Uchiha madara is responsible for dealing with the seven-night Uchiha Obito, but he directly wants to run to Naruto Uzumaki with a few people’s strength.

But can you run?
"Beep …"
The flame wound and condensed into a bird.
The huge god bird flew towards Uchiha Obito, and the blazing flame blinded people.
"Ladies and gentlemen …"
Seven nights still grinning.
The amount of natural energy convergence is so large that the first generation of Huo Ying Namikaze Minato was amazed.
"Well, whoever once said that a single spark can start a prairie fire, let’s raise the torch and burn the ashes for thousands of years in the Warring States Period and Ninja Era!"
Fire starts a prairie fire!
As if from hell, flames were shooting out of the ground.
The rock will soon burn red and then melt.
The temperature is horribly high
Hyuuga Hanabi closed his eyes and soon opened them again to enter immortal mode.
Rise from the ground
The flame soon spread to her former place.
"Brother Seven Nights is really a mess!"
Chapter one hundred and forty-five Pit to pit
Seven nights is like a tireless monster.
Dirty soil reincarnated ninja will not be tired even more.
Start fighting day and night.
Such fierce fighting is enough to make people move even if they don’t come to the scene in person.
Rock hidden village, cloud hidden village, stop the offensive.
There is no need to go to Tangguo, otherwise as many people will die.
Only a few people in the village are qualified to go to that level of fighting except Lei Ying and Tu Ying.
But even if you estimate it, you can’t mix it with the roots.
This makes them a little worried.
Seven nights are so powerful that they can resist?
Even if someone else wins instead of seven nights, they will stop it in the same way.
Unless both sides lose and are destroyed.
Four generations of Lei Ying thought of this.
So I sent someone to get the secret weapon out and planned to do it again.
If it’s a big deal, Tang Guo won’t want it.
Chakra’s ju pao theory can smash even the moon.
However, ju pao has been used.
"How can it be done?"
"I don’t know what went wrong. The law started."
Four generations of thunder shadow remembered that when Samyi was arrested, he spent seven nights in Yunyin Village.
Look, it’s another seven nights of tampering.
That guy seems to have laid out early!
What should I do now? Is Yunyin Village going to be terminated?
There are also three generations of soil shadows considering this problem.
Even if he is the only owner of blood elimination, even if he is very strong.
But he is old after all.
And seven nights and others are stronger.
At this moment, he was stopped from entering the country.
The Snow Country B Regiment quickly destroyed small border countries such as Rain Country and Grass Country.
And then invade the territory.
More than 200,000 troops attacked the Turkish army like a flood.
The original konoha kakashi and others also transferred ninja troops to assist in the attack.
The bathrobe and others seized the name of Fengguo and let the other side abdicate, announcing Fengguo’s conditional surrender and accepting the management of Xueguo.
A regiment swept through some unwilling areas and dispatched some troops at the same time. With the ninja troops in Shayin village, they quickly defeated the border buffer small country and invaded the country.
Three-line war
At this time, Turkey had to fall into a three-line war.
Moreover, both China and China are their own countries, and the land war has not stopped the snow country from attacking, and the army has been devastated by indiscriminate bombing.
It seems that it is also a matter of time for the country to be destroyed.
So what should Yanyin Village do?
Continue to resist?
It may be meaningless except that more people will die.
It’s not impossible
However, it is only a conditional surrender, and it is also called the important thing to keep the land country and the rock hidden village.
This is also the idea of the country’s name
So a message was sent saying that peace talks would be held.
However, it was rejected
"From then on, there can be one country in Ninja Mainland, that is, Snow Country, other countries and forbearing villages."
This is Snow Country’s reply.
It’s direct and leaves no room.
Looks like we can fight to the death.