They looked at the young boy with African claws in the ring with horror.

Kill it!
Open half a saint was killed by a seven-story fighter with a palm!
If someone tells them the news, they will definitely slap them and laugh at each other.
Man can be a semi-holy opponent unless a saint makes a move.
But when the truth really happened, they felt like dreaming.
White only half saint strong man.
I was really slapped to death by Li Xuandao.
Just now, those cold words Li Jiadi closed his mouth.
They were afraid that Li Xuandao would settle accounts with them and slip away when everyone was not looking.
Li Zongren face panic repeatedly retreat.
He didn’t even come to pick up Li Changsheng’s body, so he ran away without looking back.
"I hope you can all remember today."
Suddenly a cold sound came on.
Li Xuandao stepped in the previous step and pointed to Bai Zhiran’s body. Sen’s cold eyes swept across the field. Everyone suddenly shouted, "This … is to offend my Li Xuan Dojo!"
Chapter 47 Nine engagement
A slap in the face stops the door from opening.
But everyone has been shocked by what happened today, and there is no mind to watch it.
Kill Li Changsheng with one finger
Clap one’s hand to death and stop it.
Everyone doubts whether he is dreaming.
What Li Xuandao did today simply subverted all their perceptions.
When Li Duanqi took the initiative to admit defeat and the Li family declared that Li Xuandao was the master of the Li family.
Everyone fled the Li family as if they were dead.
Meanwhile, the Lijia backyard
Li Baihe was lying in a big bed, pale and so weak.
"What’s the situation?"
Li Xuandao went into the room and asked.
Li Baihe or secretly helped him since he woke up. Although Li Xuandao didn’t say it, he never forgot it in his heart.
Because of this, he only avenged Li Baihe with a slap in the face.
"I report that the situation is not optimistic."
A door elder lowered his voice and said, "The master’s injuries have already hurt his insides, unless Master Muzhou Chixiao is willing to forge a meteorite-stopping Dan for us …"
"I see."
Li Xuandao nodded and sat by the bed.
The door elder bowed his hand and turned and left the room.
"Li Xuandao, you have grown up."
Li Baihe coughed a face and flashed a bit of love. "I can see you as the master of the Li family with my own eyes. After I finally gave it to you, I was relieved to die."
"Uncle, don’t talk nonsense."
Li Xuandao grabbed Li Baihe and said softly, "You won’t die, I will definitely get the meteorite-stopping Dan."
"Ha ha all so-called"
Li Baihe shook his head, his eyes flashing with memories. "It’s a pity that your father handed you over to me and asked me to raise you. You were also hurt by a mysterious person. Although I was the master of the Li family, I was controlled by Li Zongren. I felt guilty watching you get rushed to the hut."
"Uncle has passed it?"
Li Xuandao smiled slightly. "I’m not fine now, but I’m the master of the Li family. Do you feel guilty?"
"That’s right"
Li Baihe’s eyes lit up and said, "It’s a good thing that you’re lucky enough to rise again and become the master of the Li family, otherwise I’ll really be ashamed to face your father in the future."
Li Xuandao’s spirit shook his eyes and flashed a cold mountain. "Uncle killed me at the beginning. Do you know who it was?"
Li Baihe’s face sank and gave Li Xuandao a wink.
Li Xuandao immediately took out a few pieces of spar from Gankun Ring and immediately raised a mysterious light to cover the whole room.
"Uncle, you can rest assured that this is a sound insulation array."
Li Xuandao confidently said, "Only the saints and the strong can hear our conversation."
"this is good"
Li Baihe gasped, "I have been investigating over the years, but I can guess who the murderer is who wants to harm you. It’s just the nine families."
"Nine families?"
Li Xuandao was puzzled. "Which nine families?"
"Ha ha, this should start with your father."
Li Baihe propped himself up like Kan Kan, who was ten years younger.
According to memory, Li Xuandao has no impression of his father.
But he can also know that his father Li Tianlong is a great man.
When Li Tianlong was young, Xuan Huang Dalu was so arrogant that he couldn’t meet his opponent and made a great name.
Because he slaughtered a real dragon, he was given the title of killing a real dragon!
However, one day Li Tianlong suddenly disappeared.
The whole Li family also suffered crazy revenge and went down from then on.
But according to Li Baihe, Li Tianlong seemed to have a hunch before he disappeared
To protect the Li family is also to protect Li Xuandao.
Li Tianlong just extremely tough strength pressure xuan Huang Dalu nine forces bowed their heads and signed nine engagement to Li Xuandao!
Every engagement is not the top talent of the nine forces.