Levi can also infer how much power Field has less, and the conclusion is that pure power Levi can still compete with him now.

This is why Li Wei is worried.
Now he didn’t feel worried about more and more around him, but his strength was too weak.
He has asked Zhang Yaokun to spread out the secret hall of the first reorganization successfully. One of the targets is Hidden Dragon!
There’s nothing he can do now. There are too few people. Although he has put the secret hall funds into the budget as high as 200 million, the information is still limited. This is not an overnight success. Now they can’t get the field family information, and the ghost door information is even more difficult to get even the information of the triad society
Now the secret hall has also obtained some information about Yu Hidden Dragon. With the expansion of their power, except for the top hidden dragon, it has been hidden.
Until their family flew to Beijing, all the forces did not move.
It’s not easy to wait for others to react first, but Ouyang Tiange never woke up, and Li Wei also left first
The residence of Xiangshan Villa is much smaller than that of the sea, and each room is not as big as that of the sea room, but it is more than enough to live in Levi’s family. Lin Min said that it would be better to feel more at home. Xiaoqing said that she still lives in the rented house, and Lin Min disagreed.
Li Wei also checked the security system and redone it. Cao Yue personally led a team to protect Qin Shouyi’s family.
Settle down where Li Wei didn’t call Boss Zhao and asked the driver to take him directly to the Crystal Palace, ignoring Boss Zhao’s excitement. How about asking the injured brother first?
In addition to the death of a brother, there were two broken hands and one broken foot. Li Weixian treated the injured person.
Twenty people from the sea are called Zhao by the special soldier, who is also named Zhao Tangzhu. He has been determined that the deputy director of the war hall is very good at kung fu after reorganization, and he has a good command of defending and blocking shelters. Wu Jichang sent him specially.
____ _w_w_w____ ___o_m
Li Wei asked them how the triad society closed. The answer surprised him. They didn’t find a foothold in the triad society except these nightclubs.
This surprised Li Wei. It seems that the Japanese have become very cautious. He wanted to check it himself. He still ordered Zhao Tangzhu to go back to the sea with ten people, leaving ten people to Zhao Boss and calling Zhang Yaokun to ask him to arrange secret hall people to check it. This is the first concrete thing he arranged for secret hall.
What does it matter if you want these forces to do everything yourself?
Zhang Yifan didn’t fly to Beijing with them. He left with Susu the day before Li Wei and them flew to Beijing. He said that there was something wrong with Susu’s breath, so he had to take her back to Wudang to let his master have a look. However, Li Wei said that he finally took Li Wei to give him a message, otherwise it would be really exciting to find him if he had something to do.
Life seems to be on a normal track again.
Xiao Qing and You go to school together at noon every day, rest in the school dormitory or Levi’s rented house, and the girls in Qiao Ya’s dormitory are very close to each other. They have to pull the three of them to live in the villa together at night, and I don’t know why the girls have so much to say.
Sorrow led them quietly to see Ouyang Tiange, and they couldn’t help admiring that she had lost some weight to be beautiful and beautiful. "She is really like a sleeping beauty in a fairy tale. I wish her king would kiss her and wake her up earlier."
Qin Shouyi arranged a position for you in the Beijing branch, and went to the company for two half-day classes every week to learn about the company’s operating conditions and information, and then took control of the company to make preparations. If mom Lin Min is in good health, Qin Shouyi will arrange for her to study abroad at the annual meeting. Of course, I haven’t told Lin Min yet.
After knowing that Qin Shouyi has also been Bai Liwei, it is impossible to be bound by a group of many dissenting Confucian.
Walking slowly on the path leading to the top of the mountain, watching the red sunset fall in the west, some have no heat left to hit the flaming leaves. During the day, her heart is tightly holding Li Wei’s arm and her body is leaning against him. She has never been alone with Li Wei, and the situation is so romantic that she is walking with her lover on the Momijiyama trail.
During the day, Li Wei has been helping his big brother Google on a surface to manage the worldly things of Qingcheng School. Li Wei also asked her if she would go back to help her brother during the day and said that she would follow him. Li Wei asked her to organize the hotel with Lang Yu and Yu Chengguang on her behalf these days.
In fact, Li Wei specially asked out his daytime heart today to ask him a question. He said, "Tianxin, if I mean if I become another person, well, I mean that my appearance has changed. Of course, my identity will change. What would you do if I was not injured now?" Will you still like me? "
I looked at him strangely during the day. Why did he ask such a strange question? But I immediately said, "Of course I love the truth. Is your identity nothing to us?" I won’t be used to it just now, but you know that when we practice yu Nu Su Xuan Jing, we will feel that the soul has become different in you. If you want me to be with you, I will be able to tell if it is really you. "
She was a little embarrassed to bow her head and blush and said, "Actually, when Master left, she told me that I had practiced the Xuan Sutra of yu Nu Su on the third floor, and Coco practiced with you."
