A monkey set of eaq can knock out the angel’s half blood, while the angel eqa is painless to the monkey. This is still the case that the monkey has not reached level 6, otherwise the angel may be killed by a single sheet.

SN’s last hand, the Cantor monkey, is really a success. Even though heshy is full of wild power, there is no way to manipulate the angel to win the Abin monkey, let alone the angel has been targeted for a wave.
When the blind monk completed the detour, he raided the defense tower from triangle grass in the half area. The fate of the angel heshy was doomed. Without the angel root of level 6, there would be no self-protection ability.
A bin monkey took the lead in fighting against the tower, and an eaq directly beat the angel to death, and then the blind monk took advantage of the sound wave for two days to take away the angel’s head, and then W touched the monkey and evacuated.
The blind monk and the monkey cooperated with each other, and the whole movement over the tower was very simple. The angel fell to the ground and died without much resistance.
"it’s too easy for heshy to die. The damage of monkeys and blind monks has overflowed. It’s very easy to cross the tower in SN wild."
"Angels are like this. Heroes are so fragile that they are easily targeted in the early stage, and there is no way to protect their development until they reach level 16 in the later stage."
"This slow-paced hero has no qualification at present, and I don’t know how coach Yun Ge suddenly chose an angel list for heshy."
Duoduo Wang shook his head, and his eyes were full of regret for Lu heshy’s tragic situation. He didn’t expect that a game of beating SNheshy by himself would be targeted so badly.
Only five minutes after the game, heshy has been killed twice, which is comparable to the treatment of biubiu, that is, heshy’s basic work is better, and the angel tower mending knife has not been dropped or pulled too much.
However, the angel has been killed twice, and it is absolutely impossible to be a monkey opponent. Although Abin did not get the head, he also got a lot of assists and Tapi economy
The most important thing is that the experience and level are ahead. After the angel was killed, the monkey has risen to the sixth level, and the whole level is ahead, which makes Abin monkey have a fuck.
Facing the line, there is a five-level angel monkey without hesitation. E goes to aq to make a big move, and then W moves slightly behind the angel to make a big blow again.
Just now, the line angel was killed by the monkey again. This time, it is a shame to kill the angel alone. There is no room for resistance in the hands of the six-level monkey. It is like a toy being ravaged by love.
"Lying trough ice! He killed heshy alone! "
"The roles have been reversed, and it turns out that heshy was beaten up one day. This change is really too fast, and he was beaten up after killing this game indiscriminately."
"This single kill is too simple, and the angel root can’t hit the monkey. It’s too dependent to hit the fly with two big moves. Even if the angel has big moves, there is no way to avoid being killed by a single sheet."
"Pure bp crush this angel is a person can choose? It’s better to pull a monkey than Shan Weien. What eggs does this angel have? "
"Although heshy was killed by a sheet, this pot must be carried by coach Yun Ge. Well, angel roots can’t beat monkeys."
"It’s really a bp problem, but the road-to-line has sent an angel a ticket to die three times in six minutes."
For the tragic situation of the road, many viewers blame coach Yun Ge. From the current situation, it is not a monkey against the root of the line.
When heshy comes back to the line again, he can wait for the tower to develop. As soon as the defense line comes out, the tower monkey will have the opportunity to kill heshy again.
Good angels have also succeeded. The tower has risen to the sixth level. There is a big wave tower. Angels can protect themselves. It is still difficult for monkeys to cross the tower and kill angels.
When the blind monk pointed at the road, Xiao Leyan successfully controlled the first waterspout, which made up for the rhythm disadvantage of the wild area a little.
Six minutes of Xiaolong can also give some comfort to the line, especially for the angel who has collapsed. The reply of Shuilong is very important for the wretched development of other towers.
Sf blind monk didn’t choose to control the resources after he got a huge advantage. Six blind monks caught a wave of middle road to suppress Tsar Syndra.
Sf’s idea is very good. Now that the road has been hit, monkeys can kill the angels alone, so don’t put too much energy into it.
The czar in the middle of the road is still suppressed by Sindra. If we can help the czar fight the situation, then the SN wave will be really stable. It is difficult for the team with the advantage of Nakano to be turned over.
However, Sf completely underestimated Rkie Sindra’s fighting capacity level 6. Syndra has gradually entered the peak period, especially when heshy is at a disadvantage, Rkie operation has become more ferocious.
Different from this game, Rkie didn’t go to the wild area to support Xiao Leyan. He planned that Syndra would always maintain high-intensity suppression.
