The chief of the Six Fingers Magic Ape laughed and immediately called out his arms. "Go and prepare food and send it to my abode of fairies and immortals. Remember to bring more cooked bananas. Haha, brother, I tell you, this cooked banana is really delicious, so I’m sure you want to eat it again after eating it."

Xiong Dangren rolled his eyes. "Don’t you know that I’m not a vegetarian when I eat meat?"
Xiong Dangren sat down at random when he arrived at the cave of six-fingered magic apes, and the six-fingered magic apes pointed to a group of six-fingered magic apes who were still dancing in the cave and smiled, "Brother, would you like to see our beautiful women dance?"
Xiong Dangren immediately said that the black bear race and the six-fingered magic ape race are two races. Naturally, the aesthetic standards in this book are different. Seeing the six-fingered magic ape patriarch in a high mood, Xiong Dangren quickly waved his hand. "It’s very kind of brothers to forget this dance."
He can’t stand such a huge body wriggling around in front of him.
"Ha ha, then it’s over. Let them make up a better dance later. It’s definitely better than those Terran dances. I can’t find the aesthetic feeling of thin arms and thin legs." The heads of the six-fingered magic apes muttered.
Xiong Dangren silent heart andao this little Lin? I’m already here. His old man’s house should have done it.
"Brother, don’t you always like to keep your big abode of fairies and immortals? Why do you come to me sometimes this time? " Six-finger magic ape heads picked up their hands and took care of the cooked bananas.
Xiong Dangren watched the hands leave and thought about Lin Shao’s disappearance. It was not until the six-fingered magic apes left that he came to his senses and looked at the six-fingered magic ape chief. "What did you just say?"
"Old bear, I really didn’t expect tut-tut. No wonder you didn’t like it when I made those beautiful women dance just now." Six-fingered magic apes haven’t finished eating the cooked bananas in their eyes, and they are also thrown away.
"Huh?" Xiong Dangren one leng and looked at the shadow that has disappeared. Those six-fingered magic apes immediately turned white and suddenly let out a furious rage-
"Depend! You bastard always loves his mother and doesn’t love his husband! If you talk nonsense again, I will fight you! "
"I’m just saying what you’re doing with such a big reaction. What’s wrong with you?" Six fingers magic ape heads pie pie is full of meaning to look at the Xiong Dangren immediately let the latter a stiff.
"Mom eggs this cargo is not a Longyang addiction? Lin Shao, come out and save my old bear! "
See Xiong Dangren suddenly bitterness up face six fingers magic ape heads eyes suddenly shine hand ink ripe banana fell to the ground also didn’t notice self-care got up and licked his lips and walked past sound is very gentle "Xiong, you know? These year when I was a patriarch were also my loneliest time until that moment when you saved me from danger in a horde, and I told you-"
"Lin Shao, you want my Lord!" Xiong Dangren clings to the wall. At this time, the heads of the six-fingered magic apes are crazy. He can’t stand this taste. After seeing Zhai Ling’s figure, he immediately shouted in surprise.
With the strange eyes of the six-fingered magic ape, Zhailing made a French seal and fixed his head accurately and mistakenly with his hands.
"You-"came to say this word, and the six-fingered magic ape fell to the ground and fell into a coma.
At this time, Xiong Dangren took a long breath and wiped his forehead. He could once again see that the head of the six-fingered magic ape was in a coma and asked Zhai Ling anxiously, "Lin Shao, will he be fine?"
"It’s okay. I let him be in a coma for another three seconds and will wake up." Zhai Ling slightly ran the achievement method. It is still difficult for him to collect a monster beast at the peak of the foundation period. Just a handprint is to let him spend most of his mind
It seems that this level gap is also a factor that affects the beast.
If Zhai Ling directly summons the Demon Tower, it will save these troubles, but it will be detrimental to his later plans to startle him.
Sure enough, after three seconds, the heads of the six-fingered magic apes sang a song and slowly opened their eyes and saw Xiong Dangren at a glance, and … There was a little guy around this guy.
However, my head is still a little stupid, so I slowly got up and my eyes slipped from Xiong Dangren’s face to the little one.
This tiny nature is Zhai Ling. He looks at the heads of the six-fingered magic apes with a calm face.
