"Each of them can choose one that can be watched once a day for an hour, and even after seven days, whether they have learned the theory of * * will leave this valley." Yan Fei Yang Ruxingqi, the nanny of this group, pointed to the explanation of the crazy people.

Xing qi always felt that Yan Fei yang would smile at himself every time he finished his explanation, which made Xing qi feel happy. But Yan Fei yang deliberately explained it to himself and there was no meaning in explaining it to everyone. Xing qi thanked Yan Fei yang for his kindness and laughed at it.
Passing through a small village, Xingqi waited at the gate of a large courtyard. At the gate of the courtyard with dozens of acres, sat an old man who was dozing, dressed in an old robe, with gray hair and a full face of beard.
Blood Yang smile came to the old man’s side without saying a word, but three people, Yan Zun and Ying Zun, bowed down to the sleepy old man and other talents to put away their contempt. This humble old man turned out to be a fighter and a strong fighter.
The old man’s shadow statue of three fights only reached out a finger to point to the feelings of the garden gate. Just now, if the shadow statue of three people didn’t salute, they wouldn’t let him enter the shadow statue of three people, but he stepped in with a smile on his face and followed them. Of course, everyone dared not go out.
Xingqi and others just turned the small courtyard wall and heard a sudden sound. "Are these the outstanding people who have experienced this time?" A blue-haired young man and a red-haired beauty looked at the blood-yang four men, handsome and long, and the blue-haired young red-haired beauty looked puzzled.
"Hehe, Blanche Beverly, you two are here, and your master is here?" Blood Yang walked over and looked at the two beauties without any eye influence.
"Hum!" This time, Ying Zun, Yan Zun and Yan Zun all responded with a cold hum. The three did not give Lan Qi and Beverly two good looks.
"Ha-ha, I’ve heard that many young Junjie appeared this time, but even the five Dan medicines were not well prepared, so I came to see them." An old man with a beard came out from a side door.
"Oh Teutonic old man you this old deathlessly and luxury this? Are you looking for Les? " Blood-yang goes straight to the point.
"Hey, hey, borrow something from Les." Teutonic was not annoyed and pointed to Blanche and Beverly with a smile on his face.
Blood Yang discovered that Blanche and Beverly both reached the peak of Samsung’s imperial level. As soon as Bai Butun found Les, he came to ask for the two six Dan’s. Did Blood Yang ever play Les’s two six Dan’s? Looking at Teutonic with a smile, I knew it was successful, but I didn’t know how much money this meal cost to tell Les that fellow.
Follow the blood Yang played hello Teutonic and left with two migrant brothers. When three people saw Teutonic, this fellow came out and kept silent like a frost, so that Tao Xingqi and others quickly got out of the way.
After this slot, the flame statue, the shadow statue and the rock statue lost their interest and left first. Anyway, the blood yang was the only one. At this time, the blood yang was very sympathetic to the three venerable ones, so he led the people into the courtyard and finally stopped at Shimen with three big characters.
This time, Blood Yang said to the crowd, "Everyone can choose two copies * * and come here every day for an hour to participate in research * *. You can also look at the previous experience. You can stay in this valley for a month and choose * * for half an hour today." With a wave of blood Yang’s hand, everyone followed the smoke and flew to the Sutra Pavilion, but Xingqi was left alone by Blood Yang.
"Xingqi Hehe, what do you want for helping me win the bet this time, but I will try my best to satisfy you?" Xueyang looked at a calm face and Xingqi was not surprised that he left it.
What kind of young man is this? He is calm, calm and talented. He is in his twenties. The emperor of the four Dan divisions also said that he has strong perseverance and such achievements are even more valuable. He is wise and wise. Can he or she not live to the present?
Excellent young people don’t know if they have reached the top of the wave. This time, they helped themselves win the bet, but they offended Sandou Zun and many bucket emperors, and they also made a splash.
The more you look at Xingqi, the more pleasing you feel. Now it may be a great potential stock in the eyes of Xingqi in the best period. Although I don’t know what chess Xingqi is in those old demon hands, Xingqi is really worth helping with.
There is also a big reason for the situation that the wind and waves are strange, because I let myself participate in the Association Silk Association to offend the three people, namely, Shadow Zun, Yan Zun and Yan Zun. Of course, Blood Yang can also imagine the calculation of the three fights among the experience.
"Thank blood Yang’s adult for patronizing. It’s Xingqi’s copy. If you have any requirements, Xingqi really has a hope that adults can allow it." Xingqi bowed his head toward blood Yang and said.
Xingqi really asked for it, but let the blood stay. This fellow didn’t even dodge it, so he just hit the snake stick? It’s always surprising to get Blood Yang ready to talk. Young Blood Yang doesn’t talk anymore, indicating that Star Qi will pick up the request.