Of course, Li Wei understands that she can practice together, which means that she can practice with him. At the beginning, Li Wei heard Mei Qing say that the double cultivation of the Jade Fox Heart Sutra will have better results after practicing on the third floor, and if the soul is connected during the double cultivation, it will not be a problem who she will like.
In fact, since Ouyang Tiange was in a coma, both the heart and Xiao Qing seemed to have a tacit understanding during the day, and neither of them took the initiative to find Levi alone.
Listen to her words, Levi put his arm around her shoulder and they climbed to the top of the mountain together.
Looking at the sunset in the distance, Li Wei’s mind has fallen at the end of the sky. Well, I like her. No matter how far the way back is, I will have her with me. Of course, there are songs.
Before it got dark, the two men went back to the villa hand in hand. When they came back from school, they didn’t find Li Wei Xiaoqing and saw their figure and quietly returned to the room.
As soon as Qin Shouyi saw him coming back, he called Li Wei to his room alone with a heavy heart. He said, "There is something wrong with sending people to take over foreign branches, and the Eastern European branch has successfully taken over. Others have been driven back, and what is more serious is that the people sent to Canada and South Africa have lost their alliance for no reason. What do you think should be done now?"
From the day I saw that someone sent by the Qin Council turned into a werewolf, Qin Shouyi knew that many things were out of his control. If he hadn’t suddenly found this son, not only would he lose all his efforts, but perhaps his family’s life.
See Qin Shouyi asked him what to do. Li Wei laughed. "Dad, don’t worry too much about these things. Let’s withdraw the people sent to us now. There is no doubt that the family Council did these things. Now that they have already started, it’s time for us to fight back."
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The second volume The world of mortals move Chapter one hundred Planning
The second volume The world of mortals move Chapter one hundred Planning
The next day, Qin Huang Tuan announced that the leader of the overseas head office would be replaced, and the president of the new overseas company would be borne by Qin Shang, the heir of Qin Huang Tuan.
At the same time, Qin Shouyi, the owner of the company, has transferred the shares of the entire overseas company to Qin Shangming, accounting for about 30% of the total assets of the Qin Emperor Group.
At the same time, 20% of the company’s shares will be transferred to his daughter Qin You, and 10% of the company’s shares will be transferred to his wife Lin Min, and 5% of the shares will be set aside from Qin Shouyi’s name for stock incentive again, so that the company structure will be more perfect.
While Li Wei was waiting for his passport, Limitang gave him news that he had found the foothold of the Japanese Sanhe Society. It was yesterday that they had more than 30 Japanese people at the airport, neither entering the Japanese company’s residence nor staying in major hotels, but came to a holiday farm in the suburbs.
Nowadays, there are many natural agricultural products and farm flavors in the holiday farm in the suburbs of Beijing, which can really attract many tourists from the city. Now there are Japanese people here, and then it turns out that this farm is invested by Japanese people.
It’s a few kilometers away, surrounded by farmland, and then there are shelterbelts and natural forests. The scenery is very general. It’s impossible for ordinary Japanese to come to China for a holiday.
The secret hall staff didn’t dare to get close to the high-tech equipment at the intersection of the city. Sure enough, more than 20 people entered the city early this morning and dispersed into several nightclubs robbed by the Japanese.
Li Wei couldn’t help laughing when he received the news. He was worried that if he stayed abroad for too long, Boss Zhao and Duanmu Chengrui wouldn’t be able to withstand the Japanese again. The Japanese were considering whether to go to the nightclub of Sanhe Club in person in these two days to make something to draw out the people behind the scenes. Unexpectedly, Japanese reinforcements arrived, but they just exposed their foothold.
This saved Levi a lot of trouble.
Li Wei doesn’t know if they are newcomers. These people are from Takeda, who is now in charge of the Yamaguchi group.
Leading the team is brother Takeda Shinichi, who claims to be the second horizontal force of the Black Dragon Club. Ping Ye is coming to Murayama Yukio to compete for the leadership of the triad society.
In fact, these days, Murayama Xiong has been on pins and needles.
Sanhe Club has been operating in China for the longest time and has the strongest influence. Besides Hong Kong, it is the sea, and Murayama Xiongyi has become a gangster with his outstanding performance in these two places and his status as the brother-in-law of blade master, Gao Qiao and Taketaro.
But now the sea forces suddenly collapsed, leaving him little chance to resist. Although he decided to expand the Beijing market, he brought half of his manpower, but the sea still has two swordsmen, four soul refiners and nearly 20 ninjas.