Sun Hao slowly turned his body and his face was dignified and covered with frost. He said coldly, "I think the biggest bad habit is to consume personal interests and the interests of small groups. It is a terran event that you hold a group to warm up and help each other."

In the face of Sun Haowu’s idleness, Lang first said, "I know my mistake."
Others reacted in unison and said, "Please forgive me if I am wrong."
Sun Hao sat down with a cold hum and said, "Some things have passed, so let him do it in the past, so don’t regret it, and there is no need to have any remorse or resentment in his heart."
Sun Hao speaks very obscurely, and different people have different feelings after listening to it.
Once again, everyone said, "Follow your orders."
First sit quietly, Sun Haohu’s eyes swept away and Lang said, "The flying man, Morgan, Shuren and other three powerful bodhi old zu Tulongpo fought fiercely without death. The nine protoss bodhi old zu struggled hard for a hundred years in recent days, and the dust settled. The nine protoss bodhi old zu were lucky to be cut off except for the undead Wanda Lich …"
Hall terran monk immediately morale a flap boy actually killed so many bodhi old zu in the first world war.
The ancestral agarwood fighting capacity has really reached a new height.
The double-faced witch god roared, "You are so fierce, the powerful bodhi old zu of agarwood."
Sun Hao’s face was tinged with regret, and he said, "Don’t be too happy. Although we won this battle, the casualties were not small. Monks Morgan and Shuren were lucky enough to fall into the war, which was a disastrous victory."
Most monks don’t know the specific situation and really know what is going on in the Dragon Slayer Bureau, that is, a few core monks such as Wu Idle Lang, Xuanyuan Xiaolong and Zhichi.
Sun Hao’s news made many monks sigh and deeply shocked these core monks.
Shit, the boss is really fierce. No, the death clan and the three monks were all taken away by Qi Qi. Is it so fierce?
This is a hammer victory. It’s a big victory.
Bloody Wang Baichen didn’t know the specific situation, but this little hey hey smiled. "Die well, die in seconds. They won’t die. It’s not convenient for them to die. Boss, we can justify it …"
Words didn’t say that finish Corleone eyes a stare heavy drink a way "what are you talking nonsense? The fall of these mighty monks is a loss to all my imaginary families. Don’t talk nonsense and bring unnecessary trouble to my terran. "
The bloody king shrugged his shoulders and laughed.
This is a hob-fleshed figure and a shameless Sun Hao. He listens, but his views can be reserved.
Sun Hao reprimanded Bai Chen Hou Lang and said, "Idle Lang, you should inform the result of the Slaughtering Longpo War as soon as possible. By the way, this result must be immediately informed to the true demons, the true god’s survivors and the male and female witches."
Wu Xianlang’s body shook and said, "Brother Bai, bodhi old zu, rest assured that my brother will do his best to get things done."
Sun Hao nodded his face and showed compassion. He said, "If we return to expel the three clan territories, the family of the undead must be included in the countdown. At that time, our Terran army must play the main role in the war."
Xuanyuan Xiaolong and the double-faced witch Wang Qiqi bowed down and said yes.
Sun Hao added, "mentally retarded, you need to be prepared before the recovery, which is the resettlement problem of the three ethnic groups’ territory. The three ethnic groups have suffered this great disaster, and the high-rise buildings have lost a lot of energy, and the population has also dropped sharply. It can be said that the three ethnic groups’ territory is now more fragile than if we can’t make arrangements for it ahead of time, the result is likely to be that we can’t walk in front of our feet and the monks will follow us to make trouble."
Chi Chi nodded and said, "My Lord, the situation is really so real. It’s not just the situation that will happen when we just left. Even in the current war, Godsworn Death always likes to revive and fight guerrilla warfare everywhere. My suggestion is to send thousands of allied forces to jointly safeguard the safety of the three clans."
Peacekeeping force?
Sun Hao frowned slightly and said, "My opinion is slightly different. Our stationing is likely to increase the burden on the three families, and the supply of troops will cause a huge burden on the three families. I suggest that the three families should be divided into large areas, and the thousand families should be responsible for each area. In the future, the three families can gradually recover when they are capable."
I’m mentally retarded, and I’m instantly white
The boss is really black and arrogant. The real meaning is to reward everyone in the big territory of the three families with cakes and generally give them to the thousand allies.
Boy, even if the three families recover some vitality in the future, it is not small to estimate the difficulty of recycling large domains.
It’s strange that thousands of families can let him recover safely after occupying the territory
All the monks at the scene also instantly understood Sun Hao’s meaning, and at the same time felt that it should be so true that the Terran roared with a thousand clans and came to rescue the three clans against the undead domain.
So now that the Allies have defeated and expelled the undead army, they naturally have to give the Terran a statement. After all, it is sweet for people to fight with you.
Wisdom said with wishful thinking, "I know what to do when I understand."
Sun Hao nodded and said in his mouth, "In addition, remember to mark some territory for the true God and the true demon survivors. In the past, the two powerful monks of their two families also participated in the World War I of Tulongpo, but they were stupid enough to remember to wake up one or two families and they promised to give them some gadgets to cash as soon as possible."
I understand that this is to tie the true demon and the true god’s survivors together.
In this way, there are Terran, True God, True Devil, Chongtian, Long Ear, and Six Strong Men and Women Witches, plus more than 1,000 small races to carve up the territory of the three families. It is estimated that it will be extremely difficult for the three families to recover these entrusted lands. If it takes more than a thousand years to govern a region according to the virtual rules, it will be necessary to change their owners.
When the time comes, I don’t know how many foundations the three families can retain.
Don’t say that you are stupid. Think carefully about the purpose of Sun Hao. Judging from the current situation, Sun Hao’s methods are the only feasible and operable methods.
Garrison words will cause many problems, and it is not conducive to the post-war reconstruction of the three-clan domain. Only by cutting the three-clan domain into all races can the three-clan domain really develop rapidly.
How much territory the three clans can get back then depends on their own business. This is the case in this world. If the three clans are strong then, it is estimated that the problem of recycling some territories is not great. On the contrary, if the strength is not enough, even if all ethnic groups return to their territories, they can’t control themselves.
All the Terran Godsworn in the discussion hall found that Sun Hao had a lot of unresolved issues when he came back, so he made a decision by dividing by three and five.
It’s up to Sun Hao to discuss things. There isn’t much discussion here. It’s necessary for Sun Hao to cut the gordian knot and make a decision easily in a few words.
Xuanyuan Xiaolong was deeply impressed by his old power and prestige. At the same time, he found that it was simple and quick to deal with many things according to Sun Hao’s method. This is the level of a powerful monk
Just like a family, when the head of the family is not at home, everyone is noisy and many things are undecided. When the head of the family comes back, he throws a sentence "Let’s do it" and then everything becomes simple and direct.
Chapter 2419 The enemy division
The thousand-clan war lasted for a hundred years, and the three clans fought everywhere.
In the Hundred Years’ War, some powerful races, some powerful warriors and some powerful monks emerged.
There is no doubt that what really makes the thousand-domain race remember deeply is the powerful arms of the undead domain