Du Yu, the fog squad, led the morale to be high. They lured the poisonous mosquitoes with bright lights and stabbed them with short spears. Finally, Du Yu Xiaoheipang solved the seriously injured poisonous mosquitoes.
Although Du Yu’s arrangement is simple, it is very effective. Everyone works hard to kill a poisonous mosquito in the supermarket. Du Yu has killed nearly 20 people, which has become a sharp weapon to score points.
Du Yu once again chopped down a seriously injured poisonous mosquito. The high-intensity fighting made his physical strength drop sharply, but the poisonous mosquitoes still poured into the supermarket outside the window, and the members of the fog squad began to feel tired.
"It can’t be like this anymore, otherwise there will be an accident." Du Yu doesn’t recognize that VR will easily let himself brush his points before touching its bottom line.
"Turn off the lights and stop attracting poisonous mosquitoes to block the hole."
Du Yuda’s armistice order rushed forward to assassinate a poisonous mosquito who wanted to rush in and throw it outside with a short spear.
"Everybody rest in place"
Without the lights to attract poisonous mosquitoes, they stopped rushing to the supermarket. Everyone was panting heavily against the dog food bag. Haha, I don’t know who laughed first, and then the members of the fog team began to laugh. Du Yu could feel that it was the joy of victory
"We won!"
I knew we could kill those monsters.
"It’s all thanks to Du Yu. If it weren’t for him, we would have suffered heavy casualties."
The victory brought more confidence to the Fog Team, and the residents in the security area behind the supermarket believed that they had witnessed the whole process of the fighting, and they had more confidence in the ability of Du Yu to lead the Fog Team to protect everyone.
Through this wave of killing, the flashing frequency of street lamps in parking lots is greatly reduced, so even if these poisonous mosquitoes rush into the supermarket together, the threat is greatly reduced.
"Norton, you lead a few brothers to clean the body of a poisonous mosquito. Be careful that they are not dead. You must make up a knife before you can get close to them."
Du Yu stressed that the so-called anti-killing law is that the monster suddenly exploded after lying dead, so Du Yu didn’t want to have a fog squad
"I am white" Norton nodded heavily. Just after World War I, he was more confident in the careful deployment of Du Yu’s leadership. At this moment, he did not ask Du Yu why he directly executed Du Yu’s order
Du Yu gained 21VR coins by counting a poisonous mosquito in a corner, and the harvest was considerable.
"I don’t know if the purchasing power of VR coins is strong. To what extent can 171VR coins be strengthened?" Du Yu closed his eyes and mused, "Can skills in the real world be brought into the world?"
"If you can, you must practice hard before you speak."
In a daze, Du Yu fell asleep. When he woke up, he found that he had an extra warm blanket and something was wrapped around him.
"hmm? !” Du Yu looked down at a white arm and slowly turned to Lisa.
"I didn’t do anything last night, so I fell asleep? !” Du Yu looked at Lisa coily and regretted how she slept so dead.
"Are you awake?" Lisa slept very lightly. She felt Du Yu’s voice and asked, "Don’t move. Take a rest and I’ll get you something to eat."
"Thank you. What time is it?" Du Yuqing’s mind is not yet on horseback. When the fog has not dissipated, monsters will rush in at any time
"At five o’clock in the morning, except for the fog squad, most people will rest and you will sleep again." Lisa said.
"One night has passed, that is to say, one more night today, this fog will be over." Du Yu thought in his heart that it is really not the time to enjoy himself, and great changes may occur in one day.
Du Yu stared at Lisa’s back and shook his head with a wry smile. "Is there no peach blossom in the real world or the VR world?"
Pack up your military uniform. Du Yu came to the front and took turns on duty. It was David Norton, Uncle Hu.
"how about it? Is there anything unusual? " Cuckoo light asked David several people don’t have to get up and explain that he doesn’t value any etiquette, just want to live in this foggy world.
"It was quiet all night, and the street lights didn’t flash. The mosquitoes probably dispersed," David reported to Du Yu.
"It’s normal for poisonous mosquitoes to disperse during the day when they are resting. What else do you find?" Poisonous mosquitoes survive the sharp-winged quadrupeds, and surely they will not meet them.
"No, if you have to say something, you will scream from the opposite pharmacy at midnight."
"Drugstore? !”
Du Yu recalled that it was the corrosive spider nest in the drugstore opposite, and Norton died tragically in the original plot, which became the food for the corrosive spider to cultivate larvae.
