"I can’t stop the Prime Minister’s major cities, and now people’s grievances are boiling. Once the guards come to suppress the people, the major cities will collapse!"

"My Lord, when you move the capital across the country, you will find a great location. You will be able to reach Gusu in three days at most if you drive straight."
Bo Bo’s face is ugly. "Goujian? Hello, deep and shrewd! "
Bo Bo’s presence in Gusu City can also be used to resist soldiers at the moment, but most of them have been taken to Chu by Fu Cha, and a small number of major cities are full of people’s grievances at the moment.
The Vietnamese army is on a roll all the way
Song’s army also contained Wu’s troops.
Is Nuo Da Wu actually a soldier at the moment?
Bo Bo trembled with anger.
After three days of bad news, I don’t know what to say
"It is reported that the Vietnamese army has arrived at the mouth of Taihu Lake and the horse is going to Gusu City, Prime Minister!" An official panic inexplicably roared
Taihu Lake Mouth?
Taihu lake mouth
Gou Jian, Fan Li and Zheng Dan are paying homage to an orphan grave at the moment.
Xi Shi’s tomb
Looking at Xi Shi’s grave, Fan Li trembled and her eyes became red.
Gou Jian also has a hatred in his eyes.
Zheng Dan’s eyes are cold
"Departure target Gusu City!" Goujian a roar loud
"Hey!" A hundred thousand troops roared
Travel-stained all the way to kill well, smooth all the way to victory and high morale than.
Two hours later.
Goujian led hundreds of troops have arrived in Gusu city, far looking at the cold ratio in the eyes of the tower.
The largest tower in Gusu City
Bo Ai looked at hundreds of troops in the distance and suddenly fell down with a soft body.
At this moment, a sudden streamer rushed into Gusu City in the distance.
"who?" The soldiers exclaimed.
"It’s me!" Fu Cha immediately a drink.
"Your majesty, your majesty, you are finally back!" Bo Bo jumped with surprise.
"Bang!" Fu Cha will kick down with one foot.
"You idiot, I gave you the kingdom of Wu and you just sat there?" Fu Cha nu way
"Your majesty tried his best!" "Bo cry way
Gou Jian’s eyes were cold in the distant army of 100 thousand
"Fu Cha! It’s really time for you to come back! " Goujian cold drink a way
Fu Cha this just let go of "Bo" with the tortoise demon king stepping on the tower and looking at Goujian’s cold eyes in the distance.
The decisive battle against the city is imminent.
And not far from a mountain peak.
Hades with Niu Mowang negative hand and cold eyes looked at the center of the battlefield.
Chapter one hundred and forty-one Turtle demon king calculation
Gusu south tower!
Fu Cha and Turtle Devil finally came back at this critical moment.
Can Wu Guobing? Gusu is in danger? Gou Jian is in the city?
Fu Cha didn’t worry too much, because he still relied on the Turtle Devil!
If you want to take Gou Jian’s army of crossing the country, you will be defeated.
Fu Cha looked at Gou Jian coldly. "Gou Jian, you are so bold!"
Gou Jian’s eyes were cold and said, "Fu Cha, your perverse behavior has caused Wu Guomin to be miserable, and heaven can’t stand it. I’ve come to raise an army and fight violence!"
"Reverse? Ha, ha, ha, ha, Gou Jian, you are really eloquent. If you hadn’t done good deeds, why would my State of Wu be like this? " Fu Cha gas pole and laughed
"Hum, nothing can change the fact, Fu Cha. Now that you and I are in contact with each other, you and I will come out to fight!" Goujian big drink a way
Fu Cha gave a cold light. "You don’t deserve it!"
During the dialogue between Gou Jian and Fu Cha, Fan Li looked at Zheng Dan and said, "Look, Miss Zheng …!"
Zheng Dan frowned and said, "I’m sure I have no problem with Fu Cha, but the turtle demon king is tricky!"
"Then please ask Miss Zheng to pin down the turtle demon king. I’ll go to Gusu as soon as possible and slay Fu Cha Fu Cha. The turtle demon king has not entangled again. Maybe you should pay attention to safety!" Fan Li solemnly said
Zheng Dan nodded. "I’ll pay attention!"