It’s also that their eyes are facing each other at the moment. The heads of the six-fingered magic apes suddenly quiver in their hearts, and they have a palpitation for a long time. He himself has recovered to see that it is an illusion that two heavy palms patted his head.
"Old bear me what’s the matter? How to see a human here? It’s really strange. "
Xiong Dangren naturally didn’t answer the words behind Zhai Ling honestly.
"You are not mistaken" Zhai Ling corners of the mouth with a faint smile.
"Huh?" The head of the Six Fingers Demon Ape was frightened and immediately looked shocked and angry. Actually, a human broke into his abode of fairies and immortals and "died!"
Full of anger, a slap fell from the sky, and it went straight to Zhailing like Taishan coping. If it really got Zhai Ling, it is estimated that it is not far from death.
Even Xiong Dangren has a face of surprise. He didn’t expect this guy with six fingers to be so heavy-handed.
Is to see Zhai Ling noodles don’t change color gently raised his arm and stretched out his index finger toward the six fingers magic ape point a little.
Xiong Dangren was surprised that the heads of the six-fingered magic apes could not understand and saw a strange brilliance blooming from the fingertips of Zhai Ling’s forefinger and lit up the whole room in an instant.
Even Xiong Dangren, the peak of the construction period, involuntarily covered his eyes. When he opened his eyes again, where were the six fingers?
"Little Lin he … he …" Xiong Dangren hurriedly looked at Zhailing, even himself. This kid angered little Lin and was killed by little Lin.
"He’s all right, and so on." Zhai Ling simply replied, then sank his mind and looked at the six-finger magic ape in the demon tower that had been brought closer by himself. "This beast * * is still lucky to be able to bring it closer to the demon tower when dealing with high-level monsters."
"Anyone who enters the demon tower will automatically recognize my Lord. This is to recognize my Lord from the bone, not to force the beast to add thoughts."
"Well, I have already felt it." Zhai Ling’s mouth was hooked by the heads of the six-fingered magic apes who felt awe from the bottom of his heart. He felt clearly that his mind moved and threw the six-fingered magic apes out.
A six-fingered demon ape patriarch who fell to the ground looked at Zhai Ling and immediately knelt down.
146. Go to the Wolf’s Nest
Once baptized by the Demon Tower, the heads of the six-fingered magic apes have finished their duties for Zhai Ling, and immediately they spit out their words and hurriedly knelt down and said, "I have seen Lin Shao just offended and asked Lin Shao to drop the crime."
"Well, I’ll make an exception and let you go if I’m a temporary expert at hand!" Zhai Ling lightly looked at the six-fingered magic ape on his knees, which was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.
"Thanks a lot for not killing Lin Shao." Say that finish, the heads of the six-fingered magic apes hit the ground hard.
"I looked at your memory and found that you have a human name. Since you have recognized my Lord, I will give you a name-Yuan Ruru?" Zhai Ling said lightly.
"Thank you, Lin Shaoci, for naming me Yuan Yi. Lin Shaoshi has spared no pains to cut through thorns!" Was given the name Yuan Yiliu refers to the chief of the clan of the magic ape, kneeling on one again.
"Well, you get up. I have one thing to tell you now." Now that the heads of the six-fingered magic apes have collected nature, Zhai Ling will start planning later.
"Little Lin please say" Yuan Yi said quickly.
"I’ll decorate a abode of fairies and immortals outside, so you can let all your people in."
"Yuan Yi takes orders"
Say that finish Yuan Yi followed Zhai Ling out of the abode of fairies and immortals.
See Zhai Ling, a wave of his hand, suddenly a bright light appeared on the spot, and then there appeared this vast area, which was a hundred times more magnificent than Yuan Yi.
"Miracle, this is simply a miracle." Yuan Yi never knew the details of Pansi Cave, so he looked at Zhai Ling with awe in addition to awe.
Zhai Ling turned to look at Yuan Yiyuan and nodded. He immediately suppressed his fear and sent a signal to his own people.
But five minutes, large and small, a total of more than two hundred six-fingered magic apes have entered the monster tower in Zhai Ling, including Yuan Yi, except for the two peak six-fingered magic apes in the construction period.