"Please forgive Xingqi for cheating, Yang’s adult. Xingqi has no identity to participate in the experience, but is an alias Xingyun Day." Xingqi bowed to Yang again.
"Oh, ha ha, it’s no problem. I have long known that you are a star in the nebula. I forgive you." Blood Yang put a bucket of honour for the first time and followed a bucket of emperor to talk like this. It’s still a bit strong to laugh.
"Hehe, you can ask for another class, such as Wudan, or I can give you some or join our door?" Blood Yang urged tone said
Seeing that the blood yang can’t bear the stars, the wizards are relieved. What did the blood yang see just now? It seems that it really supplements their own stars. At this time, they looked up at the blood yang. "If I can, I want to make a deal with adults?"
"Deal with yourself?" This time, let the blood Yang come to the interest. If the emperor says that he wants to make a deal with himself, the blood Yang will be regarded as a joke. Will the emperor have something to fight for? But Xing Qi is an exception among the emperors, because of those old demon chess.
"Blood Lord, you know that I am a Dan teacher, and I know that blood Lord, you have got a piece of Fengxiang Mufengxiangmu, which is very important for a Dan teacher like me. * * I want to exchange some Fengxiangmu with you." Xing Qi’s words made blood Yang’s face change greatly. This fellow actually started playing Fengxiangmu, which he just got.
"I’ve got something through experience. I’m sure you’ll agree with Lord Xueyang." Xingqi took out his thumb from the mustard and a big hard shell stone with a blue aperture, and Xingqi’s blood overflowed.
"Blue and purple!" See xingqi take out hard shell stone blood yang eyes staring at the boss a face can’t believe it, but blood yang absence is just a moment immediately restored calm.
And the quiet courtyard suddenly heard a few exclamations! There were two old men beside Yang with blood. One saw the bearded old man at the door just now, and the other was a middle-aged man with blond hair. Both of them were guarding Yadian Silk Tibetan Pavilion. Xie Mo and Les looked at the blue and purple in the hands of Xing Qi eagerly. If Yang with blood was not there, they might also rob him.
Looking at her calmly, the bright smile appeared on her face. It was so interesting that Xueyang ignored the two old men and looked at Xingqi with a puzzled look. "Aren’t you afraid I didn’t swallow you?" Said the blood Yang eyes still star strange body straight aim up.
"I believe that you, Yang’s adult, and you, the master of body rank, won’t rob me at most, which also forces me to exchange things. Otherwise, it would be too humiliating." Yang and the other two old men were a little embarrassed by this statement by Xing Qi, and the two old men also looked at the blue and purple eyes and converged a lot, and their faces were full of Hu, Hu, Hu, and Xie Mo, and a face of positive spirits.
"Such a big blue purple black, you also know the value for me. A small piece of phoenix fragrant wood is quite worthless to you. Say, do you have any other requirements? I will try my best to celebrate and promise you." Blood Yang looked at two old men next to him with a face of impulse. If he didn’t agree with him, he would squeeze himself aside.
"Of course not. I’m a Dan teacher, and I need some." There was a knife in the hand of Xing Qi, and I left a nail for myself. I glanced at the other two heads, expressing Xing Qi’s heart, sighing and flattering and saying good things.
"I want to protect my family and me for thousands of years. Of course, it would be nice if I had some unnecessary medicinal materials for my blood." Xing Qi finally said his ultimate goal
When I heard Xingqi’s words, I meditated again. I didn’t quickly answer myself to find medicine. Just let the smoke fly Yang break through the honour level. It should be possible to reach the honour level with Dan medicine for a hundred years, and then give myself this burden to the world. Of course, it is impossible to guard the Millennium blood Yang of Xingqi family. I believe that it is possible to reach the honour level with this talent of Xingqi for a hundred years.
"Well, I can protect your family and you for a hundred years, and then I will give you a large number of medicinal materials for a hundred years, so I can’t promise." The blood yang will give a reply like this.
"good!" Xingqi, if you are too good, will accept it. This time, you have offended the other three bucket statues. This blue and purple Uxingqi is really reluctant to take it out. Xingqi is also very confident that it will reach the level in a hundred years.
Heavy mourning for the people who died in the disaster, Yushu people wish the disaster will go away early, Yushu people will start again to create a beautiful home, and the lover of the disaster will win the disaster with love! Great China people rise!
【 Chapter 26 】 The Pavilion of Scripture Stories
The Yatian Silk Sutra Pavilion was established seven thousand years ago in mainland China. * * Because many dou Zun organized themselves to gather dozens of imperial books * *, and after more than seven thousand years, nearly a thousand imperial books were collected from the Yatian Silk Sutra Pavilion.