I don’t know why, but she has a familiarity with the bedroom, which feels like her former home.

The position of furniture and the color of curtains will remind her of her memories of her youth, especially the exquisite little alarm clock on the bedside table, which is exactly the same as that of her primary school.
Suddenly, she remembered what Xing Feng had said before. He said that Qu Lu had known her before she went to college. At that time, Xia Zhu thought he was just saying it casually, but now he suspects that what he said is true.
After washing, Xia Zhu hurried out to Louqu Road and was already waiting there.
"Good morning." Qu Lu has been waiting for a long time and brought her breakfast.
"Qu Lushi, you don’t need this." Xia Zhu began to feel pressure.
After all, she is still a married woman. Qu Lu is not ignorant of her thoughts. She accepts his kindness and gives him another chance. At the same time, she pushes Bai Yinting away from her completely.
"Shall I take you to the company?" Qu Lu also strives for his own happiness.
Xing Fengzhen tried to help him. If he didn’t grasp the opportunity, he didn’t.
"I can take the subway or take a taxi. There should be many things in your company, too," Xia Zhu refused.
"Anyway, it’s a drop-off, so I won’t come this day for once," said Qu Lu.
Xia Zhu didn’t react at the moment. Qu Lutian didn’t come because she was going back to school tomorrow and the school didn’t need a shuttle bus nearby.
After getting out of the car, Xia Zhu ate Qu Lu and handed her breakfast. The mood was inexplicable and complicated.
Bai yinting didn’t look for her all night. I don’t guess that he must be with Yimo in the hospital.
Xia Zhu sighed and didn’t want to talk. Her mood was so low that she didn’t want to complain that she took the initiative to quit. She wasn’t a freak.
"Is Xia Zhu really not going to go abroad with me?" Qulu suddenly asked
Xia Zhu turned to look at him. "Did you and Xing Feng know each other a long time ago?"
Xia Zhu asks because Xing Feng sometimes speaks exactly like Qu Lu, and he always speaks for Qu Lu.
"I met Professor Xing later than you." Qu Lu was also curious about what Xing Feng did to help him.
Rather than helping him, he is Xia Zhu, looking for the best home. It is Xia Zhu that recognizes Xing Feng’s return to China this time and tries his best to enter the school.
Xia Zhu doesn’t want to delve into her mind. There are already too many things in her mind. I really don’t want to get entangled in these trivial things.
When I arrived at the door of the company, Xia Zhuche was about to thank Qu Lu, but I saw another car leaving Bai Yinting.
His face is not very good, and his eyes are cold when he comes over, as if he wants to penetrate Xia Zhu and Qu Lu.
"Bai yinting, you want to see me?" Xia Zhu was inexplicably nervous to see him.
It’s as if I really did something wrong and was caught red-handed.
"Xia Zhu, you are really something. You left me and turned to look for him?" Bai yinting is very angry
"Bai Yinting, is it too ugly for you to talk like this?" Qu Lu blocked Xia Zhu’s face.
"This is my internship company, please leave." Xia Zhu doesn’t want to be the focus of the company again
"Are you an internship company?" Bai yinting sneer at a "this company is also me"
"You?" She doesn’t know about Xia Zhu’s one leng.
Qu Lu was also surprised to see Bai Yinting. He was really full of lofty sentiments. When did he buy F company?
Yes, Xia Zhu’s internship went smoothly? Or is it better to monitor her every move?
"Xia Zhu hurt me, but you silently endured and did a lot. You really let me down." Bai Yinting was a little sad.
"Bai Yinting, do you feel great? It’s a pity that you touched yourself." Xia Zhu said and walked into the company.
She was in a mess and felt that every move in her company was under the control of Bai Yinting. It turned out that she was just a doll of Bai Yinting.
"Bai yinting, you and Xia Zhu have broken up now …" qu Lu recognized that Bai yinting should not pester Xia Zhu again.
"I didn’t break up with her. You’d better stay away from her. I won’t let her go in this life." There was a threat to Qu Lu in Bai Yinting’s tone
Qu Lu naturally won’t be afraid of "Bai Yinting". Can’t you see that she has already suffered the pain you brought her? What can’t let her go? "
"Even if I don’t love her, I won’t let you have a chance to wear my leftover clothes. She is the woman you can’t hope for." Bai Yinting’s tone is gloomy and frightening
Maybe he was angry at that time, but it happened that he fell into Xia Zhu’s ear.
She went to the door of the company and returned because she left her wallet in Qulu car.
But now, where does she have any idea to get any wallet? Her heart has already been pained.
It turns out that Bai Yinting is nothing but a chip to contain Qu Lu in her heart.
Xia Zhu’s tears flowed to Qu Lu, but seeing her painful expression also broke his heart.
Bai yinting turned his head and immediately understood everything. he just said nothing.
But it seems that Xia Zhu has turned and ran back to the company, leaving him with a back.
"Xia Zhu" Bai Yinting doesn’t want her to misunderstand and want to chase.
Qu Lu grabbed him. "When do you still want to hurt her, Bai Yinting?"
"Let go of me. If it weren’t for you, how could you get here?" Bai yinting put the blame on qu lushen.
"Whatever you think, I will definitely leave you with Xia Zhu." Qu Lu’s belief is still so firm