"If you hear screams, it means that someone is still dead. It will become corrosive spider food. Soon, the supermarket is likely to face a group of corrosive spider larvae and adults."
Thought of here, a chill behind Du Yu is more aggressive than poisonous mosquitoes corroding spiders, and their silk is so corrosive that it can easily corrode metal daggers.
"Tonight is definitely not peaceful."
Chapter 46 The storm is coming
Hai Dafu house
"Ao Bai this inverse thief dare to coerce the emperor hum! It’ s simply a law. "
Du Yu returned to Hai Dafu House and told Hai Dafu what happened in Imperial House.
Of course, Du Yu is not reporting to Hai Dafu, but considering his own strength, even Kangxi can’t kill Ao Bai. If he can help Hai Dafu, the winning rate will be much greater.
Take a rainy day and prepare for a rainy day. Du Yu has accepted that the VR branch line must kill Ao Bai. Kangxi summoned himself to say that Du Yu must make more preparations before planning.
"That’s right, Ao Bai deceives you and blames you, and I, he has killed his father and captured his family. I must kill Ao Bai, a traitor."
For the first time, Du Yu justifies murder, and justice makes him feel generous to death.
"It’s a pity that I meditate to think about my three-legged cat kung fu. Even if I add the emperor’s side, I can’t help but want to kill Ao Bai. The emperor has already torn his face in Ao Bai. Now it’s either Ao Bai’s death or the emperor’s death. At this critical moment, I have no ability. I really hate myself for not learning peerless martial arts to help the emperor kill this traitor."
Hai Dafu sat in a chair and looked at Du Yu’s performance and hummed, "The power of your mouth is not worse than that of peerless martial arts. Where can you think about killing Ao Bai? Just say that you will play risks in front of me."
"I have been loyal to the royal family for more than 40 years. I was born in Aisingiorro and died in Aisingiorro. Even if you don’t come to ask me to do it, I will kill Ao Bai, the traitor."
Du Yu can hear the sincerity from Hai Dafu’s words. He Hai Dafu is a traitor. I didn’t expect to get along with him. This Hai Dafu is not a traitor, but he is unswerving and sincere to Aisingiorro.
Blink of an eye Du Yu admired the poor old eunuch. Who is willing to devote his life to a family? Du Yu’s modern social thinking can’t figure it out. Perhaps this is the loyalty in the hearts of ancient people
"My father-in-law Hai’s loyalty and loyalty are really admired by Du Yu."
Du Yu bow down and paid tribute to this admirable man.
"Father Hai, I don’t think the emperor will start work in a few days. During this time, I hope Father Hai will give me an urgent training."
Everything around us can be a necessary ability for every strong person, and Du Yu is no exception. Whether you are a good person or a bad person, whether you are one of our own or an enemy, if you can make me stronger, I will use you as a sharpening stone to sharpen my knife.
"I have a set of knife method called the wind knife method. This knife method is extremely powerful and moves like a strong wind, but I have a secret book, but I can’t understand the true meaning of this knife method. I beg my father-in-law to give me some advice."
Hai Dafu’s world ranking is not low in practicing martial arts with stunts, but it is more than enough to show Du Yu the qualifications of Hai Dafu’s martial arts.
Du Yu can also ask Chen Jinnan for advice with a knife method, which is certainly more detailed, but there is no time and opportunity for Du Yu to go out of the palace to find Chen Jinnan.
Du Yu can ask Hai Dafu.
"The wind knife method! ?”
Hai Dafu took the secret book of knife-cutting from Du Yu and nodded and said, "This set of knife-cutting is really good. There are seven types of variants in each type, which coincides with the essence of knife-cutting and pursues a" fast "word. It is not hard work but talent to understand the knife-cutting method."
"talent? ! What kind of talent? !”
Du Yu is not surprised that Hai Dafu can see the essence of crazy knife method at a glance. It is one thing to understand it, but it is another to practice it. Hai Dafu’s boned cotton palm is extremely feminine to produce masculinity. Obviously, he failed to practice it to the extreme.
If you want to practice this gale knife method, you must turn your hands into bones, and your palms will collide with each other. You can’t practice the extreme root and the gale knife method.
"Just one word!" Hai Dafu took a knife from the weapon rack and threw it to Du Yu. He continued, "I can teach you how to use the knife, but you need to understand the essence of the knife."
"Thank you, Father Hai"