Yip hon eyes first fell to the ship table.

Although the watch of Leishan is not smooth, at least it can be mixed smoothly. However, it is completely different now. However, where the camera can see, there are cuts everywhere. They are criss-crossed and have different depths. In many places, the armor is penetrated by fine light.
One shot is just facing the turret not far away. The original powerful turret is missing a small half of the barrel and it is broken 3.
On one side of the turret, a worm machine was inserted into the front half of the armor, and most of it was drilled into the armor, and the rear half of the armor was still straight. wait for a while stood upright outside. From the spider’s point of view, this thing was actually a little higher than the turret.
Further away, there are several other worms with machine-inserted armor, and their strange appearance is abrupt and abnormal, which doesn’t match the surrounding steel painting style at all.
Then Yip Han found that the spider’s foot was damaged more seriously than expected, and not only did he lift the A3 cabin next door to A4 cabin, but he was not lucky.
Yip hon cried his head as big as a bucket. "Did Luo Qi see the ship’s surface?"
"I saw it!" Luo Qi said, "The target should be the worm machine!"
"That’s not what I’m talking about." Yip Han almost rolled his eyes. "The ship’s surface is so bad that if the target runs out, it can hide in any crack. If you pick one to drill through the armor, who knows where it is!"
Luo Qi cried stupidly. "Where can I find the teacher?"
Ye Han said, "If you can’t find it, you have to find it. How many spiders do we have?"
"Hundreds," Luo jiaqi said.
Lu Qingdao said, "There are still four hundred and seventy-two out of the marine corps."
"Send them all out!" Yip hon said, "Half of them go out and show me all the penetrating wounds. The other half put them on the outer layer and sweep all the cabins for me. There can’t be any dead ends."
"And notify the damaged horse to repair the outer monitoring and detection equipment!"
"Inform all departments to prepare for the battle. Give me all the weapons and check your own site. Don’t miss the dead angle and find the horse report!"
"No matter all the gates on the outer floor are closed, report the problems to the bridge. It is up to the bridge to decide. If necessary, you can give up the unimportant partition."
"Luo jiaqi-"
Road to answer accustomed to almost pick up the words, good brain reaction abruptly blocked the words to the mouth … Finally, the substitution!
On the line, Luo Qiyin said, "Here!"
"Are you responsible for managing the damage?"
"Execute it!"
"Yes!" This time two people have different opinions.
However, it is not so easy to take action. Just controlling hundreds of spiders one by one is a big project.
And the first step is to release the mechanical spider first!
This road specially dispatched a group of people to the warehouse of Tibetan mechanical spiders to take out these little things one by one and put them on the ground.
Then the bridge directly reaches the activation instruction, and hundreds of mechanical spiders are simultaneously unfolded and then the spider swarm is controlled by the bridge to leave the warehouse, and then it is divided into several strands and separated from different directions.
There are green lights everywhere in the spider swarm, and the air brakes have been set one by one until they leave the floor.
The next step is to get all spiders in place one by one. This troublesome and meticulous work can no longer be commanded by the bridge group.
It doesn’t need any skills to manipulate spiders. The bridge horse organizes all the officers and men. Everyone manipulates three or five spiders and allocates a small area. The rest is to send the spiders to the local area and monitor all the areas.
Yip hon believes that when the spider department is in place, it is equivalent to a layer of strict monitoring network outside the ship. I dare not say that there is no dead angle, at least most places can be controlled. Unless the target is hidden and motionless, the spider’s sight will be exposed sooner or later.
Chapter 132 Hit the muzzle
The mechanical spiders swarmed out and kept in place. The bridge received more and more monitoring signals. The screen of the main screen kept changing like magic lights, so that Ye Han’s eyes were spent and he had to look away. "The road shows the key cabin!"
"Yes!" The road horse followed the lantern, and the picture finally slowed down, but it also slowed down, not as badly as the flash before.
"There are too many signals!" Road difficult to explain.
The main screen is really big, no matter how big the area is, that is, a limited number of screens can’t display so many signals.
Ye Han said, "What happened to the pipe damage?"
"Checking the line"
"After the monitoring is repaired, pull out the spiders and put them outside for me," said Yip Han.
"Yes … there is a discovery in G area to confirm the target!"
"How is that possible?" Yip hon consciously blurted out.
Zone G is located in the middle and rear of the port side, one hundred and dozens of meters away from the bow. It should be no problem for the target to run to zone G after escaping from A4 cabin, but Yip Han thinks the target should hide near A4 instead of running all the way from the bow.
Luo Qiyin came from the line "G area? I know that the horse sent someone over! "