.
See Yun Fan coming to school with a full face of beard security stretched out his hand and stopped "you have been mecha high school in addition to can’t enter the mecha high school".
For Yun Fan’s two security guards, there are fears and grudges, and they also have their Mecha High School. Yun Fan, a gatekeeper, has suffered losses and dare not retaliate. However, it is still feasible to keep Yun Fan out of the school gate and prevent Yun Fan from entering Mecha High School through school rules.
Yun Fan took out a medal and two security guards waved it.
"Yuecheng Outstanding Youth Medal?"
"You come to the high school mecha league?"
Two security guards exclaimed at the same time.
Yun Fan put away the medal and nodded slightly to see two security guards. They also glanced at the front and became speechless.
Two security guards immediately back a cool horse to react hurriedly back to Yun Fan gave way.
Into the mecha high school Yun Fan looked at here familiar with everything in the heart sighs!
Everything here is too familiar. I didn’t feel anything when I saw it every day before, but today I came back to school not as a student, but as an’ outstanding young man in Yuecheng’ to participate in the primary election of the high school mecha league. It feels like revisiting the old place!
Or is it a subtle feeling to come to school at the age of a student but revisit the old place?
Today is the primary election day of high school mecha league. Students gather in the square and Yun Fan goes straight to the square.
The square has a huge area, and nearly 2,000 students gather in the square, which still has most swing areas.
Near the rostrum, a square square square with a length of 30 meters was pulled out, and many tables and chairs were placed on the rostrum, and many people were seated.
These people are either high-level school officials or high-level Yuecheng politicians, all of whom are famous figures in Yuecheng, and each of them is a’ congenital’ ancient warrior!
The teacher of "Gang Jing" is not qualified to sit on the podium.
Teachers and students are all outside the 30-meter square, and they all have an audience in this primary election.
It’s just the right time for Yun Fan to come to the podium. All the "innate" repair figures have taken their seats. It seems that the primary election will soon be held.
As soon as Yun Fan entered the square, he was discovered by the students of Grade Three (Class Seven) in Senior High School. Someone shouted "Eh … isn’t that Yun Fan?"
"How can this guy have the face to come to school except for his student status?"
"Today is the primary day school leaders and municipal leaders. His face is really big! I dare to come! "
"He is not arrogant to say to want to attend the high school mecha league? Today is the primary election. Do you really want to participate? "
"To participate in the high school mecha league, you must pass the pre-selection. When he was pre-selected, he was already defeated by the squad leader. How can he be qualified!"
Most of the students are aristocratic brothers, squad leader Cui Yushi, and they are sarcastic when they see Yun Fan.
Of course, one of the students from ordinary backgrounds dances more happily than his family brother.
Fan Tong rushed out from the crowd, pointing to Yun Fan "Dead Sail, what qualifications do you have to come back to school? Get out quickly! "
"Fan Tong how do you talk? Even if Yun Fan is excluded, it will be our classmate. It won’t hinder you if he comes back to see the Mecha League? "
Yun Fan deskmate Wang Nan also came out and waved to Yunfan. "Yun Fan, don’t worry about them and watch with us!"
Several students waved, all of whom were friends with Yun Fan.
Fan Tong hated Yun Fan to death and shouted, "How can a person who has been enrolled by the school have the face to be eligible to go back to school? Roll roll!
There was a lot of noise, and many students looked over here
This made Wang Nan very embarrassed. I didn’t expect Fan Tong to deliberately yell and be afraid of chaos
Yun Fan is, after all, Yuecheng Mecha High School. In addition to his student status, he really wants to be in front of the public. It’s really not qualified to come back!
The big shots on the rostrum also noticed the situation here. A deputy mayor of the municipal government asked, "What’s the situation there?"
Sitting next to the headmaster of Yuecheng Mecha High School, he didn’t know what was going on and asked the vice principal next to him, "What’s going on over there?"
The vice principal asked the administrator beside him, "What’s going on over there?"
The chief administrative officer’ Lu Yinxian’ has forgotten the name Yun Fan for a long time, but just now he vaguely heard the word’ except for student status’ and remembered it again.
Lu Yinxian said, "It seems that a student who was excluded from his school status went back to school privately and was expelled by his classmates!"
The vice principal said, "Now that you have been removed from your student status, you are no longer a student of the school. What day is it today? How can you let other people enter the school? Don’t make a mess when the deputy mayor of animal husbandry visits the school. Go and get the man out of here. "
Liu Yinxian got up. He opened the innate realm of the main administrative office. It is beneath him to expel a student who has been excluded from school.
Liu Yinxian waved to his son Liu Shanggong from the rostrum.