Tsar angel obviously felt the difficulty of alignment, and he was always suppressed by Sinde Lamian Noodles during the alignment period. Even if the blind monk came to gank, he could not help much.
What Sf is so fat that the blind monk was almost killed by Syndra. In the face of the aggressive blind monk Rkie, a qewr repeatedly recruited the blind monk to maim the excited Sf face and poured a pot of cold water. The middle road was not the place where he ran wild.
Fortunately, Sf ran fast with a genial smile and slipped away without giving Rkie a chance to kill alone, but it was aggressive and came back. The failure of this wave of gank also stopped the rhythm of SN.
However, after Syndra released the big move, Tsar angel in the middle of the road breathed a sigh of relief. He took the opportunity to push out the line of soldiers, which was a big relief.
Chapter three hundred and twenty Even
Minutes later, after seeing that his big move was getting better, Bin planned to kill heshy by Taqiang, but the angel still held the big move in his hand and the flash of heshy had cooled down.
Heshy first flashed into the depths of the defensive tower in an attempt to avoid the monkey’s harm, but Abin followed the flash decisively, and the monkey attempted to kill the angel again with a set of skills in two big moves.
However, the residual blood heshy succeeded in making a big move to avoid the subsequent injury of the monkey, and continued to resist the injury of the three defense towers, and finally the monkey fell down.
However, before he died, the monkey knocked the angel to death with a stick, and Bin successfully completed the tower solo killing again, but compared with the wave of solo killing, this wave was not very profitable.
"Ah Bin was really young and energetic, and he killed heshy again, but there was a reward compared with the angel monkey who had been killed four times."
"It’s better for heshy to exchange the head with the angel tower, and the monkey doesn’t make this wave at all, but it’s a relief for the angel to get a head."
Duoduo Wang’s understanding of the game can be seen at a glance that Abin’s impulse gave heshy a chance to develop.
"Abin has played very well. After all, his single killing is that heshy can finish single killing continuously. Abin’s future can be expected."
Hearing Ria echo Wang Duoduo’s smile, there was not much because the vase didn’t notice the significance of this wave of head exchange.
Before the tower exchanges heads, the angel of heshy can develop in a wretched way, and if he wants to get out of the defensive tower, he may be killed by a monkey alone.
However, after exchanging heads, the angel added a wave of development, and with the promotion of the level, the angel was qualified to pull the monkey.
A late-stage export hero angel is definitely the better in the later stage. It is the hardest time for an angel in the middle stage, but the situation is different after the monkey sends himself out with a bounty head.
It’s a step and a half down, and now the experience is ahead, leaving a half-stage pre-crash situation, which is getting smaller and smaller for heshy heroes.
Although it seems to be an anodyne exchange of heads, it has a great impact in practice. Heroes like angels have to be held down without a wave of mistakes. Once they are given a chance to develop, the consequences are simply unimaginable.
Young and energetic, Bin Gen didn’t expect these two sides, P, to return to the line, and the monkey suppressed the angel to the tower again, but the angel had slowly fought back.
After Angel Level 6, it has become a remote front. Because the equipment disadvantage is too great, it is not painful for heshy to fight back, but with the existing equipment support, heshy is already operational.
Although the angel’s equipment is still a little worse than that of monkeys, angels have the advantage of long hands after all. heshy’s precise control of distance makes him always get stuck at a suitable distance and gradually consumes the monkey’s patience.
Just entered the professional arena, A Bin was a little impatient. After the angel teased the monkey a little, A Bin couldn’t help it. He forced himself to chase the tower and hit the angel. As a result, he was beaten by the defense tower, and most of the monkeys lost their blood.
Heshy didn’t miss this good opportunity. Before the angel directly pursued, he was beaten by the monkey, and his heart was full of fire.
So this scene appeared on the road. A 14-angel chased 212 monkeys and beat the live audience. The audience did not accept the rapid change of the road.
"If I am not mistaken, this angel has just killed twice, and his record is already one bar four. Why does he dare to chase the monkey?"
"If you don’t understand, ask who is the advantage of angels and monkeys."
"It’s not fair. What angels are long hands? Long hands bully short hands."
"No, it can turn? Heshy also said that you don’t know martial arts! "
"As soon as I came in, I saw the angel beating the monkey or chasing the old and cruel."
Not only did the audience not understand Abin, but they also wondered how this angel dared to chase him out and fight. Isn’t he afraid that I will kill him? My monkey has such a big advantage in alignment.
But when Ah Bin was going to fight back, the angel behind him slapped the monkey and directly beat the monkey into blood.