"Is Captain Zhou busy today?" Yao Zhizhao took off his gloves and shook hands with Zhou Jiefang.

Zhou Jiefang, take a closer look around. Although no one comes here at ordinary times, everyone is busy with their work, and they dare not touch these people who have made mistakes.
"Go to Dr. Liu’s house."
Said the three men went to the house.
Although Liu Liangzhou was in a bad mood, he still had a good attitude. He got up and poured a bowl of hot tea for Zhou Jiefang, which he had just cooked.
Zhou Jiefang looked at this circle and people didn’t know how to open their mouths and silently took out their things.
"This was sent by Mr. Yao and said to be eaten by Mr. Zheng." After that, look at their faces. He didn’t understand anything.
Liu Liangzhou is the only one who understands medicine, but he also has no hope that no one can cure the disease of gastric cancer. What’s worse, it is such a place.
"Thank Mr. Yao for my kindness. She probably ate it and lost it." Liu Liangzhou thanked him sincerely. He really helped himself a lot.
Zhou liberation is a bit anxious. After all, this is what Teacher Yao specifically told himself to do.
"This, this, I think it’s better to try. Teacher Yao hasn’t left yet, so I’m waiting at the brigade headquarters directly."
Yao Zhizhao doesn’t understand medicine, but he knows that his granddaughter is not simple, and maybe there will be a turn for the better.
"Yes, Dr. Liu, I think it’s better to try it. What if? And at least look at what’s in it."
Liu Liangzhou sighed and touched the bottle to take a look, but it was just that look. This thing is really very similar. When he studied with the teacher, an ancient book recorded the noodles and saw that it was called white light medicine to treat stomach diseases. It was very detailed. What is the sunshine and humidity at each stage from germination to growth, but it has long been lost? How can it be so similar?
When Yao Zhizhao saw Liu Liangzhou look straight in the eye, he knew that there was a scene that gave Zhou Xingyue a look.
"How about Dr. Liu?" Liu Jiefang was uneasy. Teacher Yao confessed that he wanted to watch Teacher Zheng eat.
Liu Liangzhou was so touched that he recovered. "Ah, where did you get this medicine?"
When he spoke, he stood up and pushed himself to break a pair of leg glasses.
Zhou Jiefang shook his head honestly. Where did he know?
"Dr. Liu, if you can feed Miss Zheng quickly, come on."
Wake him up next to Yao Zhizhao.
Liu Liangzhou’s face is still dusty, but his eyes are bright and he nods heavily.
Then I poured half a bowl of warm tea and carried it over.
These two days, Zheng Qing is more asleep and shorter awake.
"Come on, let’s take the medicine." Liu Liangzhou used to slowly hold the man and sat up, then put the little bud in her mouth and gave him a sip of water before putting him back.
Zheng Qing’s eyes are open, but it’s hard for her to swallow something. It hurts when she swallows something, but she looks at her man’s hope face and swallows it with a smile.
Liu Liangzhou is a doctor. He knows what the disease will be like in the later stage, and his eyes are a little tearful.
"Don’t be sad, we still have generations." Zheng Qing touched his face and smiled when he spoke.
He was really sad when several people looked at him.
"This medicinal material should be able to control whether it hurts if you go to sleep again." Liu Liangzhou comforted her so much, but he didn’t know it because he had seen the curative effect in ancient books.
Zheng Qing felt that his stomach was warm and his hands and feet were warm and didn’t hurt. He was very comfortable and closed his eyes.
Zhou Jiefang saw that it was finished.
"Well, I’ll go back first. After this, Teacher Yao is still waiting for me in the brigade. When she came to deliver the medicine, she ran over and panicked."
Liu Liangzhou is really grateful, but there is nothing more to say now.
Zhou Jiefang said this and hurried away.
Yao Zhizhao also patted Liu Liangzhou on the shoulder. "You look at Miss Zheng here and don’t think about it."
Liu Liangzhou will be full of hope. I didn’t expect such an opportunity.
Zhou liberated to the brigade headquarters and told Yao Shangqing about it again.
Yao Shangqing is at ease. I hope there is, and then she walked home slowly. She ran too fast when she first came over, and she was a little tired.
Chen and Yuanyuan are waiting for her to come back while peeling corn kernels at home.
Chen looked at Yuanyuan’s little face across the street and didn’t ask what it was. Just believe it. Yuanyuan is a good boy and knows what she is doing.
When Yao Shangqing got home, it was almost noon, and it was a whole afternoon.
"How did you eat?" Chen asked as soon as he saw someone.
Yao Shangqing also moved a bench to sit with a corn cob and began to peel it. "Well, Captain Zhou watched it with his own eyes."
Chen was at ease, otherwise her family’s heart would be in vain.
Yao Shangqing peeled off a corn cob and looked at Yuanyuan. "Yuanyuan, don’t worry, no matter what the result is, Mom knows you tried your best."
Yuanyuan chuckled to reveal two rows of small white teeth "I know Niang"
Chen snorted, "That’s my home Yuanyuan must know, right?"
Yao Shangqing smiled, but her mother-in-law is good at everything, but it’s better to be a good boy when she opens her mouth.
Peel all the corn and clean it up.
Yao Shangqing started to make corn flowers by himself again.
The pot thundered.
The children outside surrounded the kitchen door and didn’t dare to go in. What if they jumped on themselves? But it was still very sweet.
Finally, the man took a small bowl and sat in the yard, and began to jump and eat.
Yuanyuan strolled out again after eating, but this time she didn’t go far, but she went to a hidden place behind the house. She went into the medicine stone to see how her little buds were doing. Otherwise, it was really too slow to be that long, but with her own contribution, the little bud should last for a long time.
In the evening, Yao Shang invited flower steamed bread to steam noodles with dates, which is popular in Chinese New Year and looks good.
Chen Shaoer and others are always stealing noodles and eating red dates.
In the past two days.
Bai Jia Cun fen pork
And in the Zhou Jiacun cowshed,
Zheng Qing’s face turned ruddy today, and he was able to walk in bed. He even drank more than half of the bowl.
Liu Liangzhou has never been to the corner of his mouth these days and laughs every day.
Yao Zhizhao and Zhou Xingyue also look at them every day and have a meal together.
"Miss Zheng is getting better slowly," said Zhou Xingyue, who was going to give her some more gunk.
Zheng Qing quickly waved his hand. "No, I’m full."
Zhou Xingyue also didn’t help her to fill.
Liu Liangzhou knew he was lucky enough to meet Yao Zhizhao and his wife, otherwise they didn’t know where.
"Thank you. I’ve said too much these days, and I’m afraid it’s not enough to express sincerity." Liu Liangzhou said that he was still a little sad. He didn’t even know what it meant to represent his sincerity
Yao Zhizhao sighed, "Don’t thank Dr. Liu, I have already felt it in my heart." He said and patted his heart.
Liu Liangzhou nodded with a smile.
The Chen family got a big piece of fat noodles today, and there is more oil when they can be baked.
Chen was not happy and left with the basin.
"It must be delicious to roll noodles and stir-fry mushrooms at noon today," Chen shouted as soon as he entered the courtyard.
Chen Shaoer was lying in a room with a big desk and writing, and the little ears heard it as soon as they heard it.
"Oh, I can eat meat again." I jumped up with a pen.
Sitting next to Chen Shaoyuan, he was almost hit by the wave.
"Chen Shaoer, can you be honest?" The expression on his face when he said this.