"Oh, yes."

Seven nights seems to suddenly remind of something.
Misaka Mikoto turned to look at the past seven nights. What did she want to say to her?
But it’s not
Seven nights didn’t look at her, but looked at Tsukuyomi Komoe with a bunch of grilled squid in his hand.
Misaka Mikoto snorted at this, but the sound was so low that she couldn’t hear herself.
Ignore seven nights and continue to eat.
It’s an ear that seems to stand up, maybe it’s to eavesdrop on a few words
"Is that little nun Macey still there for you?"
Tsukuyomi Komoe nodded.
The little nun naturally means that Index Librorum Prohibitorum has been staying with her these days.
The main thing is that the Dangma dormitory was burnt down by the wizard’s flame that night, and it is currently being renovated. It is estimated that it will take several days to move back.
The former Tsukuyomi Komoe temporarily took them in.
"Sauce and nuns are staying at my place. I’ve been staying at Ai Sui Sauce’s house these days."
Seven nights nodded.
Little nun, it seems that things haven’t been solved yet. If you think about it carefully, it seems a week from meeting little nun to solving things.
It is estimated that it will take two or three days.
This matter is troublesome to say and to do.
Without too much entanglement.
Just about to change the subject, Tsukuyomi Komoe asked.
"Won’t you help them for seven nights?"
"Help what?"
"Index Librorum Prohibitorum seems to have some trouble. I’m afraid he can’t handle it."
"Ah, no problem."
Seven nights shook his head.
It’s better to stay out of these things, or who knows what Resta will think.
Now two people stay out of trouble and do things for seven nights, and Resta does things for Resta. Although they have never met or spoken, they seem to have a tacit understanding.
Tsukuyomi Komoe wanted to say something, but Misaka Mikoto suddenly became curious and asked.
"What nun?"
"A nun is a nun, like in a church."
"I remember that you seem to be followed by a witch-wearing girl. Why did a nun come out again?"
Wearing a witch naturally refers to the goddess Qiu Sha.
I met him once before the SevenhMis Fog and introduced myself as an acquaintance.
"What’s strange about me knowing a nun in the white archbishop of the shrine?"
Seven nights shrugged.
There must be a witch in the shrine, followed by a nun or nuns.
This is a normal thing.
Misaka Mikoto pie pie doesn’t believe in seven nights’ nonsense.
But if you think about seven nights, this guy seems to be quite feminine.
Well, it should be said that it is quite popular with little girls.
Accompanied by a witch and a little girl, I heard in school that I often secretly do something with married light and Awatsuki Maaya, a first-grade Bay silk protector.
It is said that it is to cooperate with the experiment. What
In addition, I also met with Zuotian Tears and Uiharu Kazari, although it seems to be limited to understanding.
Then it was dark in Shirai.
Seven Nights and White Well Black …
Well, how can I put it?
It’s just that Shiraishi is not happy to watch seven nights, but outsiders seem to think it’s very good, which means "it’s not that friends don’t get together"
Such a thought is inexplicably a little uncomfortable.